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8 Social Media Marketing Tips That Let You Accelerate At A Faster Pace

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The objective of an organization or an individual is to display their products or services to a large number of people. The websites need to generate lot of visitors for them, so that the viewership improves and thus the resultant sales. Now a days, marketing a product or service is not restricted to only displaying them. There are many important factors that need to be taken into account. The marketers cannot push their product directly. There are many competitors waiting to grab the right opportunity. To overcome this issue, the marketers need to connect with their customers. Understanding the customer’s requirements, developing a product, sharing its benefits, taking suggestions and promptly responding to queries have all become an important part of marketing.

Social Media Marketing

When marketers use various social networking sites and social media platforms to connect to their valuable customers, then this concept is called social media marketing. Successful presence on social media marketing helps to attract more viewers to the website, improves the product visibility and helps to find many new prospective clients.

The reach of social media marketing is much faster than any other marketing tool. A single tweet over a social networking site like Twitter can attract a huge audience which is unimaginable with any other traditional methods.

People are more internet savvy than before. People spend a considerable amount of time everyday visiting some or the other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest etc. So, tapping such people becomes easier over these platforms, if appropriate social networking campaign is implemented.

Success in social media marketing can really become tricky at times. There does not exist a success formula to make social media marketing successful. One needs to formulate his/her own marketing strategy. The requirements of each and every industry and the associated customers vary. So, a thorough analysis of these varying requirements should be addressed in order to taste success.

Even though there does not exist a success formula, one can always follow few important tips to make a social media marketing campaign work positively.

Listed below are the eight social media marketing tips that one can follow:

  1. Choosing the right platform: There are various social networking sites available. Each social networking site is as popular as the other one and each of these social networking sites have their unique characteristics. Each one of them have their unique role to play. It is up to the user’s discretion to decide which platform will be suitable for his/her business. Organizations or individuals operate multiple accounts to make better online presence. Many a times it becomes really chaotic to handle multiple accounts and the real purpose of each social networking site is lost. In order to avoid such confusion and maintain a healthy online presence, one must be clear in mind to choose the appropriate platform.  
  1. Attractive Profile: Profile is the face of an organization or an individual. A complete profile with all the necessary details will speak a lot about the business. One must post real photo, in which the face or the logo is clearly visible. Social media marketing is all about connecting with people. Profiles with fake images like place or animal etc. gets a big thumbs down. Moreover, including a perfect description about the individual or the company in the profile is very important. The objective of the business, benefits of the product and the social responsibility etc. should be clearly indicated. It is also important to link the website to its social media pages. Once a social media profile is set up, the next step is to link it to the website. Each social media site has got their procedures to connect to the website. These instructions should be strictly followed. One can include social media buttons in the website. This will help the readers or visitors to simply click and share it on their pages. The social media buttons should be big enough so that they can be clearly seen. It is all about convenience as it saves a lot of time.
  1. Followers and Influencers: The next important tip is to find followers for the page. Social media platforms analyses the keywords used in the profile and it suggests pages according to that. This helps in deciding if somebody should be followed or not. One can start following popular people which will in turn fetch followers from their connections.
  1. Be selective: Once the profile is created, the social media pages are flooded with notifications and suggestions. There may exist some prospective leads. Not all suggestions are fruitful. In order to avoid over cluttering of followers and people whom we are following, it is very important to be selective. Adding more and more irrelevant connections will hamper the image of a page. 
  1. Contents:  Social media marketing is all about sharing interesting and sensible contents. Organizations or individuals use different types of contents. These contents can be plain text, images or videos. People look forward to relevant and entertaining contents. The success of a social media marketing campaign will depend upon the quality of the content. Quality content will automatically fetch more re-shares, thereby increasing the traffic to the website. Using Hashtags in between the contents will also help the content to appear on top of any search engine. 
  1. Frequency of Posts: Apart from the quality of a content, it is also mandatory to figure out the frequency with which the posts are published. Flooding the page with contents one after the other should be avoided. In this case, the visitor may miss out on some important information. Similarly, if the frequency of the posts is very slow, then visitors will lose out interest and they may simply unfollow the page. There are many tools like bufferapps and Tweetdeck etc. available in the market to schedule a post. One need not be present physically to post the contents. Rather, these posts can be scheduled to be published on a particular date and time. The number of posts can vary for different social networking sites. For example, Business pages on Facebook should have 1-2 posts a day. Twitter pages should have more tweets so that people are engaged throughout.
  1. Give and take policy: Connecting to more number of people is necessary to make the social media marketing campaign successful. One must keep a check on the number of new followers in a day and it is a nice gesture to follow them back if relevant. This way the new followers will acknowledge the response, resulting in gaining popularity. If relevant new followers are not followed back, then they may simply unfollow the user. 
  1. Patience: The success of a social media campaign cannot be gauged overnight. It is a long drawn process which involves lot of patience. Connecting to people takes its own sweet time. One cannot force people to follow the page or push their products. It is all about nurturing the trust factor with the customer. Once the trust is gained, then the customer will stay forever. All this involves implementing intricate strategies and amendments in various techniques resulting in gradual increase in fan following.

The success of a social media marketing campaign depends upon an individual, as well as on the organization. One cannot just push their products or services by rushing into social networking sites. As there is no set formula, one should be able to apply different techniques according to the requirement for tasting success!!!

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