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How to gather customer feedback?

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It is very important for a business to gather customer’s feedback. Customer’s feedback is an important element in maintaining good relationship with one’s customer. It also essential for service providers to know what their customers feel about their product and service.

Which channel works best for gathering customer’s feedback? Below are few channels through which a service provider can gather customer’s feedback. They are as follows:

  • Through emails or contact forms

Emails are one the most beneficial way to gather customer’s feedback. Few ways by which      one can improve the effectiveness of feedback through emails is:

  1. Assurance of speedy response
  2. Creation of effective customer feedback channel
  3. Sending follow up emails

This way the service providers can maximize feedbacks from a customer and this would create better experience for the customer.

  • Through surveys

Surveys are also one of the crucial ways to connect with customers and know their feedback. Survey should consist of extremely important questions. Survey can be of two types:

  1. Traditional or long survey
  2. Short sliders

To make sure that a customer’s complete his/her survey one must follow the given guidelines:

  1. Should ask one question at a time
  2. Ask only those questions that completes company’s goal
  3. Long questions should be avoided
  4. Straight forward questions should be asked
  5. Consistent rating scales must be followed.
  • Through comment boxes

More creative way for measuring customer’s feedback is through comment boxes that are found at the bottom of a particular page. Comment boxes draw interesting feedback from the customers.

  • Through exploratory interviews

Through exploratory interviews the service providers understands the customer in a better way.  It is better in way such that it fills the gap that less personal forms of feedback tend to create.

  • Through analytics

It is a form of a online customer feedback by which a company collects their customers feedback. It a complete online customer feedback solution. This is achieved by the combination of feedback collection with advanced feedback analysis. It can also contact the customer who has submitted his feedback. Thus this process is easy and efficient.

  • Through Usability test

It is a method to evaluate a product by testing it on users. For example- If a new product has to be launched then the company can conduct usability test with the customers so that they can make necessary changes with their product for a better alignment with the customer. This method reveals things that customers sometimes don’t even know about. Thus the usability test provides a clear path to the customers for a better experience. It is applicable to any business but common for web based products.

  • Through social media

It is also an interesting method to communicate with the customers and know their review. It has become customer’s first choice when it comes to communicating with brands. It is a powerful means for the upcoming brands and their products to stay current, relevant and in good books of their customers.

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