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8 Best Adsense Ready Themes To Increase Your Blogging Revenue

8 Best Adsense Ready Themes To Increase Your Blogging Revenue


Blogging is turning out to be a great money source. Once you have established a niche, you can monetize your blog by getting Adsense approval from Google. Once you follow the approval guidelines you will be halfway through your journey.

The rest of your journey requires that you have the right blogging WordPress theme. The following are some of the best WordPress optimized and Adsense blogging themes:

  • Bimber

Once you have the niche to blog in and the right content, you can use Bimber for your blog to go viral. This Adsense ready blogging theme has a great layout at the front page that is customizable. 

It also includes social media integration features that will increase traffic to your page. SEO optimization, integration with mailing services and easy insertion of adverts will increase your online presence and revenue.

  • Soledad

With more than 250 options for customization, Soledad Adsense optimized theme will be suitable for your content and header styles. Fonts, layouts, formats and updates are what you need to boost your blog. You can add pages and ads, fast generating more revenue.

  • MoneyFlow

With a number of monetization options, MoneyFlow will give you the opportunity to generate more money through blogs and online shops. It has an e-commerce feature, WooCommerce that will facilitate money making through product sale.

The loading speed of this theme is high thus attractive for use besides the easy customization options.

  • Extra

As one of the most recent additions to Adsense ready themes, extra has features and builders for different layouts that will increase blogging revenues to corporates, magazines and professional portfolios.

It also has a search field for trending news/ items and social media links. Sliders and different header styles will make your website very effective in keeping visitors to your page. The layouts make it possible to spread quality content with keywords that increase your ranking on SERPs.

  • SteadyIncome

You can earn more money from your blog by having SteadyIncome as your Adsense ready WordPress theme. The subscription tool that comes with the theme will increase your income as well as the responsive design and an optimized presence.

Sliders for partner logos, social media icons, product displays and newsletter subscriptions improve interactions with visitors and eventually, you will have a high income from the high subscription fees especially if you have an Adsense code.

  • Sahifa

As an Adsense ready and fully supported RTL WordPress theme, Sahifa can help in boosting your blog’s online presence throughout the world.  It has a retina ready status and a responsive design that is appealing to most visitors.

There is an impressive number of theme appearances that can be customized for your blogs from the admin panel.

  • WordX

This is every blogger’s friend with Adsense optimization and the capability to publish content in an easy and appealing manner. Social media integration and responsiveness will increase mentions of your blog.

  • Insider

Your personal blogs news website or magazines can benefit from this Adsense optimized WordPress theme. It is user-friendly because of its responsiveness and offers the best experiences to used.

In conclusion, monetizing your blog is a few clicks away. Any of these Google Adsense optimized and ready themes will generate income in your blogging niche continuously. Essentially, every blogger should have one.

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