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7 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Succeed On LinkedIn

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7 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Succeed On LinkedInLinkedIn is the most popular social media network for professionals. LinkedIn has shown incredible growth during the 10 years of its existence. This network has experienced excellent growth right from the first year of its founding period in 2003-2004.

In fact, there are few uniqueness with LinkedIn networks when compared to other social media networks.

  • LinkedIn group has an exclusive professional image.
  • This network is made for professionals and companies to connect with their associates, employees, vendors and customers.
  • LinkedIn’s openness to create professional contacts and business relationships is another unique thing about it.
  • This is the safest way to network and establish new connections.
  • People are more receptive on LinkedIn networks.

At the moment, the LinkedIn user base has crossed 200 million count worldwide. This network continues to grow in the comings years and generate tremendous amount of momentum.

Here are 7 important social media marketing ideas to succeed on LinkedIn.

1. Create LinkedIn Company Page7 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Succeed On LinkedIn

Many business owners don’t even know about the LinkedIn business page. LinkedIn company page is like a second website for the company where information about the company, employees and business are mentioned. This is a fantastic way to get wider exposure for a company, its products and services.

Some of the important aspects of LinkedIn business pages are mentioned below

  • This is like a site inside the LinkedIn network that tell the company story.
  • This is a wonderful place to highlight products and services.
  • This is a right place to engage with followers and prospects.
  • This is one of the best places to post career opportunities available within the company and connect with the right people professionally.

2.  Update Profile Information On Linkedin

LinkedIn has a pretty good system wherein it reminds account holders to complete the personal profile to get better visibility online. LinkedIn is a fine source to connect with suitable people; so posting a complete profile makes a lot of sense. Do mention all the information relevant to work, the type of projects handled, technical expertise and the information about the business scale in the profile to create better impact.

Following are some of the best ways to optimize a LinkedIn page.

  • Add a strong headline for the contents.
  • Upload a professional looking profile picture.
  • Publish only original content.
  • Use the proper keyword that is associated with the company, its products and services.
  • Optimize the LinkedIn page with keywords.

3. Post Updates Regularly

There are many benefits for posting regular updates inside the LinkedIn. The updates posted on LinkedIn is going to show up in the News feeds of all other people in your LinkedIn circle or group. This will help to stay top of the minds of the audience that the company wants to focus. Do post original contents, recent events or a presentation on a regular basis as people will view these updates as a good source of information about a particular topic or industry. Here are a few points to make the updates more effective.

  • Add LinkedIn share button to browser.
  • Publish your contents on the website and then share it on LinkedIn.
  • Include some catchy pictures in the content.
  • Include keywords that can connect with the company name and its business.

7 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Succeed On LinkedIn4. Make More Connections On Linkedin

LinkedIn is a professional network, but it is still a social network.

The best way to get more connections on LinkedIn is to go to the navigation area at the top and then click on add connection option. Add the email address and connect with people listed there. To make more connections on LinkedIn, follow the procedures mentioned below.

  • Make it a routine practice to add more ‘connections’ on LinkedIn.
  • Connect with everyone who are directly or indirectly related to the business.
  • Accept all connection invitees on LinkedIn.
  • Collect business cards from everyone.

5. Promote Linkedin Page On Other Online Channels

This is one of the best ways to get wider coverage and engagement on LinkedIn page. Add LinkedIn page URL on all company blogs, websites, business cards, social media channels, and emails.  This strategy works will work very well and improve the visibility on the LinkedIn page.

7 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Succeed On LinkedIn6. Get Recommendations From Satisfied Customers/Vendors And Employees

This strategy is widely used by many companies successfully. All product, service and offer details can be added to the product tab and then get the members of existing group community to recommend these products. Here are some of the ways to get more recommendations.

  • Produce great products.
  • Offer the best class services.
  • Don’t force members to recommend.
  • Recommend others in return for the recommendations they have done to the company’s products and services.

7. Advertisement7 Good Social Media Marketing Tips To Succeed On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a great advertisement space. LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation. Advertising on LinkedIn is affordable and very effective to make more connections online. Targeting is very important thing when considering advertisement on LinkedIn. Marketers need to target the advertising based on the people, the company and the groups on LinkedIn that the company needs to focus on. Always make the advertisement targeted to the right group of audience.

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