6-Week YouTube’s Skippable Ads Campaign by CouponDunia

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About the company

CouponDunia is India’s 1st e-commerce coupon code website. It lists coupons, offers, deals and discounts for virtually every e-commerce store in India for easy saving and smart shopping! It provides Online coupons for wide range of categories like recharge, travel, fashion, books etc. Furthermore, it provides Restaurant coupons and In-Store deals for a variety of restaurants and stores respectively.

How it started?

CouponDunia was started by Mr. Sameer Parwani in December 2010 while he was in Boston. Running a site for Indian consumers while in the US was a whole set of challenge. He moved to India in August 2012 and with 4-5 employees at that point, they have reached to atmost 190 employees at present.

Growth of the company

In May 2013, the company expanded their operations in 4 new countries. CupomWorld” in Brazil, “KuponDunya” in Turkey, “KodyBony” in Poland and “CouponDunia” in Indonesia. This lead to almost 1 million newsletter subscribers and 1.7 million monthly visitors. CouponDunia became India’s largest and most popular digital coupon marketplace after its merger with TimesDeal, a part of The Times of India group, in May 2014. They launched their mobile app in November 2014 to help the users discover the best offers from leading F&B outlets across the country while eating out or ordering in.

With the e-commerce roar in India, the coupon business is 13.5% of the total e-commerce shoppers in India. It is rising at the rate of 62.9% with 7.6 million unique users a month. With the high ‘couponing’ growth, Times Internet backed, CouponDunia witnessed significant growth with almost double revenues. This helped them make large investments in moving into offline space for restaurants and retailers.

CouponduniaCouponDunia being the largest coupon platform, garners almost 5.2 million visits a month and has almost 7.5 million subscribed users. And with the availability of over 200 brands, counts over one million online shoppers per month. Presently, it lists more than 2000 online stores, 5000 restaurants and 12000 retail outlets.

Basic Model

The company works on a simple model of commission. They send their users to the merchant’s site to make purchases. For every purchase made, a set percentage of the sale is paid as commission by the merchant.


CouponDunia wanted an innovative marketing solution that would:

  • Engage existing customers as well as reach new audiences.
  • Increase brand awareness amongst their target audience.
  • Create an innovative digital campaign that stands out in a competitive market.


In India, YouTube saw an 80% growth in watch time from 2014 to 2015, of which 55% came from mobile.

CouponDunia knew that YouTube offered substantial reach in addition to the ability to target the right consumer. Moreover, leaving the consumer to decide whether to watch an ad or not, with YouTube’s skippable ads. They realized that the interactive nature of video could engage its audience more effectively. The task in sight for them was to create innovative content that linked and engaged consumers.

1432640238_CouponDunia-Consumer-Behaviour-InfographStage 1

Firstly, they researched what their target audience was watching. Looking at interests, location, gender and age, they discovered that their target audience was largely males aged 18-35 with interests in technology, movies, songs, news, comedy etc.

Stage 2

Next, the company wanted to determine most popular YouTube channels by subscriber and inventory growth. Based on the findings, they selected 50 Indian YouTube channels that were watched majorly by this target audience. CouponDunia looked-for a strategy to convey a single message: “Consumers can use multiple free coupons over a range of categories” with channels including MTV Roadies, AIB and Zee News.

Stage 3

The company decided to get creative by taking one ad and make 50 humorous variations of it. This would help them reach their audience in a meaningful way, highlighting the benefits of CouponDunia. The two actors featured in the campaign, Errol and Jitendra. They had an instant comic chemistry that engaged viewers with humour and were relevant to the YouTube content consumers were about to watch.-how-coupondunia-reached-and-engaged-its-most-relevant-audience-with-youtube-lg

Stage 4

With a relevant and targeted campaign that stood out from the crowd, CouponDunia further incentivized its audience with Google cards. It allowed users to go to the CouponDunia platform to redeem coupons by the means of a click button that appeared on the ad. Thus, CouponDunia had a unique opportunity to convert viewers into potential customers.


The company’s completion rate grew significantly; from 18% to 32%. Meaning, 32% viewers watched the entire 30-second ad which is nearly double the usual rate. In the first month itself, the ads reached 10.3 million people with a 13% increase in visits to their website. On the other hand, the increased traffic and brand awareness resulted in an 8% month-on-month rise in revenue. On an average, CouponDunia received 800-1200 clicks to its website per day from this YouTube campaign. And in terms of cards, these ads received 25,000 clicks during the brief 6-week campaign which is 20% above the usual level.


With more than 350 million internet users, digital marketing in India is rapidly becoming the most cost-effective way for businesses to reach audiences. It is of utmost importance to understand the customers and reach as many relevant users as one can. Along with that, it is equally important to interact with your audience and engage them effectively. Being creative and innovative are another necessities as it is observed that users are looking for new concepts daily.

Digital marketing allows you to speak to a broader, more engaged and specific audience at a faster pace. It helps in testing things and re-iterate them if required.

Stats show that YouTube has seen the growth of 80% from 2014 to 2015 in India, of which more than half came from mobile. This YouTube campaign by CouponDunia helped them to reach massive audience relevant for their business. However, the last card thrown to incentivize their users through  google cards, changed the game and resulted in 8% month on month rise in their revenue.

Google Cards, one of the features by YouTube, helps in making the videos more interactive. It is like an evolution of annotations which were used for years to engage with the viewers. Cards inform the viewers about other videos, playlists, websites and more. They look as beautiful as your videos, are available anytime during the video and yes, they work on mobile. CouponDunia brilliantly used this feature to convert their viewers into potential customers.

With such features coming up, be it a big enterprise or a start up, digital marketing will help gain full return on the investment.shop_save_repeat

Picture credits: CouponDunia, Google.

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