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8 Essentials To Make Your Content More Engaging

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Do you remember the email you received the other day that spoke about some promotion somewhere? I bet you don’t! We are surrounded with content from brands all the time, making it a challenge to get the readers attention let alone getting him to remember the brand. Here are a few essentials that you cannot miss for clutter breaking and useful content.

1. Relevance

The most important factor to be considered is WHO we are talking to. Their preferences, likes, dislikes, interests, etc. have to be taken into account to come up with the kind of content they would have fun read. If you are not being relevant they will lose interest as lot of other brand just like you, who are trying to get their attention all the time. So if I am brewery, I am surely going to talk about beer. But how can I make it interesting and unique for my audience everytime that’s the challenge! So I can keep it interesting by having monthly themes like January can be Beesorty – Beer history month, February can be based on beer and your personality.

2. Structure

The structure of the EDM needs to be apt and appealing. The subject line is the first impression of your content and hence needs to be catchy enough make them open it. The fact that it will not be read but merely glanced through should be considered before designing. All elements should be strategically placed.

3. Story

We all love stories and are naturally drawn to them. When your content narrates a story, it will click instantly. It need not be long or detailed but should simple and understandable without much of an effort.

4. Simplicity

The content should be simple and crisp. The language should be grammatically correct and the words used should not be complex. This will not distract the reader in any way, helping him understand and remember the message we want to convey.

5. Images/ Graphic

A graphical representation of thoughts or atleast an image that represents the message of your content should be used. It is far more pleasing for the reader that way. It keeps monotony away and engages the reader. Someone said, “A picture is worth thousand words…!” remember?

6. Value

Adding value is very important. If your content does not enrich the reader in any way, it is useless to him. Adding value does not mean anything out of the world but even if it brings a smile to his face, he will remember message. This will eventually lead to brand engagement.

7. Placing The Links Right

My content is excellent and my reader likes it… does it end here? No… this is just the beginning! We want him to engage with us on all the platforms, read about us and eventually talk about us. So if that is our aim, we have to make sure that the links for the website, Facebook page, blog, etc. are right where the reader cannot miss it.

8. Have fun

Most importantly, have fun while writing or developing the content. While you know your content means serious business to you, you also need to know that if you don’t have fun creating it the readers won’t enjoy reading it!

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    • 4 years ago

      Sanhita Dasgupta   /   Reply

      Great tips! Although a image or a graphical representation of the write-up could have been wonderful! 🙂

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