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7 Facebook Tips For Strong Business Presence Online

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imagesWe humans are the only creation of nature that builds relationships, that build society for itself and engages in business. In many societies of the world, individual human is superseded by the larger society he lives in. Relationships are at core of human existence. By the very same logic, relationships are at the core of business’s too because businesses are after all run by humans. Social media is the way men connect in today’s internet age. With world turning into a village with advent of globalization, building relationships could not get easier than this. Social media is the air we breathe, the environment we live in today. Social media is the face of business to its customers. It can be thought of as customer support on steroids. Business can and should make the most of this opportunity and show to the world how doing business with them is like. A lot of people are crazy about number of fans and followers they have on their social media networks, but in my opinion it is like chasing the wrong goose. Social media is not about numbers, it is about meaning in those numbers. We also come across agencies that help firms increase the number of likes, fans on their social media platforms but it kills the entire purpose of it. Social media platforms are for interaction, discussion, sharing tidbits of everyday life, building relationships and nurturing trust. Social Media was not meant for business in the first place. We all need relationships in our life, sometimes to share our happy moments and sometimes to help us deal our trying times. Business should lay emphasis on building genuine and authentic relationships with their stake holders. Business’s should avoid the mistake of commercializing their communication with their fans and followers. Commercialization will elicit nothing but collective yawn. People will start moving away from the business. The conversations with people are to in a manner which encourages them to open their heart out with business. But to reach such a comfort level, businesses need to invest time and energy on social media networks. The content has to be pure delight for people. People should be eager to see whats next. They should be surprised every time they visit the company’s social media platform. Of course, this is easier said than done but nothing valuable is easy.

Here are 7 Facebook tips for strong and effective presence in online world:

  1. The goal is to build relationships and hence business– Social media is for conversations, discussions, debates, sharing and learning. It was never for selling goods. So it would be wise if you use it for the purpose it is meant for. Besides social media works on human psyche, it is slow but a sure method of winning people through conversations which interest them. Once people start placing trust, start believing and agreeing with business’s philosophy, they are bound to contact them when they need them.
  2. Be original and present your true self– It is difficult to wear a false face for a long time. Somehow, true picture gets revealed sooner or later. So it is advisable to be yourself from the very beginning. It is easy on the business’s as well its customers. Truth has its own charm, something which connects with people readily. When people present them authentically, they are but bound to be surrounded with authentic people, be it customers or its vendors. When genuine picture is presented, business’s become more humane and chances of conflicts are reduced by manifolds.
  3. Customized messages– It’s the age of ultimate customization. Messages are to be tailor-made. If possible, try and include the name of the person to whom the message is addressed on social media platforms. This builds immediate link. The first thing a man loves is his name and the beauty is lost when an individual is reduced to a number or a member of a large group. Including his personal name will elicit a feeling that he is valued and shall help in transforming him into a loyal customer.
  4. Do not pitch unless customer shows interest– A lot of social media professionals utter more and listen less. The customer is probably on a vacation and the professional is trying hard to sell him insurance. It would not work. The matter of fact is humans do not put value on anything which they get without being asked for. The same rule applies on products and services offered by businesses. Unless they show consistent interest and themselves ask for details, do not bombard them marketing material and business pitches.
  5. Create curiosity– The content on the social media platforms are to be planned and designed in such a manner that the audience remains ever excited about it. Again, this is easier said than done. In this information age, it is difficult to find content which has the capacity to surprise people and might in some cases prove next to impossible, but the effort is worth it. Content which is rare, which has soothing effect on nerves, which delights or educates in a subtle manner shall prove to be a big hit.
  6. Be an expert– We live in an age where experts of one subject matter are more valued than jack of all. Earlier people valued the large number of skills, now the tide is in favour of people who may have limited number of skills but are master in those few. When the professional is an expert,  people themselves approach them for ideas, for suggestions and their opinions. Expert opinions are flaunted like an asset and therefore businesses may decide to bring in experts in their teams.
  7. Keep personal and professional profiles different– At last, people in digital marketing industry are strictly advised to keep their personal and professional profiles different. Combining the two would unnecessarily complicate matters and has the potential to prove fatal for the individual.

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    • 4 years ago

      Sumit Shekhar   /   Reply

      Quite effective to cater the potential mass on Social Media

    • 4 years ago

      Ummer S DVMkg   /   Reply

      It is a well written article with all major points mentioned in detail. Thanks for sharing these valuable points.

    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Social media is great platform to connect with people.It is not only limited with likes,dislikes and fans.While sharing any information, photos ,advertisements on Facebook, twitter or any other social media one should be honest and original with it. Facebook is very effective digital media to connect customer for a long term if it used properly. Tips given in this article are definitely useful.

    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      The ultimate objective of a business is to connect to its people. Businesses use various channels to stay in touch and social networking sites are turning out to be the most effective of all of them. The above mentioned tips are really valuable as this will affect the image the business would generate for themselves. Good Write-up !!

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