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7 Twitter Marketing Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

7 Twitter Marketing Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter marketing mistakesWith emerging social media marketing trend, businesses have come to realize the importance of brand promotion using this large kingdom. Twitter is currently the strongest contender in this big kingdom that accommodates more than 60 million active users. With such an influential presence in social media marketing, it holds deeper interest of online businesses who want to promote their brand using this powerful medium.

Today, every business wants to uplift its brand using this vibrant marketing podium. Luckily for them, Twitter provides myriad of unending opportunities to position their brand that could generate rapid interest of their leads. Despite a versatile tool of business promotion, business still makes horrendous mistakes using this platform that only benefits their competitors.

Let’s unfold 7 of the common mistakes business should avoid while using Twitter for business:

1. Lacking a Strategy to Market Your Brand

For any successful business, a strategy is like a roadmap that sets course of a journey. Similarly, a marketing strategy is imperative for tweeting your business. Without it, you risk your brand fizzling out in the hotchpotch of cut-throat competition. So, when you embark your business on Twitter journey, you first need to keep a strategy in place. In simpler words, you need to have a clarity vision about the goals, plan of action and end results that you expect from your Twitter marketing campaign.

2. Not Measuring Results of Your Twitter Activities

By not measuring results of your Twitter activities, you increase your chances of losing in the competition. Twitter is a hub of zillions of business accounts competing with each other. However, Twitter provides you a more scientific way to streamline your strategy in order to win over your direct competition. By using Twitter metric tools, such as Hootsuite, Twitter Analytics and Tweet Deck, you not only streamline your marketing activities but also get an edge over your competitor who is missing out on this opportunity. With these Twitter metrics tools, you can track engagements, clicks, retweets, favorites and even mentions of your brand which helps you direct your future strategy.

3. Don’t Be Over-promotional With Your Brand

Immoderation kills creativity. Similarly, when start selling your brand aggressively without any real goal; you do not achieve any concrete results. Twitter is a micro-blogging website that offers only 160 characters at a time to sell your brand. If you waste those characters in futile marketing gimmicks, you will eventually hurt your brand value. Remember that Twitter is about raising awareness to your customer base and engaging your leads. To make it a success, you need to be communicative with your audience without blowing your own trumpet. It is about pushing their right emotional buttons that could induce their interest in your brand and ultimately force them to make a purchase.

4. Don’t Indulge In Aggressive Following

Twitter has a universal rule: “Follow to get followed Back” When you are promoting your business on Twitter, you come across a range of people, businesses and personalities from various areas of life. By aggressively following every Twitter user, your brand will lose sight of your genuine leads. To get your brand penetrate into crowd of Twitterati, you need to follow right users who could rapidly take your brand to another relevant group of users. In this chain process, your brand ends up getting attention of your leads. Remember that aggressive following after a point can even get your Twitter account suspended.

5. Don’t Behave Like a Machine

Twitter is a social community which involves interaction of human souls. To be able to make a rapport with them, you first need to come across as a human. Rather than just tweeting about every nitty-gritty details of your brand, you should even talk about things that could emotionally connect you with the person on other side of the screen. In other words, you need to be more colorful with your tweets and also share things that are not directly related to your brand. For example, you can share a recent event in your company, a birthday of an employee or something as trivial as change of color in your work space to give personality to your Twitter profile.

6. Being Inconsistent With Your Tweets

Being inconsistent is the quickest way you can lose followers on Twitter. To avoid facing the music, you need to be regular with your tweets. A rather simpler way to do this is by scheduling your Tweets using TweetDeck, a handy Twitter management tool. By regularly voicing your thoughts, you increase higher level of engagement with your followers and remain in their memory.

7. Not Using Trending Topics

Trending topics offers you a more methodical way to focus their tweets. It empowers you to capitalize on hot topics and trends that have the potency to generate both rapid and massive response. By not using this feature, you increase chances of falling out of sight from your target audience and lagging behind your competition that never miss a chance to tweet on trending topics. So the next time you write a tweet, check out the latest trending topics that are creating ripple effects.

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Christina Matthew is a marketing executive at Groovy Essays and specializes in generating leads through tried and tested marketing strategies. When not strategizing marketing plans, she writes informational blogs on the topics of her liking.

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  • 3 years ago

    sumit   /   Reply

    I am a social media marketing expert and even I have commmitted certain twitter marketing mistakes that you’ve listed herein during project management.

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    wilson davidk   /   Reply

    I am a social media marketing expert and even I have commmitted certain twitter marketing mistakes that you’ve listed herein during project management.

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