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7 Things E-mails Should Have To Ensure It Is Not A Spam And Get The Best Results

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In modern world of digital platform, E-mail marketing is playing a vital role. There are millions of people with active e-mail ids.  This huge number of potential customers are not be left out and they require utmost care by the marketers. Sending them hundreds of E-mails every month to keep reminding them of your presence is not an option. A well planned approach must be followed.

As E-mails are such a huge part of a professional’s life, there are a lot of threats. This huge number of audience must be protected from this threat. There are laws laid out to protect this audience in many countries. We, being in India have no law in order to be protected because of which our Inboxes are littered with hundreds of e-mails that are supposed be spam. As India is catching up in Digital world, we soon may find a law in place to protect us from spammers. This will make senders to follow the rules and regulations which they never knew before. Even without the law, a sender should follow the rules and regulations to protect the Brand name and stay in competition at International level.

Forcing a customer to create an account and subscribe to your e-mail is never a right option. Ability to develop interest in customers after they create an account and subscribe to your e-mail is a good idea but an uninterested customer will never open your e-mail once he creates an account and subscribe. He may unsubscribe because of frustration that would be much worse than forcing him to create an account for silly reasons.

People who start with E-mail marketing with little knowledge and those who are spammers never follow the compliances and guidelines for content.  They tend to use key words that are considered to be spam, for e.g. You Won a Million Dollar!!!, Free, For Just $XXX, This is not a spam etc. It makes their e-mails to end up in spam folders rather than inboxes.

Especially for newbies here are 7 things to ensure your e-mail does not end up in spam folder and get the best results out of your campaign:

  1. Unsubscribe Link: An unsubscribe link must be present in the mail at the bottom as well as the top of an e-mail with an option to update subscription preferences. Giving an opportunity to unsubscribe e-mail to customer at both top and bottom of the mail may be very risky as many are likely to click as most of the subscribers don’t remember in creating an account but this gives you an opportunity to focus on targeted reach. An uninterested customer will never buy your product and services. Sending a number of mails every day, week or a month may make customer to unsubscribe to your e-mail but an update subscription preferences may make the subscriber to tone down or increase the quantum and focus of e-mails which helps a marketer not to lose a potential customer.


Phone No and Mailing Address both at the bottom with Unsubscribe link. A well-done mail.

  1. Contact Information: Company’s mailing address must be provided at the bottom the E-mail with phone number. This gives a physical presence to a mail and ensures subscribers, origin of the mail. This allows the subscriber to call in case of any queries and disturbance caused by the service providers that were not solved by sending E-mail. Every sender is related to business and every business has some kind of physical presence that could be in the form of shop, company office, headquarters etc. This presence should be mentioned especially for security reasons because a spammer never reveals his address.
  1. Correct Pre-Header Information: Pre header includes senders name, e-mail address, subject line, date etc. Most of the spammers tend to use some company’s name and server to trick people into clicking deceptive links. Therefore, sender’s name (i.e. Company’s name) and e-mail must match. Content should also match with the subject and what the site is supposed to sell. A deceptive subject line and pre text should not be used so as to get more clicks on the mail without any conversion rate. This makes the subscribers unhappy and customer satisfaction being the goal of today’s marketing, it would very bad for a company’s reputation to get the information right.


Why a mail is sent from It doesn’t have a unsubscribe link at the top.

It’s a Spam. is not a small company not to have it’s own domain and E-mail address.

  1. Mobile Friendly: This is not related to spam but it’s one of the most important factors of success of an organization. An E-mail should be mobile friendly, it should be brief but informative and looks good on mobile. More than 50% of e-mails are opened on mobile devices. This number is improving especially in India as people are getting introduced to internet and mobile phones in less developed area. There are already 350,000,000 e-mails in India and if 50% of these people open e-mails mobile devices it would be a huge audience to work for. This shifts organization’s focus not to only creating e-mails that are computer friendly but also mobile friendly.
  1. Call-to-Action and Hyperlinks: If someone sends a promotional e-mail, a call to action button must be present. This call to action button should take you to the exact product and service shown in the image on the seller’s website. This improves the conversion rate. It helps in selling the product more efficiently. Trying to trick people to enter the website’s home page is not right. All the hyperlinks must work and should take you exactly where it is described in the mail. As many spammers provide unsubscribe and other links but they do not work or takes you to some other site.
  1. Content: Content in your mail not only should match the pre header but style of writing your content must also be considered. If you’re not a spammer, doesn’t make you sound like a one. People use “Re:” and “Fw:” in subject line to mislead customers. To check whether an e-mail is a spam, a dictionary of words is used which tells what spammers are tend to write. Even you being not a spammer, using these words may make your e-mail a spam. Therefore the style of writing your content is very important in deciding whether a mail is a spam or not. In any other case content always plays a vital role in success of a marketing campaign and company’s success. These words and patterns used by spammers are tracked and listed. You can check online whether what you are sending is spam or not through various websites like A spammer may use multiple exclamation marks, ALL CAPS, excessive graphical tricks and many spam trigger words like Meet Singles, Increase your sales, We hate spam, Email harvest etc. One must avoid these practices.

Rs 26

Unknown E-mail, unknown sender and bad content, using words like “win Rs 25” and using CAPS. This is also a spam.

  1. Do not communicate with strangers: Do not communicate with people who are not subscribed to your e-mail. These people are not part of your plan. Forcing uninterested people to receiving your mail may frustrate them which never a good sign for the image of the brand, future success and potential customers. An educated citizen may report this as a spam. This results in bad reputation for the company in E-mail marketing. Reputation is built but not acquired.

These are 7 basic things to be considered while writing an e-mail and not end up in spam folder. It may get good results from your campaign. Many other things are to be considered for the success of an E-mail. Spamming is a big problem in India. People are misled everyday by these E-mails because of lack of knowledge. If every company follows rules and regulation, it would be easier to identify spam mails. Hope this helps you in creating a content with right format.

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