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8 Big Mistakes In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Social Media Marketing seems to be a magical word nowadays. Business owners get to read, talk and research about the effects and results given by strategic presence on social media in particular domains. No doubt it’s a powerful medium. There is double growth in active users, yearly and the medium seems to give you better targeting parameters ensuring that you hit ‘an audience of one – that one!’ at any given point of time. While many businesses are unable to get the desired results. Why? Furthermore businesses, knowingly or unknowingly,commit mistakes when it comes to Social Media Marketing strategy. Here are a few things to be kept in mind before arriving and implementing a strategy to plan your social media marketing:

Social media marketing Mistake #1 – Taking the medium lightly

Whether you are a new entrant or an old dog in the field of social media marketing, one often makes the mistake of taking the medium lightly. Just because the medium is easy to adapt it does not mean that having a strategic presence is easy. Infact its vice versa. Considering the entry barrier to establish a good social media presence is easy, its difficult to get it right. Dead pages, irregularly updated content on company pages are proof to such an attitude. Such social media marketing tactics harm the brand more than good.

Social media marketing Mistake #2No training imparted to members on business (products, services and models)

While there are several internal members, teams, consultants, professionals and agencies to partner, assist, consult, train and implement Social Media Marketing strategy for any business must understand that they are a third party. Business owners and brands should train the members first who are working on their social media marketing strategy and planning. Just because they are professionals in social media marketing does not mean they can marry their experience with the domain expertise of the business. The better trained they are on a business domain, the better the content is crafted to ensure reach and engagement among target audience on social media platforms.

Social media marketing Mistake #3Working in isolation

Many business owners, especially of SE’s and SME’s make the mistake of utilizing social media marketing as a stand alone activity of marketing. This could sometimes  harm the brand by confusing the audience as they see two different images of the same brand in the offline and digital media. Social media marketing must be considered as another channel under marketing and must be aligned to the overall marketing strategy.

Social media marketing Mistake #4Not understanding the medium/s

Different social media platforms cater to different sets of audience.India is the second largest user base on Facebook; while LinkedIn happens to be one of the top five social networking sites in India and Pinterest has 80% of its active members to be women. Therefore, it is not a necessity to follow these social media platforms for social marketing either.  One should understand what the platforms offers,  your audience reach on social media,  how these platforms can help you achieve your goals and accordingly weave a social media marketing strategy. Every brand has its own set of USP’s and thus, its own set of audience.

Social media marketing Mistake #5Being insensitive

Social media marketing is all about how dynamic the content is. While the medium gives you the opportunity to be spontaneous and on the go, the medium also demands you to be real. One should understand your audience and  their backgrounds and environment. Be sensitive to their feelings. For instance,when Andhra Pradesh was being divided and most geographical areas were tense and in flames, we still noticed  a couple of brands talking about their exciting offers of the day and their discount coupons and vouchers. Being insensitive to your audience could have a negative impact and has greater chances of this insensitivity being highlighted and going viral on social media.

Social media marketing Mistake #6Not using content in a suitable manner

Each social media platform has its own content specialties. For example, Twitter includes hash-tags (now used by Facebook too). YouTube is exclusively for videos, Slide share is exclusively for creating slides and presentations and Skype for making calls in any part of the world. These are the strengths of this medium. Copy pasting content (creative and text) from one social media platform to another is not the best social media marketing strategy. Making slides into a continuous visual and presenting it on YouTube, screenshots of videos converted to photos are some of the disastrous examples of content marketing techniques. There are specific social mediums catering to specific content and should be used accordingly.

Social media marketing Mistake #7Not spending enough Time, Money and Efforts

Gone are the days when Social Media Marketing was a 15 minute job. And now, its is a continuous process. The one mistake that most businesses commit is spending less time, effort and money on social media marketing. If any of the  above mentioned is deficient, the results will never be upto the mark. While social media does give an opportunity to test waters with lower budget, always  remember that for every action, there is an equal reaction! Lower / Higher the time, efforts, the money spent, lower / higher the results respectively. Social media marketing Mistake #8Not Measuring efforts A social media marketing strategy is incomplete without accurate measurement, especially, if the parameters of measurement are not aligned to your objectives.  A great strategy, plan and execution are only job half done. The social media marketing strategy is a success only when the results are measured, data collected, checked for positive results and considered as inputs to better social media marketing strategy.

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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Please note that the plural of Medium is Media. If possible correct the word here “Not understanding the medium/s”. Being in social media, we need to take extra care of our texts. Also see # 3. “This could sometimes harm the brand by confusing the audience as they see two different images of the same brand in the offline and digital media”. What do you want to mean? Its not desirable to judge that online and offline campaigns will confuse people. We need to integrate them.

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