7 Ways To Attract Potential Buyers With Your Social Media Marketing Tactics

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When you go to buy a product online, most of times you make a purchase when your family or friends recommend a product which you say a trustworthy buy since your well wishers had already approved that product for you. The word of mouth has been convincing since when social media was not that prevalent. So, to amplify your leads, sales and prospects it is important to understand social media tactics to attract potential buyers.

Here are 7 Ways :

1) Pins On Pinterest:

Pinterest’s 70 million users are the key to increase your referrals since every rich pin allow additional information to be included with a pin. More good and effective if Rich pin for business is product pin which inculcates pricing and information, interested pinners get the notification if the price drops.

2) Facebook Referral Promotions

With the increase in usage of handheld devices, Facebook has gone through some modifications to increase referrals resulting growth from 48.85 % since September and representing 17.41% of all website referrals in November. Facebook referral promotion  is a strategy leveraged by companies to earn referrals. It can be made by offering rewards like a coupon, price, for any user who completes a SignUp process and asks his circle to do the same to earn credits toward a greater reward and this is how chain works, thus the word of mouth helps to realize the profit.

3) Industry Insights On Linkedin

Linkedin is the third-fastest growing social network where 6 out of 10 users are interested in industry insights. Original research and industry wisdom fetches more people and will eventually find people singing about your content. Hence, conversation drives the masses to your websites and locks in loyal visitors. A customer is more likely to use a service when its valuable and worth- investing.

4) Contest And Giveaways Events

Larger Companies have been involved in various contests to get leads from customers in exchange for tickets for a gadget, tablet or devices. Facebook and twitter contests are another ways to create buzz among people.

Case Study: Dove created ‘Real Beauty Should be Shared’ contest where participants shared stories of those who represents real beauty. This assists them to get called for promotion of their products and in exchange winners take away prizes.

5) Updates When In Crisis

Acceptance is always respected. When in crisis, do update your customers.

Case Study: Social media platform Buffer faced a crisis when their system was hacked in October. Users began tweeting about spam and other issues. Buffer responded with support tweet 16 minutes after the complaint. Responses from clients was positive and it helps them gain positive press.When such situations come about, do update customers regarding the problems and measures needed to repair it.

6) Engaging In Social Conversions

Engaging with your audience on social media is a creative move since people involve in such interactions and it creates buzz. Responding to negative comments is warranted, provided strong validity. Companies like Zappos and LifeLock respond to users on their Facebook pages .

7) Identifying Influencers

Tools like Topsy and Followerwonk show most shared tweets and bloggers. Get in touch with these influences and demonstrate how your product can provide value for their followers. Pinbooster allows marketers to analyze their Pinterest campaign, identifying shared pins and pinners.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Very good explanation. But, how far ‘Pinterest’ would be an effective platform to go for social media marketing in India? Does it have the compatible size of audience in India? I’m not sure.


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