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8 Inbound Marketing Tips To Capture Leads On Mobile

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Mobile industry is growing fast. Mobile technology is the first mass communication medium which relays messages directly to the individuals where ever they are. It helps to build long-term customer relationship. Marketers can receive immediate feedback from their prospect. It leads to valuable two-way communication between marketer and prospect. Daily new apps are coming in market. Over a millions apps available today in market. It is difficult for apps developer to stand in such a big competition. There are various paid channels available in market to boost download. Instead of spending money at the initial stage, marketing expert suggest to follow certain inbound marketing tips to launch mobile app and generate leads. Inbound marketing expert recommend to share useful and relevant information about product with target audience. It is one of the best way to create interest and awareness about product. There are top 8 inbound marketing tips to capture leads on mobile.

Tip 1 – Set up on social media

Social media is the best platform to connect with people. One can easily share any information with friends,prospects or customers using these sites. Facebook  and twitter are famous social media sites. One can smartly use these sites to generate leads on mobile. Here are few tips

  • Create a Facebook page for  app
  • Discuss about app features and capabilities
  • Highlight app uses
  • Tweet regularly about app

It has become a new trend for Facebook user to constantly update their status via smartphone or other devices. This is the huge opportunity for mobile marketer  to build customer database and create brand awareness about product.

Tip 2 – Talk with friends

Inbound marketing is the process of finding right data/product for right customer. It is not just online activity. Expert suggests apps developer to share apps information with friends. At the beginning of apps development talk with friends.Listen their reviews. Involve them in testing process. Let them play actually with apps. This will helpful for product launch and to get early adopters.

Tip 3 – Create a core destination to house content and marketing efforts

It is important for developer to take ownership of apps presence on the web. It means choosing a core destination and investing in it. There are few guidelines for developer to create core destination. If business website is already there then make a different section for mobile apps on it. If developer wants to app become standalone brand then go get the space and begin making it out unique. Developer can simply take application name and include “get” as a prefix or “app” as a postfix.

Tip 4 – Start creating content

Content is not just writing  blog and making new material.Create content which is relevant to app. Say for example app is about kids math skill development. Then write about it only. Sharing of unique information and resources with target people relevant to app is very important. Inbound marketing strategy is to create a reason for people to come find product and engage with it. Content is in any form. It can be in the form of words or in the form of video. People love short videos. Also it capture attention quickly. So it is advisable to create informative videos which shares valuable information with target audience. For example create video about ” uses of app”,”how to install app” etc.

Tip 5 – Share your data and experiences

Sharing is always great. It is good to monitor data and apps performance. Developer should always share their performances and unique experiences with others. This will help others to learn lesson. This is a big opportunity for developer as well to attract attention and links from other developers. Through this developer can easily analyse achievements and failures which can be avoided in future.

Tip 6 -Listen to early customers for feedback

It is already studied by developer  that for whom he is going to design app and why. After launching app developer must judge few things. Such as

  • Things that are right.(fulfilled customer’s expectation)
  • Things that are missed(not as expected)
  • Things which can be improved

The best way to do it by listening with customers and engaging with them. Customer’s feedback is the real asset for developer If the feedback process is easy customers become trusted advisers and advocate.

Tip 7- Ask the right people for rating

While downloading any new app people first check overall rating and latest reviews. The majority of app downloads occur after someone has viewed app’s page in the app store. Their attention is focused on the rating and reviews section. When it comes inbound marketing in the app store  developer must pay attention towards what people are saying about app. Good rating and review creates good impression but bad review and bad rating turn people off. Developer should care about few things.

  • Don’t ask everyone for rating.
  • First try to understand what people think about app.
  • Try to understand customer’s sentiment before asking review in the app store.
  • Segment customers and guide only those customers who are happy with app.
  • Try to understand why other customers are not satisfied. Try to communicate with them.
  • List out the things which can be improved

 Tip 8 – Get involved in the relevant communities

While developing app developer learns many new things. It is good to share knowledge with the people having same interest. There are few important tips for developer.

  •  Join relevant forum or group
  • Share app development experience
  • Share knowledge regarding technical as well as subject specific to app
  • Spend 30 minutes for research on the web
  • Be a part of conversation with a relevant people
  • Add value with advice, respect and the benefits will occur over time to  app
  • Be frank to discuss failures

This is the best way to learn new things from others experience and knowledge.

Along with these 8 tips one should keep in mind that app installation steps must be easy. Make sure to use right links for downloading app wherever it present. It is good to track all those links. There are certain tools available in market to track the links for social sharing. For example

  • inbound-marketing

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