7 Ways to Optimizing Digital Assets to Boost Ranking

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SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking holds a very important place for any website when it comes to visibility. The reason why you want to get first page rankings is that you want to be visible to those who are in need of similar groups of product/service. Digital Asset optimization popularly referred as DAO was coined by Lee Odden to refer all marketing content optimization for digital viewing.

When anyone searches for any product/brand/service on search engines, the result that is shown on the very first page attracts the major traffic of the search engines. Most of the time the visitors rely and believe that the information that are shown as the result on the first page are the most authentic ones.

Being on the first page indicates that the website is considered as one of the best for a particular keyword. And that’s what you should aim for – to be the best. Providing what your intended audience is looking for will go a long way and will certainly boost your chances of grabbing the number 1 ranking on Search Engine like Google.

To boost ranking SEO is practiced aggressively by the owners of the websites. SEO is a set of rules that can be followed by website owners to optimize their websites for search engines and thus improve their search engine rankings.

Today the information that are gathered through search engines are achieved through various categories of results such as images, news, videos, local placements, knowledge graph etc. All these are categories that are visible under the search results and are termed as “Digital Assets”.

Digital Asset optimization refers to the practice of taking inventory of a company’s marketable, digital assets and implementing a process for keyword optimization and promotion to relevant channels.

As described by Facebook Note: “the holistic optimization of your online content – from videos and images to regular text and PDFs. Everything, from optimized file names to meta tags, is an important part of Digital Asset optimization. Targeted alt text for images, clear descriptions of video and audio files, and specific widget titles all influence the search engines.”

In general terms Digital Asset optimization is done to effectively optimize and promote the company/product/services in all the categories available on the search engine result pages in order to bring out a favourable result.

In contrast to the general practices of SEO, under Digital Asset Optimization, each and every category of the website is optimized through which the information is passed on to the visitors of the websites. It includes analysing all the contents that are used in combination within all these categories for effective delivery of information. When the content that are designed effectively to match with the search query are relevant to the search engines for showing the exact results, it helps in boosting up the ranking of the said web page or the website.

7 ways to optimize Digital Assets

1) Image

Images are one of the most effective mode of communications. It speaks on its own. But Search engines cannot read images the way we perceive them. In order to make them understand the images it is important to achieve effectiveness in following ways:

  • Set alt and title attributes
  • Choose the best image format
  • Match image dimensions to the available space
  • Make the image fast to download
  • Create XML sitemap for the images on website
  • Embed image within the quality content

It is essential to recognize the potential of optimizing the image, as it will result in effective lead generation from the traffic derived through search.

2) News


Low quality news related contents are not the ones that will give the desired result   for drawing traffic. The contents designed for the search engines should be well written and be news worthy so that it gets selected to be published.

Effective way to optimize such news are:

  • Use of relevant keywords and titles
  • Attach images and videos that relates to the content of the news
  • Never put such contents in news those are unsubstantial. Google sees these as spam and may penalise also. The content should be natural in nature.
  • Always share the news on social media for better reach

3) Blog Post

It is very essential to understand the importance of business blogging. Blogging is mainly done to educate and engage the visitors with your offerings. But, in order to effectively engage the visitors to the information on the blog, it should be relevant and must carry the content that the visitors exactly wants to see.

Key tips to practice in order to make the blogs search engine friendly and get it noticed

  • Research well to provide effective information through blog
  • Use keywords to match with the content within the blog
  • optimize relevant images
  • Extend subscription option to users for the blog
  • Choose suitable social media to broaden the reach of the blog

4) Videos and Presentations


Videos and Visual presentation are fast, convenient and efficient way to engage your audience, and deliver the message effectively. Using video for presentation improves the audience experience. Videos are often used to deliver the information in compact manner and it triggers the response more effectively compared to other channels, as they are  more responsive in nature.

Content in the videos should be relevant to the information in order to trigger the desired responses.

  • Use target terms in the page’s metadata
  • Video title, caption, and file name
  • Put the video on YouTube and the other top video sites
  • Use target terms in the title, tags, descriptions, file name
  • Add a link to a target page
  • Make sure that the video is having a sharp audio quality

5) PDFs

PDF (Portable Document Format) optimization is not a complicated task. optimizing PDFs improves the visibility of the content of your website. PDFs are a good way to publish content, it carries some effective features like high-quality, ‘lockability’ and consistency. Nevertheless, if they are misused, they can prevent search engines from indexing them. Thus, methods of PDF optimization have been created, in order to prevent such things like wasting content.

By and large, optimization for PDFs is similar to the optimization of a regular content page, thus all the rules involved are more or less the same

  • Define PDF titles to be better crawled by the spiders
  • Create text based PDFs
  • Concentrate on PDF size
  • PDFs should be responsive for fast reading

6) Facebook Business Pages


Social Media plays a very vital role in building up the image for any business. Today product and services specific pages are designed to reach to the target customers and effectively convert conversions through such pages.

Facebook Business Pages these days are referred as the extension of the “Home page of the website” that plays a vital role in attracting the leads for your business online. Ways to optimize social pages

  • Choose the product/service relevant name
  • Connect the URLs that are authentic to product/service
  • Create effective and well altered content for the page
  • Include phone number and address to the page
  • Include CTA like – Sign Up, Book Now, Use App, Free Trial

7) XML sitemap

XML sitemap is a file that lists all important pages of your website that search engine crawlers should know about. having a sitemap makes their job easier and also it gives the opportunity to let them know about pages and parts of the website that may not be discovered easily.

For effective optimization of sitemaps there are some guideline to follow

  • Include important pages of website in the sitemapEx
  • Exclude pages with duplicate content
  • Submit separate sitemap for images and videos
  • Include URLs that can be accessed by Google
  • Add sitemap in robots.txt
  • Include the last modification date for the XML sitemap. This is useful in cases where you want Google to re-index some pages of your website.

Digital Asset optimization is nothing but just the new approach of SEO practices. It concentrates on optimizing each and every category of the website that carries the information within the website.

Digital Asset optimization also has distinctive traffic building opportunities with each type of media that is optimized. Digital Asset optimization strategy identifies content in all its forms, formats and intentions and applies filters to qualify what is most promotable.

Web sites with substantial varieties and quantities of content types gain great advantage by leveraging digital assets. The challenge is organising a complex process that extends far beyond optimizing web pages to content produced in various areas of an organisation.

Digital Asset optimization is a process that has the ability to boost the ranking of website in search results — leading to increased traffic, sales, customer engagement and overall growth.

Image Courtesy: pixabay.com

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