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7 Tips For Assured Inbound Marketing Success Overseas

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Inbound marketing is a marketing domain which is a composite of many other digital marketing domains such as email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing to name a few. This is the marketing style of modern days where there is stiff competition among the brands and the consumers are very confused with which one to trust and which not. This marketing domain gives the marketer an opportunity to connect with the audience in an indirect manner unlike in the case of outbound marketing where the marketers push themselves on the consumers.

In this era of globalisation, the importance of inbound marketing has increased and paved the way for smoother expansion of the businesses even on foreign lands. Yes! Inbound marketing can make you attract more business from abroad without any need of being physically present there. This is the beauty of this marketing style that has pushed the marketers to learn more and more about the domain as there is no other marketing domain that can give as good results as inbound marketing. This blog discusses 7 inbound marketing tips that help you succeed greatly. There is no big difference between the inbound marketing strategy that is followed for the domestic business and that which is designed for the expansion of a business abroad but there are certain aspects that are worth noticing as below.

1) Appreciate the culture

The very first and most important aspect of inbound marketing that is practised to grow one’s wings and earn profits from abroad is to respect and understand the culture where one is aspiring to move. There is a common denominator always present in the dealings with the human beings but there are some particular differences in the tastes and preferences of the people in different cultures. A product may be marketed in several ways and hence it is for the marketers to brainstorm the ideas that can work for a particular culture. Hence, good research is required before stepping out of the comfort zone of operating in the domestic market. Learn from the different experiences which in turn will enhance the overall experience and ultimately the profits.

2) Be patient

Inbound marketers must be identified as the world’s most patient people! Why? Because it demands careful observation of the market scenario first and then designing the strategy that proves to be fruitful in the long run. One thing to be considered is that there should not be any undue fuss regarding the currency, payment, logistics or a potential risk.

3) Right focus

Focus is the key to success in the case of inbound marketing as well. There must be right focus on the markets that have potential to give huge returns in the future. The markets must be selected on the basis of set criteria based on the factors such as the origin of the current traffic and the metrics. Target only 3-4 markets at a time so that the resources are well utilised and the results are worth appreciating. This is a good idea as no business has unlimited resources and the available resources must be used properly.

4) Set the Inbound marketing right in the domestic realm first

Before you step out of your comfort zone and start taking steps to establish yourself s a brand in the international market, it is required that you first have complete grip on the domestic market. The better you are established in the domestic market, the chances are that you will have more sources to rely on to grow the business abroad. There is no need to rush anything in the international market and take the process slow. Earn the international leads and follow them to know about their needs regarding the product, its price and other specific things.

5) Accept the differences in the markets

The markets that you are operating in may seem to be same but there are a lot of differences in terms of buying cycles, buyers’ personas, language spoken, suitable keywords, decision making cycle and the research that must be undertaken to find out the problem. There is a need to make few necessary changes regarding these aspects in order to gain high returns.

6) Present yourself according to the audience

When you are catering to the foreign audience it is required that you present yourself according to them only. The language must be paid attention to and it will be good if the ‘Home’ page of the website is created according to the purpose of the content and is not translated in the literal sense. Experiment when and where you want to reap the highest rewards. The long tail keywords are good to adopt but with a twist i.e. they must be used according to the local search and are not just translated for the purpose. The landing page is important and hence, there is a need to be extra careful here. Remember that the language is not just local but it reflects the taste of the targeted audience.

7) Localise the efforts

When you have decided to move ahead in the international market, one thing that must be paid attention to is the communication with the local potential customers. There is a need to design a different site which caters to the local audience and can bring in the leads. It may not be possible to manage the things from distance and hence, it is a wise idea to take the help of local partners to carry out the work and provide the necessary support. The content should be able to attract the local partners who can extend the required support to the business. A strong network is the key factor in the success of the business.

The above tips will help in succeeding in international market with inbound marketing very easily. There are no shortcuts to success and hence the inbound marketers must be patient while executing their strategy for the higher and continuous returns.

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