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7 SEO Tips For Grand Success

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download (42)A majority of businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and its importance in gaining web traffic and revenue streams. However, not many of them are succeeding in practically implementing all the SEO gyan gleaned from Google’s Panda updates. Is your online business suffering due to poor SEO skills? Are your Site rankings at an all-time low?  Do you dream of grand success for your online business? Then the following tested and tried 7 SEO tips are especially recommended for you.

1. Site mapimages (22)

A site map is an HTML page and functions like an index of pages on the website. It is like a large web of networks as every page in the site map index is linked to the relevant other pages in the website. A site map is an essential feature on the website as it helps to attract the search engine spiders to crawl your website. Site map also helps the crawlers to travel the website with ease. To enhance the sitemap, use keywords and their synonyms in the anchor text of the links, in addition to this, links can also be shown in bulleted or numbered form. This feature is considered important by the search engine spiders. For grand success, update the site map each time you update the webpages.

2. Keywords in hyperlinks

Always use keywords in anchor text or hyperlinks. For a practical example – anchor the text “Chocolate ice-cream” to the chocolate ice-cream page instead of just using “click here”. The texts being used to link to other pages are very important because the potential customers cannot just type “click here to get information’. For grand success in SEO, use a variety of keywords instead of simply using the same keyword every time in your anchor text.

download (43)3. Correct keywords

Keyword research is of prime importance and it should be based mainly on volume and competitiveness of the required keywords. Choose keywords with low competition and higher volume. Some keywords like “Money” “Loans” have millions of search results and therefore it’s definitely not recommended to use these keywords. Other relevant keyword phrases are “make money online”,  “pre-approved loan in 2 minutes” which have comparatively lesser number of search results than “Money”, “Loan” respectively, and also has the potential to bring more visitors to your website. More visitors mean more traffic and higher chances of sales.

4. Helpful keyword content

Regularly updating the website with fresh new content containing the main targeted keywords is essential for better SEO. Make sure the keywords are appropriately used and do not confuse or bore the readers. Frequently updated fresh content is a winner with search engine spiders as they visit the website frequently and rank the website higher. Use this technique for grand success in SEO.

5. Relevant domain name for SEOdownload (44)

Choose a highly relevant domain name for the website. The domain name should contain a few keywords, but choose those that reflect the content of the website as much as possible. Try not to change the domain name of the website, because older websites are more recognized and tend to be more established. Besides, making changes to a website’s domain name can reduce traffic and sales. Google also prefers older, more established websites than newer ones.

6. File name SEO

Add keywords in the name of folders and files while posting it to the blog / website. Also try to incorporate some of the keywords from your domain into the file name for better recognition by the search engines. Research the keywords being used by competitors in their domain names and use these keywords for your file names. Never keep empty spaces in the file names as it is forbidden, instead, use hyphen, underscore or other characters.

download (45)7. Quality links

Allow incoming high class links to easily join your link network and link to your site. Check the quality of the website which is requesting to link to your website; allow only high quality ones to link. Register the website with high quality directories and chose the appropriate category for listings.

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