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8 LinkedIn Secrets That Must Be Known For Greater Advantages

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Social media has become an indispensable platform in the modern day world where everybody likes to be active on at least one platform to build up his social network and stay connected with his friends always. LinkedIn is a social networking site, but with a twist i.e. it is meant for the people who are looking forward to create professional network and give their career an edge over their competitors in the field. This blog discusses 8 hidden facts about LinkedIn that will surely make you laugh in surprise, but also motivate you at the same time to use it in a better way.
To leverage the wonderful platform called LinkedIn use the following tips and make the journey interesting as well as productive. Here we go!

1) Being Opportunistic Is Good

It is advisable to be opportunistic while using LinkedIn. Yes! Be a part of those groups which will open up the doors for the right kind of audience to interact with you who are not yet your contacts. Why to waste money and upgrade yourself to the premium category to reach the target audience when it is possible to do so at zero cost? Once you are a part of the right groups, you can send invitations to the target audience about the relevant events or to be a part of your network.

2) Sometimes Being Ungrateful Is Ok

You can choose the endorsements that you wish to flaunt and ignore the ones that do not appeal you. Elicit the endorsements from the people you know and increase the number of endorsements so as to increase the online image of the company. The more the recommendations the higher will be the positive impact, but only if it is genuine.

3) Recycle And Reuse

There is no need to generate original content all the time in case of LinkedIn. The available content can be recycled for the purpose and reused to send the message across. Content must be converted in different forms so as to keep it lively and engaging. A message sent in different forms not just helps in updating the audience about a particular thing, but also helps the brand to build a positive social image. There is a point of caution here. Though it is fine to use available content, but it is necessary that it is relevant and creatively presented & is not just copy pasted from a source. It is easier to develop brand image consistency on LinkedIn than any other social media platform as the messages are reinforced with frequent modifications and/or publications.

4) Do Not Disturb Your Contacts

This means that there is a necessity to be professional on this network meant for professional purposes. For example, when you are editing the information regarding the recent job change or promotion and you are still not finished with the changes, it is preferable to switch to the privacy setting where it is only you who can see the changed stuff and there are no alerts to the contacts. An alert communicating about each and every small change in the company’s profile can actually irritate the receivers as they find it unprofessional and unsophisticated. It is necessary that the company is updating the necessary changes, but in a professional way without disturbing the target audience with frequent emails on the same. Therefore, the next time you head to make the changes, first go to the privacy settings and adjust the same so as to control the broadcasting of the changes.

5) Socialise More Via Groups

It is good to join more and more groups, but only when they are relevant and serve a good purpose for the organisation. The audience learns a lot from the type of groups you join as they judge you from all the information that is provided online. The groups should be a resemblance of your identity and it can be used as tool to cleverly communicate about the aspirations and the goals of the company in a subtle way. The groups must be chosen carefully according to the industry, social causes and the image the brand wants to set-up. The groups are a good way to interact with the people who are interested in the brand just because they share a common set of values.

6) Air Your Opinion

It is good to air the brand’s opinion or viewpoint in the summary section or in the group communication so as to make the audience aware about the same. This helps in building a positive image of the brand as the readers who relate with the brand philosophy can actually form a picture that they can easily relate with. This clear cut opinion on an issue helps a brand to separate itself from the rest and emerge as a thought leader in the industry in some time.

7) Make Your LinkedIn Profile Public

The design of a business card needs to be upgraded in this world of social networking sites. An easy way to communicate about the LinkedIn presence of the brand is to develop a QR code for the same and get it printed on the card. This will come in handy when a business professional goes to attend social event where people want to know about the brand without posing the basic questions. The readers with the smart phones can simply scan the QR code and get an access to the LinkedIn profile. A square is worth mentioning on the card!

8) Score High

The number of connections on LinkedIn must be more than 500 so as to create a positive psychological impact on the viewers who visit the company’s profile. The readers judge the strength of the company by the number of connections it has. But it doesn’t mean that the fake connections will also do the trick. The connections must be genuine to create the right kind of effect for the brand image via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a widely used social networking site that is not yet fully leveraged. Hope the above secret tips about LinkedIn will help you chalk out the way forward and ensure higher returns on the investment made in this network.

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