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7 SEO Trends That Will Be Observed In 2014

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Full-proof Search engine optimization tips are hard to find. SEO is going through a drastic change. It is like a resume which needs to be polished to get the best results. Google has also changed with the course of time. Lets have a look on the recent changes in SEO. Given below are 7 hot top SEO trends which will be observed in 2014:- SEOtrends

1. Wiser Search Algorithm

Using Google’s algorithm while searching has undergone a change from Panda to Pigeon. Pigeon is a local search update for searching local business. Given below are few suggestions to use Pigeon more effectively for local business: –

  • Mention NAP and local area code on Google+.
  • Reviews and positive comments are like awards. Thus, encourage audience to give reviews.

seo-2014-future-of-seo-23-6382. Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO are no more different from each other. Engage audience with updated content since it’s the soul of any website. With the help of Panda, one can create a genuine content. It is not just about concentrating on keywords. Now one can also include images, video, info-graphics etc.

3. Link Building

Build links for an effective content. In 2014, one will see that backlinks comprise of branded anchor text, focus on media with high Domain Authority, tracking links of competitors, usage of tools (check my links, link climp, mozbar etc.) and more dependence on link analysis report.

 4. More Focus On Google Authorship

Now, one can trust Google Authorship for success. Also, concentrating on Author ranking will fetch high CTR. Rich snippets will help audience to know more about the author. According to a Recent study by Moz, states that relay on Google Authorship confirms traffic. Google now focuses on having high quality authors for search engine ranking.

5. Social SEO

The future of SEO is about connecting with Social media. There are many opportunities of Social media for search engines. Now search has gone social. One can see how the ranking factor have changed. Optimize your social media content in Facebook, Google+, Tweets, Youtube, Pinterest etc. This will help in creating links. Another way of creating the best links is by receiving likes, comments and retweets.

6. Go Mobile

In 2014, Mobile optimization has tremendously changed. SEO marketing mainly focuses on targeting the audience by creating a mobile friendly website. According to the studies, 35% of the total traffic comes from mobile. Few changes evident in Hummingbird include both semantic search and MobileSEOKnowledge graph. The factors which attract users to a website are  Responsive design, Search Bar. Thus, making easier navigation possible  and gaining information in a click or two.

7. Importance of Schema Markup Will Grow is the catalog tag version of HTML5. It  helps search engines to understand structured data. Also, it  has the ability to give high SERP visibility and presence. If the site is optimized with Schema, one can stand out in SERPs. It offers  the ability to show information like articles, events and local address.  Schema markup is a  SEO invention which will be long lasting. Therefore,  this is  the right time to learn and implement Schema markup.seo-2014-future-of-seo-14-638

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    • 5 years ago

      Amelia Evie   /   Reply

      Good post..!! Content marketing is the best strategy. Providing a own unique quality content, we can have have a long standing visitors to our page.

    • 5 years ago

      divyapriya   /   Reply

      Social media imparts a great role in boosting the traffic to the site and rank in the search engine ranking. Nice post.

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