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7 On-Page Optimizations to Gain Social Media Traffic

7 On-Page Optimizations to Gain Social Media Traffic

With more than 2.3 billion active social media users around the globe, the growth of social media cannot be ignored. If social media is not on your marketing strategy list then the chances of your business failure are high. However, marketing strategy and budget to social media do not guarantee success. There are techniques and ways to have an upper hand with social media.



Let’s have a look at the statistics of social media…

Facebook has 1 billion plus daily active users whereas Twitter has about 320 million monthly active users. LinkedIn on the other side has more than 414 million registered members.

According to content marketing institute, 66% B2B marketers have experienced LinkedIn as one of the most effective tools on social media platforms followed by Twitter and Facebook at 55% and 30% respectively.

These are not just numbers, these are opportunities, massive opportunities. If you don’t grab them, your competitor will. You see your competitor growing bigger with a sound social media strategy and this makes it altogether more important to do the same. The opportunity to interact with customers and prospects on social media can not be missed.

A plan that is structured and defined can generate positive results. With this 7 on-page optimizations, you can take your social media traffic to another level. With a brand and these tips, you can boost the sales.

7 on-page optimizations to get more social media traffic

1. Images

Images are an integral part of your social media presence. Therefore, it is crucial to understand what value a high-quality image holds. Make it a habit use images within your posts because it has proven to increase your social media reach. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets. With the variety of tools available like Spruce and Canva, it is simple to add high-quality images to your posts.

Including images in your blog post has many advantages. For example, keeping the readers on your website for more time, helping you to make your point understandable, and increased engagement. Adding images doesn’t only fit but also provides additional value. A relevant image can increase the value of your blog to manifolds. You can try and test it!

2. Right type of Content

Creating content for your blog and creating the right type of content for your blog are entirely two different things. Content with more than 2,400 words has the greatest chances of grabbing the top most position in the search engines. Therefore, it is always better to have the post long enough. Content length is surely important for your social media shares as well as search engine rankings.



However, stopping here makes no sense. There are 3 points you need to keep in mind if you want your audience to share your content:

  • Quality is greater than quantity: Stick yourself to quality! Even if you post two blogs a day, you should be sure of the quality. You might fall into a trap of believing that more content increases the opportunity of social shares but that’s only true if that content has quality.
  • What interests your audience: You need to see what your audience likes or dislikes. You should see what type of content is working on the social media platforms by reviewing analytics data. With the help of such insights, you will b closer to creating content that is more closely aligned with the needs of your target audience.
  • Take signals from the past: If you want your audience to share your post, see what your readers have shared in the past. Taking cues from the past can help you know what they want and what they are looking for. Know what kind of content has been shared the most and this will  decide your next topic to write on.

Until and unless it will not provide any value to the readers, you can not expect them to share it. If you create the content that is right, you will not have to worry much.

3. Social Media Tracking Tools

Without knowing how your website is performing with respect to social media traffic, you can not sketch the future course of action. Questions like the size of social media traffic to your website, which platforms are sending you the most traffic, and what kind of content is working best on social media platforms are some of the questions that are required to be answered accurately. For this use as many tools as you can. Dasheroo, a business dashboard can help you in this.

According to the statistics, Facebook is the top source of social media platforms to traffic from followed by Twitter and LinkedIn. But the question lies how to practically use this data in order to increase social media traffic? Well, that’s not a herculean task.

  • You will need to learn from where you get the most of the traffic and put more efforts on those platforms.
  • Know the types of content that are being shared the most.
  • Understand which types of social media posts are driving the most traffic to your website.

After getting answers to these questions, you will be able to chart out what should be your next topic and what types of topics to be avoided.

4. Social Media Sharing Plugin is a Must

Sharing should be easy. If it is difficult for your audience to share your content then there are chances they won’t share it. Therefore, install a social media sharing plugin right next to your content. Make it simple for them for example, with a couple of clicks, they should be able to share it. Two three buttons should be there on the sidebar or top bar to make it easy for them to share. For instance, if they click on the Twitter button, they should be able to share it on their twitter account.



Not having this functionality on your website makes the process more complex. Though it can be done but you are asking your readers to copy the link, create their own content, open their social media profile and then they can share. No doubt, you want to make the lives of your readers easy, and social media sharing plugin can do that!

5. Click to Tweet Link

Twitter has more than 320 million monthly active users and one billion unique visits monthly to sites and this shows Twitter has a power that is growing. Facebook is still at the top but there are plenty of opportunities on Twitter to drive serious traffic from. This point is on similar lines with the social media sharing plugin, however, it relies more on Twitter’s functionality. You can drive a lot of free traffic with the help of Twitter if you have a good on-page optimization strategy to start from. You can use ClickToTweet in order to create the link as well as track the activity around each one.

6. Less Post

It is easy to believe publishing fresh content often should be the rule of thumb. However, this is not always the superior way. You should focus on meeting the highest of quality standards. If you don’t have quality, there won’t be any social shares. According to a recent study by HubSpot, posting more to social media doesn’t mean a higher level of engagement. You need to answer these questions before posting frequently on social media platforms:

  • Is sharing every new piece of content  on social media platforms worthy?
  • Deciding on which content to pick and choose to push the most?
  • The relationship between the average number of posts in a week and the average number of interactions.



This is all trial and error. Therefore, you should not be afraid to experiment with as many strategies as you can before making a final call.

7. Ask for it

Getting more social media traffic is due to more people sharing your content. But the question is what is the best way to get social shares? It is simple…You should ask for it. Well, what is wrong with that? Asking your audience to share your content on social media doesn’t seem to be wrong in any ways. With these ways, you can ask your readers to share your content (by the way only after you have double checked that your content is shareable)

  • You can add lines like ‘You can share this and help others know about these tricks too’ at the end of your blog post along with social sharing plugins.
  • You can email key influencers too, to ask them to share. Be short, direct and add value to your share, you will see pleasant results.
  • Start a conversation on social media. Be it Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Don’t wait for others to take action. You can use any social media platform in order to share your content and ask others to do the same.

If done in a tasteful manner, it can help you with big plus pleasant results!

If you liked these ways of boosting sales via on-page optimizations, feel free to share this content and let others know what they can do if they are still struggling with low traffic. You can also avoid these on-page mistakes to get the best results!

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