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8 SEO Tips To Boost The Website Ranking Online

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download (50)Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important digital marketing strategy and should be done with a clear plan of incorporating quality rather than randomly using all tips and tricks to fool the search engine algorithms. SEO not only improves the search engine rankings but also improves the usability and accessibility of the website for the potential customers as well as search engine crawlers. Attracting potential customers to your website is very challenging due to the cut throat competition online. If you are looking to boost your website ranking online then the following 8 SEO tips are highly recommended for you.

1. Incredible and attractive contentquality content

SEO without incredible content is like a Zoo without lions, boring! Content is king after all and more so in the digital media. Not just content, but incredible content is what will win you the top website ranking online. Even after implementing the best SEO practices, only good quality content will win you customers in the long run. Bad quality content will not get you the visibility that you require to boost the rankings. With good quality content, readers will get some attractive content to read, appreciate and share in their social network. It will eventually get noticed by the search engines. Therefore content should be informative, well written and free from an overload of meaning less keywords and phrases.

2. Establish a comfortable niche for SEO

Choosing a generalist topic and subject content for the website or blog will serve no purpose, but will only make your marketing work difficult. Generalist websites face tough competition from established and seasoned websites. Therefore it is necessary to determine your niche subject areas which can help you to identify your target audience and also deal with your competitors effectively. Discovering the niche and developing it further by writing authoritative articles on the subject will help increase credibility and build a loyal and dedicated fan base. Thorough keyword research for your niche is important to cater to the targeted audience and make your articles rank higher in the search results for your niche.

3. Keyword research

Many seasoned digital marketing experts have experienced the dangers of stuffing keywords in their content, but ignoring keywords altogether is not a good way out of this predicament. Keywords are still vital for SEO and also for boosting ranking of your website. Carefully research your keywords, prepare detailed lists of commonly used keywords and phrases in your niche domain by using various tools available online. After shortlisting the most effective keywords, use them strategically in the content, like headlines, sub headers, tags, Meta tags, etc. Ensure that the text flow is natural and not full of keywords in an unnatural way.

images (23)4. Tag and Meta tag descriptions

Create concise, informative and creative Meta descriptions for your blog or webpage and use relevant keywords. Strictly adhere to the word limit of 150-160 characters. Meta descriptions help in attracting users to the webpage. Create title tags of less than 70 characters for all important webpages of the website. They should contain concise information about the webpage and should contain the keywords of that page in a reader friendly format.

5. Internal links for SEO

Use this effective on site SEO technique to boost your rankings. Create organized, detailed and deep link structure for your website for maximum SEO. Try to connect maximum pages internally in a hierarchical or web like method for in-page text based hyperlinks. It is extremely important to connect internal pages with the homepage to make navigation easier for the visitors. Sitemaps are also an effective internal linking technique and should be used for making indexing easier for the search engine spiders.

6. External links for SEOdownload (51)

Encourage creation of backlinks to your website from other sites with relevant content. Do not get caught up in the black hat strategies, instead take more time to build backlinks yourself. Post links on social media, invite guests for posting on your site, and post informative comment on other websites to build a network of backlinks. Building external links is a long term strategy but slow and steady wins the race in the end and helps boost your website’s ranking online.

7. Social media

Utilize social media for sharing links and posting content relevant to target audiences. Insert social media share buttons on all the important webpages prominently and encourage readers to share and comment as much as possible. Also engage with your readers frequently and build a loyal reader base. Social media sharing is also an effective way to garner more backlinks for your website.

8. Avoid images as text and Flash

Avoid using images as text as these images are not readable by search engines spiders. Stick to text based content for your webpages and use codes like CSS for the purpose. Search engine spiders also cannot recognize flash content and those parts of your website cannot be indexed and can remain blank. So for good SEO avoid Flash and content text in the form of images.

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