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7 Tricks For Making Your Reader Connect With Your Email Positively

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Most companies do email marketing with the mere objective of  feeding the clients with  lots of  contents related to their brand rather than taking efforts to understand what makes the customer tick, they make use of email  as a mere promotional campaign tool and fails to capture the prospective customer’s requirement. Below are tactics which can be used to engage with readers in a positive manner:

  1. Proper content spacing and relevant information:  Make sure that you are not stuffing the contents into your email template for the sake of promoting your brand. The email contents should be crafted in such a way that it is properly spaced and conveys important information to the customer. This makes things easy for the customer to grasp and a base for a successfully engaging them.
  2.  Give alternative options: This is very important when promoting special offers on your products/services. Give the reader suitable options in the email through which they can grab these exclusive offers. For example, in case of special offers on resort bookings, give them the option of online booking and a toll free line phone booking.
  3. Easy to read texts: Abstain from using fancy fonts and make sure the texts used in the contents are of proper font size. Also make use of font colours which blends well the email template background and makes reading easier.
  4. A ‘subscription forwarding’ choice: This is a  smart option which you can incorporate into the email newsletters and which you are sending to the existing customer base. On the newsletters, you can add a line item (with a subscription link) which reminds the customers with an option that they can forward the mail to a friend or colleague, so that they too can subscribe  it.
  5. Take care of your language: Make sure that you send very polite mails to the customers that gives them the impression that you value them and respect them.
  6. Send personalized emails:  If you have a database which gives lots of information about your customer viz. The place he/she travelled last year for a vacation, don’t hesitate to send them a reminder email on the same. You can leverage this to send emails with special booking offers.
  7. Creative emails: Creativity always speaks for itself. Send emails which can amuse your customer and at the same time can successfully engage them with your brand/company. This approach can also prove beneficial in case of acquiring new prospective customers.
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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Can you please guide how to make spam free message?

    • 5 years ago

      offersmania   /   Reply

      My Niche is Online Shopping.I Want to increase the list of subscribers on my webpage.Please suggest something for that ?

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