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7 Ways To Increase Business Engagement Through SlideShare

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Slideshare LogoIn current market dynamics all organizations vie for a larger pie of the market and try to be better than their competitors. Social media has emerged as one of the most important tools of reaching your target consumers. Generally most of the social media marketers operate and keep their efforts focussed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube. No doubt these are the most widely used social media platforms but marketers in this rush tend to overlook another media platform like Slideshare that has gained prominence recently. SlideShare is a cool social media platform which can be strategically used to promote useful and attractive presentations to get business better visibility among their target market.

Since the numbers of marketers on Slideshare are few as compared to the other mediums thus there is less competition viz-a-vis other social platform. SlideShare, In fact, is one of the major content marketing media left where business as well as individuals can generate engaging content exposure right from day one.

Following are the 7 ways which you can utilize Slideshare to gain more engagement and traction.

1: Drawing in users through well-designed slides

images (1)Audience of this social medium expects high-quality info in the form of presentations and subsequently rewards businesses with more clicks and views. In the current scenario with the plethora of content available all across the World Wide Web the demand for valuable and attractive content is not being met.

SlideShare enjoys the viewership of more than 60 million unique visitors on monthly basis and the same time generates almost 215 million plus page views. With this huge influx of traffic on monthly basis, the real issue of supply and demand is not the paucity of content in fact it’s the lack of useful and well-designed content.

This provides a golden opportunity for both small business owners and individuals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a designer or not, still you can provide the engaging content the audience yearns for.

If you pick a popular subject related to your line of business and you develop an attractive (and useful) presentation to put up on SlideShare, it’s quite likely that you’ll see a few hundred views almost instantly, even if you don’t indulge in promoting your slides.

Slideshare helps you to garner a few hundred more views than a new Facebook, YouTube or Twitter account can provide you with.

2: Helps in improving your ranking with better use of keywords and phrases

images (2)Using keywords and phrases in an efficient and strategic manner can helps you in performing better on Slideshare. All users look and search for information/news related to their requirements, so as a marketer it’s is absolutely essential to understand the requirements and needs of the target users and then making focused efforts so that these viewers find you.

Optimizing one’s slides is not a difficult task but many people tend to miss few basic tweaks that could actually help their content rank higher overall.

One of the most basic and easy change that can be incorporated without much hassle is using your own keyword as the filename. For e.g., when you upload a presentation on Slideshare you need to save it as a PDF, now when you are saving the PPT use the related keyword as the filename.

Another important step is to include your phrase or keyword in the title, description & tags of the presentation. Try to keep your keyword as your presentation’s first tag, this can be followed by closely related tags. SlideShare presentations generally tend to rank well on Google search, this makes keywords pretty important for your content.

3: Appealing to viewers via How-To guides

as-optimize-slideshare-480Visual content is more appealing and is here to stay. This is one of the important reasons for SlideShare being an perfect platform for displaying and consuming visual content.

You learn best when you can see what you are supposed to do. Slideshare, here plays an important role as via slides it’s easy for viewers to watch and learn how to proceed and complete steps. They can move at their convenience jump forward or backward as required.

How-to guides on SlideShare allow brands to keep their users interested. If viewers get tired and bored, they have the freedom to quickly jump forward to that part of the slide that interests them the most.

Brands also have the option to upgrade their SlideShare account. An upgraded version allows you to include videos in your presentation.

4: Grabbing eye-balls with list titles

twitter-lists1Readers have quite an affinity for lists. If you check any popular website, you’ll find many headlines that include a list. This is a tested concept that works quite well. The same holds true for SlideShare as well.

In addition to this, viewers also like to follow closely the influencers in their particular niche and any new change in the form of new influencers.

These are two sure-shot ways of attracting more readers. Consider creating a presentation list for e.g. list of the Top 10 leading digital marketing gurus. You can also consider taking a different track and creating a list of top upcoming talents in the industry.

With the help of these lists brand can lure more readers and at the same time also get known to the people who belong to your industry. There is also a bright chance that these industry experts might share your presentation with their group of followers.

After creation of the list you can follow this by letting know the industry influencers that they have been listed on a blog post or a Slideshare presentation, this can help you further boost your relationship with the influencers.

5: Sharing important and useful Industry Information

B2B-Software-Slideshare-StarsWhite papers are no doubt a good way to keep your readers interested and engaged. But, on the contrary, if your white paper doesn’t carry good and relevant information or is too long, readers don’t consider it as something special and may lose interest.

A better way is to catch readers in the middle with an interesting SlideShare summary. The idea is to create slides including links to relevant portions of the industry white paper so your readers can focus on the areas of their interests.

When you make it easy for viewers to find the information that best pertains to them, they’re more likely to view your presentation and click through to your related content.

6: Posting presentations to LinkedIn

linkedin-slideshareLinkedIn is another social media platform that is fast becoming the top platform for business professionals to educate themselves and get connected with industry-related topics. This is an ideal platform to promote your professional and well designed Slideshare content. The best way to promote your Slideshare content on LinkedIn is to share it as a status update on your personal profile and your company page.

Another way to promote the content is by adding your SlideShare content on your LinkedIn profile’s summary page. You can press “Edit” icon on your profile page, then select the box which has a plus sign adjacent to it and now you can add a link to your slides. Once you have linked your presentation, you now have good chance of standing out from other profiles and more likely to get more readers for your content.

7: Getting featured on the homepage of SlideShare

slideshare-homepage-featuredEvery day, SlideShare selects some presentations to feature on its homepage. Now getting featured on Slideshare’s homepage will automatically ensure lot of additional traffic for your content. Well, it not that hard to get featured on the homepage, you just need to be careful and follow few simple steps. Generally Slideshare’s staff hand-picks presentations that they want to put on their homepage. Though there is no way to trick the system. Following are few ways that can get you featured on the homepage:


  • Write an engaging and powerful headline
  • Creating an attractive cover slide to draw in your readers
  • Use well designed slides.
  • Keep us engaged, make your deck so captivating the reader effortlessly clicks through to the end.
  • Communicating your message fully.
  • Tackle related news or a topic that is trending.
  • Be trend setting(design, style, content), be an influencers for others.

Keep these in mind and try to put up new and engaging content early in the day as this will give your content time to be seen by the audience and also the Slideshare’s editors.

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