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8 SEO Tips To Rank Your Video High On Google For Sure

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Video Marketing is one of the best way to promote business. It speaks louder than any website. According to studies, ranking a video is 20% faster and easier and has a wider reach than a website. If you want to boost business revenue then it is necessary to  spice up the content with videos. Given below are 8 SEO tips to rank a video high on Google:-


1. Catchy Title

Title is very important as it is the first thing that audience sees. Try to make a catchy title for the video. Use relevant keywords at the beginning of the title.

title_and_description-12. Punch The Description

Description is the place where a good content attracts the audience. Use relevant keywords only. Avoid keyword stuffing as it affects the video negatively. Always include the video URL  and a short brief about the video in the beginning of the description

3. Host The Videos On YouTube

There are many platforms where one can post videos, like YouTube, Dalimotion, Vimeo, Oodle, Viddler, Vodpod etc. Among all, You Tube is the second most popular hosting search engine. It acts like social media as one can write comments and subscribe for the channel on YouTube.

4. Video Embedding In Website

It is the best way to rank in Google as well as in YouTube. Website’s homepage should support the embedded video. This, in turn gives higher ranking to the website as video views received are directed to the landing page.

5. Sitemaps and Schema

If one wants to be searched by Google, then an XML sitemaps should be created for the video. Use sitemap generators and Google Webmaster Tools for creating sitemaps. It will help Google to search the video easily and to index it properly.


Also use to provide additional information for Search Engines.

6. Share It

2Install social sharing widgets as it will help audience to share on different platforms. Audience will definitely share if they find the video good. The most popular social sharing widgets are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Also, sharing videos on social media platforms will  help fetch comments, likes, and retweets. This will give the business a boost in video ranking.

7. Include A Transcript

Never forget to include transcript for every video. The benefit of having transcript is having a proper content and relevant keywords. Also, try to use YouTube Caption as it generates transcripts automatically.

8. Authority Playlist

Create a playlist. The benefits of creating a playlist is that backlinks can be added thus, encouraging viewers to include the videos on their playlist.

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