7 SEO Strategies For Growth In 2017

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With 2017 announcing itself, there has been may changes in the field of Digital Marketing. With Google using the new Machine learning technology, RankBrain, to deliver better search results. RankBrain has brought in a positive change in the field of SEO, where the focus has now shifted towards delivering better and relevant content to users rather than employing cheap tactics to rank better in the Search Engine Ranking Page.

Businesses now are writing content keeping in mind the needs of people rather than search engine. Now people are not only focusing on google but also on other search engines like Bing which is evolving at a very fast pace and bringing in new innovation in the search engines.

  • Mobile is Future

    More and more people are buying and moving towards smartphones. With the improvement in the mobile computing field, browsing on the mobile has become equivalent to desktop browsing if not more. People are surfing 24*7 on their mobile browsers and download apps. A recent survey has shown that a person on an average spends about 90 minutes in a day on a smartphone(sources: mobileinsureance) So it is important to work on a mobile friendly site rather than only focusing on desktop version of the website.


  • Rise of Voice Search

    With the likes of Siri, Cortana and Google Voice Search people are moving away from typing and speaking to voice search assistants. Consumers can save a lot of time in this busy world by switching to voice instead of typing because of which many big companies like google are working hard on their voice assistant technology. So small businesses should plan according keeping the needs of consumers in mind and providing future compatibility to suit voice search. The time has come to include a recording button on your website to entertain voice requests and serve people better. 


  • Quality Backlinks And Not Quantity

    Gone are the days when buying links would help you Rank better in SEO. Many companies were penalized for buying links by the google’s penguin update.Businesses should be working hard on their content instead of resorting to cheap tricks. Companies with great content will naturally gain more backlinks and more traffic on their website. So be relevant and write good content.


  • Switch To Https

    Maintaining privacy on internet for users was known to be a myth. But with many companies collecting data of consumers for analysis, they want that their visitors can have privacy. So many website are shifting their website from http to https in order to protect their privacy. It helps even more if there is money transactions happening on the website and gives consumers extra confidence about their privacy.

  • Concentrate On User Experience

    For most of the businesses and SEO agency, content has only been written for Search Engines. After google’s updates on algorithm, businesses are focusing now on people and writing articles for them. Main focus of any business should be on User Experience. That has also become the aim of search engines because user experience and SEO go hand in hand.How SEO & UX Go Together

  • Presence On Social Media

    With everyone on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms. It is very important for brands to have a strong presence on Social Media. Having a strong social media presence also gives an opportunity to the companies to interact with its consumers.


  • Make Your Site Super Fast

    Not everyone has super fast internet. The complaints about slow internet is higher than the number of users. So if your site has low load up speed then in this crunch time you would lose a lot of traffic and have a very high bounce rate would can lead upto decrease in rankings.SEO Strategies In 2017


This advanced SEO strategies and techniques are expected to improve your SEO rankings and quality of large number of website. Our aim is to educate people on SEO strategies and techniques to improve the overall standards of website and make it more people-centric rather than search engine centric.

It’s Your Turn to Enlighten Us

Tell us about your strategies in 2017 and the techniques and tools you would be using for SEO in 2017.

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