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7 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Stand Out In Stiff Competition

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As per the latest reports published on wearesocial India’s Internet Penetration is 19% and more than 45% of internet users are active on social media. We can see a paradigm shift in marketing and advertising spends of brands, India is yet to make a breakthrough shift from high dependencies on offline media to balanced communication on offline and digital media.

More than 45% of the internet users in India are active on social media

More than 45% of the internet users in India are active on social media. Source:

Social media marketing is a great way to connect and engage your prospects and target audience. Considering its beauty to test waters with lower budgets and its ability to give measurable results in real time, social media sure is becoming one of the most popular destination for all SE’s, SME’s and the bigger businesses.

Internet penetration in India. July '14. Source:

Internet penetration in India. July ’14. Source:

While every business owner, head of marketing and image manager understands that social media marketing is vastly emerging as the biggest platform for brand awareness, engagement and loyalty. They are seldom challenged by the fact of how to use it.Given that, most often than not, the competitor brands / businesses are already there; most ideas have already been used. Most social media platforms are ensuring that you reach lesser fans / prospects / target audience by the day; its a technique to build a unique presence on social media. Here are some steps one should follow to ensure optimum use of the available opportunity on social media:

1. Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Social Media Is Not A Self-Made Platform

The first thing that any business needs to understand is that social media is an extended arm or another channel of marketing and not a tool by itself. It would be ‘blasphemous’ to treat it as a standalone tool and communicate on it alone!

2.Social Media Marketing Tip #2:Know Your Audience And The Presence On Social Platform

Having said that social media is another channel, does not mean one could copy paste the same content / creative (meant for hoardings or a print ad) to social media. One should  know how to tweak and engineer communication for social media, one needs to know the spread of the target audience. Different social platforms cater to different kinds of audience. For instance,  Facebook could be suitable for a B2C communication, LinkedIn presents great opportunities for B2B messaging. One should find out which platform your audience is active on.

3. Social Media Marketing Tip #3: Understand platform and map data

Once you know the spread of audience, understand the intricacies of the platform. The beauty of every social platform is its ability to provide you with a plethora of targeting opportunities. Keeping in mind the unique and specific targeting parameters. Gathering of market data that will provide the dissection of your audience in the social world. For this, you could either measure your already existing social media presence (that is if you have one) or map data from your competition (similar business) on social media.

4. Social Media Marketing Tip #4: Define objectives-

Arrive at objectives you want to achieve. Understand, what should be the result of social media marketing? Communicating on social platforms without objectives is like throwing stones in every direction! That is a lot of efforts wasted.

5.  Social Media Marketing Tip #5: Plan

You now need a result oriented technique to communicate on social media. Ideate, brain storm… Check if ideas – align with your overall marketing objective; align with image of the business; is appealing to the audience and gives you expected results. Arrive at interesting content for your audience. Gather data from social media from similar ideas / businesses. If there isn’t one, take the risk. Go with a professional and your gut feeling. Always remember to ensure there is an action driven communication. Arrive at a strategy and plan.

6. Social Media Marketing Tip #6: Execution

Execution is the key for content marketing on social media. The ability to tweak the same message to appeal to prospects and audience by presenting it differently on different social platforms but at the same time is a challenge! It is achieved only through correct planning and experience. Practice is the only way to achieve perfection in this domain.

7. Social Media Marketing Tip #7: Measure

To understand the impact of your communication, measuring it is a must. This way, you know if your communication is – reaching the right audience, having the right impact on them and driving them to your expected results. While each social platform offers its own tools with a plethora of measurable parameters, you could use third party tools too to measure the impact of your presence on social media. Measuring helps you to weed out unnecessary efforts.

Image Source: Wearesocial

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The title needs editing. Instead of “7 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Stand Out In Stiff Competition”, it would be better in the form of “7 Social Media Marketing Tips That Help You Stand Ahead In Stiff Competition”. The words ‘stand out’ indicates something negative.

    • 5 years ago

      Ummer   /   Reply

      Mansi has covered many valid points here. Some distinctive points and ideas are included.
      However, I wish to ask a question : Who is the target audience for this blog. I ask this because some short forms are used in the blog. for example: “SE’s, SME’s and the bigger businesses”
      Only a social media or marketing person would understand what do these short words mean!

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