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6 Winning SEO Tips That Will Strengthen A Business’s Online Presence

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get_found_onlineSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a prominent role in promoting your business online by increasing its presence in top search results of different search engines. SEO is not only about keyword optimization. It is a complete mixture of optimization of different fields of website. Search engine optimization will take care of every part of website starting from content optimization to leading higher leads towards the website. Adopting few search engine optimization (SEO) tips and techniques will help your website in increasing its online presence in different search engines. There are many SEO tips which will strengthen your website’s online presence and increase your website promotion online. Some of the basic SEO tips to be followed are listed below.

1) Use Google Webmaster Toolswebmaster-tools-tips

Google webmaster tools will help you to find your website’s crawlability in Google. By installing webmaster tools into your website will help you in finding your website status report like about its web crawlability, identified internal links, number of external links pointing to your website, number of visitors visiting your site, web traffic towards your site, number of internal pages of your site got identified etc. Moreover, it will provide you the information immediately regarding HTML improvements, crawl errors, keyword content optimization (if necessary), link broken errors that may lead to your website. It will identify the 404 errors and will report you regarding bad links quickly which helps you in resolving the errors and redirecting the bad links to the right page of your website. New website users should never neglect the usage of webmaster tools. It is one of the best SEO tips for beginners to find complete report of their website so that they can alter the site accordingly.

2) Optimize the Existing Pageshubspot-logo

Once the website got designed and associating it with the webmaster tools is not enough. You should check frequent reports of website using hubspot analytic tools and webmaster tools and should optimize the site accordingly. You can use word press SEO plugins like ‘Yoast’ which helps you in measuring your website internal page performance. It will ensure a proper format to your pages increasing their search performance. By using these tools, you can review your website content before publishing and can become sure about insertion of best title tags and appropriate keywords. This will increase optimal search performance of the website.

3) Make Use of Google Publisher

Google Publisher links your brand with Google+ page with content on your own website. It is used to link only one Google+ page with one website. If anyone tries to search your business or brand, then information of Google+ page linked to your website is displayed on the right side of search engine results page. By this, your website will be recognised by Google as a publisher of quality content. Google publisher will increase your website ranks. It will display information regarding your recent activities like latest updates, number of followers to your website, add-on option to add your page to their circles increasing your visibility in their Google+ profiles. Google will link your brand with authors of content published on your site. More number of authors used for your content will make you more strong as a publisher. It means your website online presence will be high due to recent news and updates got published by Google publisher regularly.implementing-google-relpublisher-html-mark-up

4) Use Blog Post

Blog maintenance will increase web traffic towards your website. Including a blog with limited content on your site is unworthy today. Visitors search criteria has been changed. Most of them are searching for helpful content. It is best to write a blog with useful content which can read and shared by users if necessary. It is one the best SEO tips to use blog phenomena on your website to increase its online presence. Make sure that your content is informative to users and don’t try to limit it to less number of words as it may be neglected from top search results.BlogSign

Recent analysis is showing that websites with lengthier blog contents are displayed in top results rather than websites with limited blog content. Try to make your blog content at least up to 1000 words and should be helpful and informative to gain more online presence in search engine results. Don’t stick to only word limits but stick to one point that only well-written with interesting points listed out will gain more web crawlability, no matter, if content is so long.

5) Share it on Google+

Google Publisher mark up on your website is possible only by having a Google+ profile which should be linked to your brand or business. But if you did not share any content of your website on your Google+ profile then using Google Publisher to link your brand is of no use. It is foolish to expect more visibility to your website without sharing any content of your website on Google’s own social network. Social network sharing especially Google+ social network sharing is very important for a website as the brand connected with some Google+ profile will show the website updates in their search results. It has another advantage included in Google+ algorithm which is Google +1 activity. For one share you will gain one stamp of approval to your content which helps to boost up your website ranking.Google-Plus-Logo

6) Improve Your Connectivity

Sharing your website content on Google+ is not enough. In order to increase your website visibility try to connect with more people related to same fields through Google+. If you connect with more people, you can gain more number of shares to your content which will increase your website visibility. Maximum number of shares will lead your website in top search results. You should connect to new people belonging to your field at least once in every week. By connecting to others, you will be displayed in their top personalised search results which in turn increases online visibility to your website. Sharing should be two-sided. You should share others content to make them share your content by +1 connection option. Connecting with others will help you in developing you as a thought leader.googles1button

Image Credit: Blog scoop it, Engadget.

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    • 4 years ago

      Brandshastra   /   Reply

      Great post. Online presence is very important for any business to increase conversions. SEO is must to improve online presence.

    • 4 years ago

      Learn WordPress   /   Reply

      Very nice post,These winning SEO tips would definitely help my business, Thanks for sharing..!!

    • 4 years ago

      Navneet Kaur   /   Reply

      Really nice tips. It will help to promote our website in better way. Thanks guys for sharing!

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thank you for acknowledging Navneet Kaur..glad that you found it worth sharing.

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