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7 SEO Link Building Techniques For 2016

7 SEO Link Building Techniques For 2016

Whenever you think about SEO, the first thing that triggers your mind is link building. Simply because the value of your website and content is ranked in search engines based on the back-links. Most people today are limited to Social Sharing in terms of back-linking. Undoubtedly, Social Sharing helps. But there are ample number of other ways which can help you in attaining your SEO link building goal. The best way is to opt for an SEO course which can take you from basic to pro. And other possible ways are elaborated below:

1. Create content based on trending topics

Creating content and sharing it on your social profiles is not the real social sharing thing. You must get it shared even further. You can’t request everyone to share your content by messaging. You need to get more and more organic shares. The rule of thumb is, make your content shareable and people share what they feel important and interesting for themselves and their friends or followers. So for that matter you just need to explore the trending topics on Facebook and Twitter and create interesting content on them.

2. NewsJacking blogs and infographics

Have you ever thought of creating buzz? At least among your friends or followers? Well, it is not that rigid as it sounds like. You just have to find a breaking news, say news about a newly releasing movie and inject your content idea into it. Amul is really the greatest example of newsjacking. In fact, Amul is considered as the introducer of newsjacking in India. A perfect example: Amul created the following infographic when Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google.

SEO Link-building Digital Vidya

Such type of content is really eye catchy and any one who sees it tempts to share it further.

3. Connect with journalists using HARO

This is what I call as the rocket launch for link building and content marketing. There is a portal named Help A Reporter Out where journalists and people interact to exchange ideas. You as a blogger can signup as a source and pitch your ideas to journalists looking for information. For every selected idea you and website will get mentions from news agencies like: TIME, Fox News and ABC etc.

4. Guest Blogging

Most people don’t find guest blogging worthy because it doesn’t pays. But the success is in the back-links not the money. One recommendation is, write for similar blogs which means blogs talking about same topics as yours. Because Google loves back-links from same niche. You can write guest posts for blogs you follow or your competitor’s.

5. Submit links on Reddit

Reddit is a great platform for driving tremendous amount of traffic to your site. As mentioned n the Reddit’s own blog “It is possible to drive 2 billion and more unique page views every month”. You just have to abide with 3 rules of Reddit.

a. Be descriptive

Write a descriptive and interesting title for your link. Do not shorten your link using URL shortners, that will make your links look like spam.

b. Choose a correct SubReddit

A SubReddit in plain words means a category for your link and you can only assign one single SubReddit. Choosing it may be little tricky. Don’t choose a SubReddit which is too narrow for your content, try to be a little broad so that your content will be seen by broader audience.

c. Don’t be Promotional

Reddit is not a place for promotional material. It is for sharing ideas and problem solving content. Posting anything promotional will not generate any positive outcome for you.

6. Posting and sharing on Tumblr

Create a Tumblr blog and share your blog links in it. Write articles and include hyperlinks to your parent blog or website in them. Make sure not replicate articles from your parent blog into your Tumblr blog. Do not forget to follow other blogs, again following blogs with similar niche will be beneficial.

7. Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place for professionals and people who are savvy about reading. LinkedIn has come up a long way to promote content sharing. With linkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse you can publish your articles and include hyperlinks to your blog or website. You can join as many groups similar to your interest and share your website links in those groups. Of course, people with similar interest as yours will more likely to read your articles and click your links.

To sum up

SEO link-building is a little skeptical. Most bloggers especially newbies who consider only Facebook and Twitter for social sharing. Though, there are many equally important networks available which can do wonders for doing SEO link building.

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Mohammed HaseebMohammed Haseeb (a.k.a Sheikh Muhammad Haseeb) is a Blogger, Content Writer, Digital Marketer, WordPress freak and passionate critic. He is extremely ambitious, workaholic and fired with the zeal to learn creative things and build creative things.

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