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7 Social Media Marketing Tips That Must Be Assimilated Now

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socialmediamarketingWith spurt of competition in the digital media landscape, it is getting more and more important for businesses to bolster their social media marketing strategies so as to have an effective share of the market pie. Following are some tips which can help companies strengthen their social media marketing efforts:

1. Focusing and drawing attention of the users to the Custom Tabs in Facebook’s new timelines

It is increasingly becoming quite important how companies promote and showcase their special offerings. Brands use different media to showcase their offerings but more and more brands nowadays, are using social media platforms particularly Facebook for showcasing their special freebies.

hubspot_facebook_pageBrands can use the new Facebook Timelines pages in drawing attention to their freebie with a custom tab photo and a custom tab name. HubSpot is a good case in point and has done a cool job with their custom tab photo, where they advertise their free eBook while their other app for promoting their Customer Case Studies title.

Use of a Facebook application helps in creating a custom tab. There are few good applications in the market like ShortStack and Lujure which have templates that can help in easy creation of your custom Facebook tab along with an embedded email capture form. This gives you an option of adding a picture, a video of your freebie along with some text. Moreover, there is an option of linking opt-in code of your email within these custom tab which helps the users to connect as contacts in your email list as well as get connected on Facebook.

Once you have created your custom tab you can edit the name of the tab and the picture by selecting the pencil icon in the application’s top left corner and selecting the “edit settings”option. Another way of promoting the special freebies is by using the paid Facebook ads. You can use Facebook ads in driving traffic to your custom tabs and capturing likes and email contacts henceforth.

2. Adding the company’s LinkedIn follow tab on your site

If your main objective is to connect with the business community then LinkedIn is the social media platform you should focus on. LinkedIn has recently released a widget known as the Company Follow button.

This little button is quite similar in appearance like your re-tweet button, but instead Company Follow button makes it easier for users to follow your company’s LinkedIn page without even leaving your site.

3. Using Bufferapp for managing your social media marketing

Bufferapp, is a well known social media marketing tool and also a content management system. Bufferapp enables you to add content to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts before they being published.

There are other tools like HootSuite or TweetDeck which performs the same function, but Bufferapp differs from these tools as it automatically spaces out your content for you. This is helpful in a way. Suppose you come across some idea or post which you like and you post something spontaneously or instantaneously, this will make your scheduled content move around and you do not end up spamming your viewers’ feeds.

Another merit that Bufferapp offers is the toolbar add-on which is optional and allows you to directly post from another website, which is in some way is similar to the Pin button on Pinterest.

Bufferapp is simple, useful and an excellent content management tool, especially for those marketers who are short on time and cannot dedicate specific time to sit and post on their social media profile.

4. Get more YouTube subscribers by way of asking

There is a misconception that YouTube’s most powerful feature is that it provides for a free video hosting. YouTube’s actual value is that it is very much a social network that really wants you to interact and engage with your audiences (called subscribers).

If your only use of YouTube is nothing more than a free video hosting, then chances are that you will never have that kind or number audience or experience that this community can actually bring for you.

One of the best ways to get more subscribers is to ask anyone who watches your videos to remember to subscribe to your channel before exiting. Since they have already liked your channel and watched your videos, subscribing to your channel will not be big task.

You can ask viewers to subscribe to your channel by using the YouTube annotations. Log into your YouTube account and select the “Edit Annotations” button. By pressing on this button you can create an annotation on any of the YouTube videos in your account. You can further link a subscribe link to any of the annotations. To do this make sure that you are logged into your YouTube account.

5. Make a Facebook plan that is easy to follow

One of the most important questions that has bugged the social media marketers for long is what is the actual number of times a day a person should post on Facebook. Though, there is not a set number; but, as per a research posting two to five times per day is ideal.

Usually people can operate on this schedule for a couple of weeks, but the actual achievers on Facebook are the businesses that follow this schedule daily (or at least, on the weekdays). The basic thumb-rule to win on Facebook is consistency.

Since there is no fixed time of visit for your fans on Facebook, one post per day is not a great idea and many people may not even see your post. An ideal approach is to post throughout the day several different types of content. Post can be quick tips, links, short videos, questions and opinion polls etc.

Schedule your posts for different times so that it reaches more fans. Always remember to include a “call to action”—phrases such as comment, click, like and share as it helps you to increase engagement.

Another advantage of posting more content at different times is it generates more feedback which will help to analyze as to what kind of topics and content works best. You can further use this data to post content that suits the the taste of your audience.

Another important tip for garnering maximum engagement is keeping not more than 80 characters in your posts. A recent study by an agency showed that a post with 80 characters or fewer obtained 27% higher rates of  engagement.

6. Focus on being consistent

There is a misconception that to be successful on social media the basic mantra is to create a Facebook business page, a Twitter business handle, a LinkedIn profile page, a business’s YouTube channel etc. Companies expect that one video on their YouTube channel will go viral or 1 blog post will create several leads. While in general, social media does not operate like that because of the low cost barrier of social media anybody can have a Facebook page, 1 video and 1 blog post under their belts.

Success generally comes by being consistent. One needs to be consistent with their messaging. The message must be consistent across all your social media channels. The most important thing is consistency in providing quality content to your viewers on daily basis.

7. Stress on fixing the appearance of your Facebook’s links

It is a well known fact that if your Facebook posts includes a picture there is a possibility of generating a much better click-through rate. There is also a possibility that the post link that has been shared is unable to show a thumbnail or the post that you are sharing is full of them. It is better to use the debugger tool as this tool clears and refreshes the pages thus helps Facebook in grabbing the latest goodies.

Image Credit: The Next Scoop, cypressnorth, cherrylola

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      Aparna   /   Reply

      There are so many social networking sites and each with their unique features. The marketers need to understand this and bring out the best out of them. Using custom tabs, links or tools like bufferapp etc. to manage social networking sites will come very handy and it will reduce the time consumed significantly.

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