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8 Search Engine Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business With PPC Campaign

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PPC Campaign is a dynamic tool to improve your business. It helps to increase the volume of sales and also helps to build brand awareness. In order to attain desired results from the PPC campaign one can  use the below mentioned tips:

1. SET YOUR GOAL: One has to be clear about the purpose of launching PPC campaign. The goal of PPC campaign can be to generate more traffic or it can be to generate leads which can help in further process of sales. As for example names and phone numbers of people interested in buying insurance, company can call them and take personal appointments. PPC campaign can be aimed to  to do online sales of the product. Or it might intend to increase brand awareness, in this case the idea is to bring brand into notice. As for example, a tea brand carries a social survey on youth employment opportunities, here it does not intend to sell Tea online but just to increase his brand awareness.

2DO KEYWORD RESEARCH: Keyword research requires the business to relate to its customer. One needs to learn how the user thinks, terms or language he or she will use to search for your product or service. Here the best strategy would be to choose more of  long tail keywords over  broad keywords. Reason being that the customer might not be aware of your brand but has specifications of his requirement. One good way of making long tail keywords is to think about the problem customer has and how your product or service provides the perfect solution. Example: A baby product company can use long tail keywords like baby skin care in summers, how to protect baby from sun rays in summers.

3. CREATE ATTRACTIVE AD COPIES: For a successful PPC campaign the ad copies must be very attractive. It should give a reason to the user to click, it should have a message for the user to act. Headline plays a very important role. Headline  should be informative and one needs to feature the biggest benefit of the product or service in the headlines.

4. BID FOR A SMART AD POSITION: The first position on the page costs the most and it has been observed that it becomes more costly as it attracts lots of junk clicks. Whereas third or fourth position on the page is optimal, as it mostly attracts a genuine searcher.

5. RE-MARKETING: Its important that your brand is on top of the mind of the user. For this remarketing does the trick. Follow your target audience, show ads to the users who have previously visited you site and show them on major sites they might visit. This definitely improves the ROI of the business.

6. ADD A LOCAL FEEL TO YOUR AD: Firstly, it is important  that your add appears only in the geography where you cater services  otherwise it unnecessarily increases the cost per click. Secondly, one needs to localize the ads. As for example, if one buys a mobile phone online  through a website of the mobile manufacturer, the user feels more confident to buy a product if the website displays the contact number of customer care desk and sales office of the city in which he lives. Another way of localizing the ad is by adding a touch of local customs of the place,may be by greeting the visitors in his local language.

7. OPTIMIZE YOUR PPC CAMPAIGN REGULARLY: One needs to regularly do split tests on the ads and keywords. Track the performance of different ad copies and keywords through Google analytic reports. Keep on updating new information on the website, introduce new offers, constantly improve the ads. It is also important to keep a track on the competitors  ads.

8. FOLLOW THE RULES: The  Google Adwords has  a set of rules; like the quality of content, the freshness of the page, the relevance of the landing pages to the ads. The experience of the user holds lots of importance, reviews submitted by the visitors are analysed by the Google Adwords and hence the positioning of the ad gets affected by all these and many other factors. So to be on the top one needs to follow the rule book.

PPC campaign is a great way to develop the business. All it needs is a careful strategy before lunching of a campaign and also a regular follow up.

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