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7 SEO Secrets You Must Use To Your Advantage

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download (7)SEO is a dynamic field; therefore, what works this time around, may not work the next time. Besides, SEO is at the mercy of the Search engines and their algorithms which are frequently updated. It is important to improve the SEO parameters that are in control rather than depending on the search engine to expose your SEO flaws. Getting down to the basics of SEO is highly recommended in times of uncertainty. This blog will give you 7 SEO secrets that you must use to your advantage. Read on !

1. Unique meta descriptions and titles

Make sure that only unique and relevant meta descriptions and titles are being used, not only on the homepage but for all the pages on your website or blog. Also make use of matching keywords on all the relevant and respective  internal pages of the site. However do not  insert all your homepage keywords on all the pages of the site.

2.  Keywords in headlines and body text

Use your carefully researched keywords at least 2-3 times per page, however exercise caution, don’t overdo it. Design your headlines and body text that contains the keywords in a logical way.

3. HTML formattingimages (7)

Logical HTML formatting like “Bold”, “Italics” to be used in the text content. It is necessary to help the readers understand what is really important. Use appropriate hierarchy of headings to make it easier for search engines to understand them. This will help in increasing the rankings.

4. Controlled optimization

While optimizing each page try to use less than 4 keywords per page. Do not stuff more different keywords in one page. Keywords should be only around 10% of the content of a webpage/website.

5. URL

Try using search engine friendly keywords on the URL with not more than 500 characters. URLs need to be interlinked well enough to redirect HTML links and to increase the number of search engine results for the site. This will also help in listing and indexing the 2nd, 3rd and 4th level pages faster. Also Use HTML site navigation to your advantage by using HTML sitemaps in site links and section links appropriately.

download (8)6. XML Sitemap

 An XML sitemap creates a list of webpages and can then be submitted to search engines. All required settings can also be configured on XML sitemaps

7. Page Load Speed

Ensure that the pages on the site / blogs loads faster, because Google gives higher ranks to pages which load faster and can give a better experience to audience. Many companies have reported that some of their keywords were ranked higher when their page loading speeds were improved. Moreover page speed is a minor factor in Google’s search algorithms, but a boost in page loading speed will be beneficial in the long term. Increasing the page loading speed can be easily controlled by SEO experts so make it work to your advantage.

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