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6 Ways Google Analytics Can Be Used To Earn Better ROI

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With slightly removal of keyword data and more focus towards visitors database by Google, the meaning of looking at data is changing. But the good part is analytics has helped in many ways to dig out what is required out of data in the form of information. Here are some great, very unusual ways of using Google Analytics to its full extent:

1. Blogging

The idea of using blogging with analytics is not bad to be considered. For an enthusiastic bloggers out there it is a great news that analytics helps in analyzing the content of top blog posts where user can check and verify that which content of which blog resonates most with the ideas and interests of its customers. It obviously will help in deciding what should be the content, appropriate length, texture, and use of anecdotes for any blog.

2. Geographically Targeted Content

The answer of this question that where the target customer is should be known by every online businessman. With the increase in personalization and day-by-day more and more use of mobile for searches, location specific driving and accordingly creating Geo targeted content is very important. For example, to look into there’s lot many differences in USA’s and UK’s English language and if the target audience is coming from let’s say majority part from UK, then it’s obvious to follow that English even business based out of USA. Checking custom created landing pages will be a great help in this extent.

3. Attribution And Social Targeting

There is a social functionality in analytics which provides the glimpse of best social media platform to target upon. When it comes to online business there has to be strong attribution of all social media platforms otherwise the business can’t survive. There are millions and millions of website on Web but how people will come to about the website, is a big question. The idea of not investing much or sufficient in social media has prevented many of the small scale businesses to grow. There has to be perfect attribution of all the social targets with calculated ROI because word of mouth shall not work here but sharing or number of hits will.

4. Tracking Campaigns

Google Analytics helps user to track online campaigns by adding parameters simply to campaign links. User can keep track of banner ads, guest posts, email campaigns and even promotions through social media. Google URL builder tool is there which will help in tracking link while tracking user’s need to be very specific about consistency, conventions, spaces and uppercase letters and separate landing page of each campaign.

5. Landing Page Testing

Google Analytics is heading beyond traditional analytics with advent of new experimenting platform. Users interested in testing their landing pages can now get to know, which of them performing best. Google analytics allows to test up to six page variations. User can test goal pages, landing pages or pages through goal funnel very easily. Just in the same account decide the goal, then select how many visitors on which the experiment needed to conduct, upload simple coded script to site’s source code and then user is ready for testing.

6. Track desertion

While tracking visitors path, GA shows visitor’s navigating pattern and also through visitor’s checkout process, where user can have insights into any appearing cart abandonment issues. Frequent desertion can cause great lose in ultimate revenue earnings. Thus, site should have checkout process from Google Analytics to track barriers, overcome them and finally increase in conversion rates.

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