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7 Effective Email Marketing Steps That Are Essential For Your Big Success

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Email marketers all over the world use different methods to capture the attention of the email recipients and do a successful sale. They try out multiple combinations within an email copy to have an edge over their competitors, vying for the target- ‘The Customers’. But there are some  basic steps that need to be considered to do successful email marketing. Below are 7 steps for an effective email marketing that should be followed:

  • Validate your database

It is very essential that your customer database be updated with the latest information. This ensures that you are not sending emails to unverified email ids and reduce the bounce back rates. Also this saves our time by not sending mails to invalid or expired email accounts.

  • Use the double opt-in for enrolling customers

This is of utmost importance in ensuring that you are not blacklisted or being marked as spam. Enroll your customers through the email newsletter sign up forms; through traditional opt-in inquiry form made available on a sales fair/website; customer surveys etc. Lastly ensure that you send a confirmation link to the enrolled customers to double check their acceptance.

  •  Organize your database

Ensure that the database is organized based upon the customer’s location, industry, geography, gender etc. This helps to send  personalized emails which are relevant to the recipients, thereby increasing the click through rates(CTR), open rates and conversions.

  • Keep the email design template simple

Most marketers have a tendency to overdo the design where the message in the content is not conveyed properly .Always maintain a 80% to 20%  text to image ratio in the email copy. Email recipients usually scan through their emails at a fast pace and hence its essential for marketers to make email design in such a way that the focus is on the most important part of the copy.

  • Quality of the content

The content always speaks for itself. Take efforts to come up  with quality content that can be read easily with zero spelling errors. Email recipients tend to delete the mails which is difficult to read and has errors which will eventually lead to the email being marked as spam.

  • Strong subject line

Avoid subject lines which can trigger the spam filter. It is best to test the subject lines using spam filtering programs before sending the mails. The subject line should capture the attention of the recipient as well as convey the message in brief.

  • Keep track of performance metrics

The statistical data of deliverability, open rates, click through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates etc. should be tracked consistently so that the email marketing strategy can be changed accordingly.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Can you please give an example about how does an email subject line trigger spam?

    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Nice post. The steps explained were very useful and one should keep these points in mind to succeed in their business in email marketing segment to get the right targeted customers.

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