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8 Must Follow Google Analytics Tips To Understand The Data Better

8 Must Follow Google Analytics Tips To Understand The Data Better

You are running a business online and have a huge data to manage and obtain meaningful results from. There are many tools that have come up in the market to solve this problem but why to waste money when Google is generous enough to provide effective tools such as Google analytics that is available easily and free of cost. It is not a tool to be sniffed at as it has proved to highly useful for small businesses with nearly 90% businesses opting for it to measure the web data accurately. Learn the skills of using it right and set the stage for quick business growth. Read on to get an answer to all your questions regarding Google analytics. This blog discusses 8 different ways in which Google Analytics can be helpful and do not let you falter at any stage.

1) Clear goals are necessary

The first thing to do is to know what you want from the website visitors. Is it something as simple as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a pdf or watch a video and so on. With clear goals emerge clear actions that result in meaningful data and detailed analysis of the same for the fulfilment of the business purposes. It is easier to gauge the number of leads and/or conversions that emerged from a particular route you included in the website. So, do not blame web analytics for not giving the right kind of results but set a clear goal and implement it on priority.

2) Know how the visitors reach you

There are branded as well as non-branded traffic that becomes the source of the leads. It is not difficult to find out how the visitors found the company when it is using non-branded ad words with the help of Google analytics. Google analytics can help you find out the traffic source so that you can save your money that was otherwise invested in using the expensive keywords for the PC campaign. Search engine optimisation can be done at a much lower costs with web analytics tools that analyse the data and pave the way for finding good solutions for the same.

3) Dashboard is necessary

The data obtained through Google Analytics tool is large enough and it is not an easy task to manage it all without a proper platform where it is displayed in a comprehensible manner. A dashboard is the answer for the problem of not being able to manage the data effectively. It manages the data well and not only shows the source of web traffic but also gives the data on the keywords that are used by the visitors to reach a company’s website. The referring websites also come in the ambit of Google analytics. If it is desired to understand the results obtained from a recently launched campaign, set up a dedicated dashboard for the same.

4) Be present on social media

It is not just necessary to be present on social media but also track the campaigns on the same. Google analytics can be set up to know the most fruitful social media campaign and the account that is bringing in the maximum leads. Social media is complex and until and unless there is some handy and meaningful information, you cannot optimise the same.

5) Track the campaigns for better results

Say you have launched multiple campaigns viz. email marketing, mobile marketing or PPC campaign on different platforms. The first step to increase the return on investment is to know what type of audience is responding to the campaigns and how are they interacting with the brand. Google analytics is the tool that can be set up at the website and used to extract the necessary information. Just use a URL for the campaign and let the tool guide you further to know the results obtained from the campaign.

6) Website visitors’ behaviour understood better

When a visitor comes to a company’s website it is to fulfil an agenda. A clear analysis of the website visitors’ behaviour is very helpful and a prerequisite for designing the future marketing strategy. The keywords that the visitor is entering into the search bar and the pages he is surfing are all determined by the Google Analytics for the good. A web analytic tool is mandatory to understand the mindset of the web visitor and formulate the strategy to interact in a more fruitful manner.

7) Track all domains without fail

Google analytics will serve the purpose well only if each and every online activity is tracked appropriately. The content may be floating on various platforms and hence it is essential to track it all to understand the diverse nature of the people interacting with it. The only thing that must be remembered is that there must be unique tracking code designed for the purpose and the parties involved are using it for sure. The third party websites, blogs on social media or any other platform or your own website that invites visitors can be tracked accurately with the tools like Google Analytics. The number of visitors that come in and the percentage that is converted into leads and the final sales data are all relevant when we talk of Google Analytics.

8) Track the video usage

Nowadays, the businesses are using videos to interact with the potential customers in a lively way. Google Analytics makes it easy to know how many times the video has been watched or how interactive it proved to be with the users. The number of times the pause and play buttons are played are all recording by the tool. It also shows the time spent on the video and lets the company understand the success level with the video. It can make the necessary changes in the same and use it further to get more and more leads.

One bonus tip to leverage Google analytics is to not include the time spend by the company and its team on the website as the tool will include it if it is not altered that way.


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