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7 Easy To Follow Social Media Marketing Tips For Start-up Businesses

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There are many social media networks available on the digital space. The most popular networks are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr. Unlike traditional media, social media empowers every citizen with a feeling of their ‘ownership’ on a particular platform they belong to. Here, every member of an audience has the unique rights to like or avoid any content posted there; follow or unfollow any person, institute or brand; keep or delete some messages or content posted on their home page, etc. The entire gamut of social media space is exclusively governed by or even led by personal likes or preferences or choices. Hence, the exiting and ever transforming social media space is very much sensitive, touchy and prone to get any kind of viral effects. Being on social media platforms can yield many types of advantages, including brand promotion, marketing, sales and CRM. However, a non-sensitive and irresponsible behavior of a person or organization on social media may spoil their entire purpose.

Following are the 7 important Social Media Marketing (SMM) tips for the beginners.


Decide and choose your platform(s)

Don’t be overambitious to choose so many platforms or networks together to start with. Be pragmatic and rational. In the beginning, join one or two platforms and concentrate on those. You may consider this as your primary learning stage. If you can understand and learn the nuances of one platform completely or holistically, you may later learn faster the other platforms. Different networks run with different sets of values, considerations and preferences. Also the nature of conversations, interactions and sharing may differ from network to network. You can very well benchmark the successful persons or organizations on different social media platforms and accordingly decide and choose your destinations. The approaches and prospects are different in different platforms to increase the number of fans and followers.

Optimize your profiles to maximize your benefits

Only your name and an attractive photograph are not enough. Your profile needs to be complete with all required and desirable information. A complete profile with adequate contact details is the first milestone on social media to earn confidence and trust of your audience and followers. Following are some important rules to optimize your social media profiles.

  • Don’t use any celeb’s photo as your profile photo. Make it genuinely yours with photograph of complete face.
  • Describe yourself and your company with all relevant and authentic information.
  • You may clearly declare about what type of materials you would like to share with your network and contacts.

Further, you can use Google search to find links to understand how your profile helps you boost your SEO.

Ensure your networking integration

If you have a website, then connect it with your blogs and social media pages. This will increase your visibility and search potentials. The multichannel presence and an integration of all your platforms at your website, blog site and email signature lines will boost your expansion on social media platforms. Essentially for SMM, such links and integration will help you getting more leads on your different landing pages.

Share innovative and useful contents

Share interesting and useful contents in the form of articles, scientific papers, reports, stories, inspirational and motivational quotes, statistical data, blogs, videos, photographs, power point slides, e-books, newsletters, infographs, etc. While writing or developing contents, take care so that your contents are rich with prospective key words. This will optimize the contents on different search engines. Before, posting a video on YouTube, learn adequately about how to use the platform. You can refer respective ‘guide lines’ at different social media spaces to understand the use of different options available at the site.

Use schedules to maintain regularity and consistency

Managing a personal page and official page are to some extent different from each other. You may feel free to post as many times as possible on your personal page. But, this is not advisable for the official page that you administer or manage. The expectations of audience on different networks are different. On LinkedIn it is very much professional and the audience visits those posts which are very much scheduled and regular. On Twitter, there is practically no time or schedule to tweet. Any time is right time and the more you tweet more you get popularity. Similarly, Tumblr and Pinterest have different expectations. There are many resources available online to understand ‘scheduling’ and related applications.

Do regular follow-up

Don’t just be obsessive in getting new followers or increasing the number of your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Devote considerable time to follow-up the existing fans and followers. Interact with them, follow them and retweet their tweets or mark them as your ‘favourite’. Appreciate their comments, contributions and even criticisms. Be positive and never react promptly to any adverse comments or remarks on your posts.

Respect the rules

Respect the rules and guidelines of a platform, where you are active. Mostly all the social media networks have rules to check and curb the spammers. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have their own policies to control spammers. Just abide by those guidelines and optimize your purpose on social media.

Conclusion: All the networking sites have their own advantages and limitations. Understand the scope of each space and then decide to use. Choosing a right platform and right people to connect may ultimately determine your fortune on social media. You may follow the tips and maintain consistency in using the spaces to leverage maximum benefits from social media.

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Have not yet given up my learning spree. Recently doing internship at Digital Vidya.

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      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Very interesting post. The SMM tips explained were very essential for any start-up’s to promote their business online and bring awareness on their product among people. The post is very informative and I have learnt many new things by reading this.

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