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8 SEO Trends That Will Continue In 2014

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download (16)Google’s Penguin 2.0 dealt a big blow to SEO and search rankings, now that the SEO world is in a recovery phase, many lessons have been learned. It is crystal clear that Google will not tolerate spam and intends to enhance user experience by allowing only quality content. Google has also indicated that site quality and relevant links are the way forward in 2014. However, SEO is dynamic and can surprise you anytime. SEO experts are of the opinion that several trends of 2013 are likely to continue throughout 2014 or atleast till Google’s next update.  The following are the 8 SEO trends that are most likely to continue in 2014:

1. Content with depth and detail

The days of 500 word blog posts once or twice a week are history. Google now demands longer posts with depth and detailing. So start writing longer posts of more than 1000 words, probably even posts with up to 2000 words which could be more valuable in 2014. Posts with high quality, shorter length are still valued but their days could be numbered.

2. Different content can give you the edge

Creating blog posts, posting videos, quizzes, interactive games and infographics is fine to increase the content, but there is a greater need to look beyond the usual content. The trends prevalent in 2014 and those most likely to continue and give you more traction are guest posting and content marketing strategy. Write sticky, authoritative content and also diversify the type of content periodically. It is also increasingly important to appear in different search verticals like videos, images, and other creative content. Highly diverse content is good for SEO in 2014.

3. Authority is important

It’s not about only a single high quality post but the quality of the entire content on your site is what matters. Google Authorship is highly recommended as it develops an overall profile of what you have achieved and your expertise in the subjects which you write about. Use Google authorship for your regular core content and also for guest posting on sites which are relevant to your domain of expertise.

4. Quality Linksdownload (19)

Links are still important, but again quality matters here too. Google’s algorithms are becoming sophisticated enough to measure the link quality and penalize spammers. The idea of creating a network of links, ghost sites, and link wheels will be disastrous in 2014 and in the future too. Google’s updated algorithms are also targeting paid advertorials and private blog networks and these types of tactics are being heavily penalized. Link building will require more planning and creativity as it will be more relationship based.

5. Good design is important

A professional looking site is always trustworthy and enhances user experience. A trustworthy professional site always encourages customers to buy products and spend time on your site and browse other services. Another important factor is increasing conversion rate. Quality design encourages users to visit whichever section you want them to visit like, signing up for email newsletters, sharing content and engaging on social media. Design is an effective tool for developing online authority and historical content. Posting your photos, associating your name with quality content and increasing visibility can all be accomplished with a good design and also helps in reputation management.

6. Go Social!download (17)

Social Media hasn’t reached its potential yet, and it is still in fashion if you go by the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Google+ hasn’t caught on yet, but it’s a good signal by Google that Social media counts today and would continue to do so in the future. Search engines like Google are offloading and outsourcing some of their social recognition and approval evaluation process of content to the social circle or to a human interface. If you want to grow your business online in 2014 then make sure you have approved and branded accounts on social media. Use plugins and other apps to share your content and measure the social shares they garner. Social media needs to be given priority for your innovative, experimental and individual promotion strategies too.

download (18)7. Guest posting

Guest posting is the new buzzword, but if more people are doing it then it will definitely catch Google’s attention. It’s a good way to build online relationships, business links and network with like-minded professionals. While guest posting or inviting guests on your site, it’s necessary to check the credentials of the guest and the quality of content on their site. For measuring quality there are various tools available like Domain authority, PageRank, use them to your advantage. Another way of testing credentials and quality is to analyse the author and the site for the number of social media shares, networks developed, recommendations received, audience engagement and high quality links from other sites or authors. While guest posting on other sites, the quality of content that you post should resonate with the audiences too.

8. SEO is more strategic

SEO is more strategic than tactical and this will define the way SEO will be done in 2014 and beyond. SEO is more than just building links and writing codes. SEO is shifting towards more strategic planning, like how to build links, relationships, authorship, guest posting and the social media strategy. All these different aspects come together to build an online business. Tactical thinking comes into picture, when the strategy is in place, and thus tactics are more important in the implementation phase. Without a strategy, tactics cannot work beyond a certain point.

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    • 5 years ago

      Johny Livinston   /   Reply

      Good article about latest SEO Trends, but according to me you might have mentioned about Local Business listing too. Because now a days Google gives more preference to Local Business and there are many local directories like Yelp, Glassdoor and Digital Marketing Agencies etc.

    • 5 years ago

      Judith   /   Reply

      Good article on recent trends in SEO

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