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7 Content Creation Tips For A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

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Trend is changed and now marketing is no longer pushing your products or services to customers. It has now become promoting your company, attracting customers, resolving their queries and fulfilling their expectations. If you are running an inbound marketing campaign, and feel that your company is struggling in all the mentioned parameters like unable to promote them self, not able to attract customer, it means you need to work on your contents which you are posting for your viewers. With the help of content marketing strategy, your company will start running in short period of time. With effective contents you not only retain your existing customers, but you also will get new one. Following are the most important content creation tips for a successful inbound marketing campaign.

1.Write Original Content:

You don’t need to post contents every hour or every second, but whatever content you post it should be your original creation. If you do copy from any website, or from any author, it can be easily identified by the viewer, because in this modern and technological world, people visit websites just to know spelling of a word. Being found that your content is copied from some other website will loose interest and trust of your viewers.

2.Write Customer Focused Content:

Always remember that your website should be customer oriented. Your contents should not only be relevant but, it has to appeal interest of your viewers. While writing a content you should keep in mind about your targeted viewers and audience. Make your content an attractive one, by putting videos, images, bold characters etc, because there are many viewers who like to watch videos and see pictures rather than reading.

3. Provide Information Which Customers Seek Regularly:

With the help of data analysis and reports, you can easily find out what is the kind of product customer are looking regularly, what kind of information they frequently seek from your website. If your content is resolving their query and getting them to what they want, viewers will don’t feel any hesitation to pay you for your contents.

4. Make Your Content Easy And Short:

In our general life we like to save time as much as we could. There are many viewers who use the first page of Google, and don’t go for the second page while searching. There are very less number of people who read a content word by word, they just scan by their eyes, and read the data which is relevnt to them. So if your content is too hard to understand or more descriptive, it will be ignored by many viewers.

5. Make Such Content Which Starts Conversation:

While you post your content on your website and social media, your chances of sharing and viewing depends on the platform you are using. Always make such content which not only talks about your company, but it should also relate to the society, or related to education. For example MNC companies now a days have a compulsion to do CSR( Corporate Social Responsibility). So they are now telling their customers, buy our product and help a child for study. Such advertisements are not only promoting the brand, but also influencing others to join. In a same way if you create and market your brand with such contents, people will attract towards you. But remember, avoid such topics which creates controversies.

6. Promote Your Content On Social Media

It’s now became a habit for every one, they spend they few time with social media checking for notifications, requests or messages. So social media is the best way to promote your content and your company. Platforms such as face book, twitter, linked in etc are the places where you can reach to your viewers in effective way.

7. Measure Your Success:

To know whether your campaign is moving on the correct direction, you need to gauge your success. You can do this by either doing a survey in your website or you can include a feedback section on your website. This is not only give you the correct feedback on your mistake done by you, but it will also give you some recommendations, which further can become helpful for you.

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Very good explanation is given in the post. Only, the 5th point is not clear. The word ‘conversation’ is not well justified in the text. Conversation means an interaction between any two parties on a continuous basis for a definite period of time. This perspective is not yet addressed at the point.

    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Thank you Indrajit for the feedback. The 5 section talk about, if u write such content which generate interest of the viewers, they will definitely do some query,or give some recommendation, which will be further answered by the author or by any other reader reading the same content. This is how conversation will start.

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