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8 Social Media Marketing Tips That You Should Try Immediately

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There are many ways you can improve your social media coverage.  Here are 8 social media marketing tips that you should try immediately to improve your social media and content marketing strategy.

1.  Know The Objective Of Your Post And Your Target Audience

8 Social Media Marketing Tips That You Should Try Immediately

This is the most important point in social media marketing. You need to do research on your topic first and decide what type of audience and audience of which geographical area do you want to focus? Based on this information, your post content need to be written with required keywords and use appropriate social media sites to share so as to receive maximum reach out to the appropriate category audience.

2.   Provide A Call Direction To Your Audience

This point may not apply to all  your posts, but if  at all you want to include direction in your blog or post then you must let your audience know the same. You may want your audience to carry out some actions after reading through  your post which may include comments on the blog, share the link on Facebook page, rack the photos etc.  Be ensured that you provide direction about these actions on your post. Only one direction is recommended per post because more than one direction would confuse your audience.

3.   Be Aware That Social Media Is Not Your Strategy

Social media is not a marketing tool, but a tool to communicate. Social media is to be used to build relationships with  customers  and make your  communication more interactive with them.

4.  Timings Are Important In Social Media Activities

Timings are important in Social Media activities

This point is very important and it solely depends on your target market. You need to do a brief research on your target market prior to make your social media strategy. For example, if you are running a snow boarding company, obviously in the winter season, your posts would  likely to attract more response from the audience, but in the summer  this scenario would get changed as the demand diminishes for this product hence you may want to add more posts during the winter and less number of posts during the summer based on the demand for your product.  So it is very important to do your research first so as to get effective results from your campaign.

5.   Need An Immediate Action In Your Social Media Activities? Offer Incentive

8 Social Media Marketing Tips That You Should Try Immediately

This point is an important point in social media marketing. You cannot expect people to do something for nothing. If you need some good action to be happening in your campaign then you need to offer incentives to your participants as gift cards or freebies and make the whole program interesting to them.

8 Social Media Marketing Tips That You Should Try Immediately

6. Make Every Word Count On Your Post

This is another very important point that you need to consider without fail. Every word in your blog and post should be direct and clear. Every sentence in your post should carry a meaningful message and powerfully conveyed. Your approach in this post would definitely create a greater impact on your audience’s thought process and to make them engaged in your post.

7.  Keep Your Post Content Simple And Easy To Follow

This point needs to be taken into account at every stage of your campaign. Whatever you do, make your point and message very simple and transparent to your audience and leave no ambiguity in the minds of your customers.

8.  Use Of Graphics, Pictures And Mix Up All Sorts Of Contents In Your Post

Timings are important in Social Media activities

User more of graphics, videos and photos in your post. The more you use videos, and graphics, the more engagement you receive from your audience. People want to interact with other humans, not with any business tool or computer so don’t afraid to show that you are a human. The audience wants to know that you are a real person and understand their problems. And that is one of the major positive things about social media network as it  an interactive medium and keeps human touch intact.  Engage your audience by asking questions and make session with your audience live and interesting.


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    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      The point-3 is misleading and not clear in terms of its contribution to knowledge capital.

      • 5 years ago

        Ummer   /   Reply

        Thanks for your comment Goswami. It appears like that but after some research I feel this point is true. Social media is a tool for communication and it just help you engage with customers. Social media cannot boost your sales volume unless you have a great product/ service and excellent service back up. I hope i made this point clear. Please watch the video embedded on this blog.

    • 5 years ago

      Rahul Singh   /   Reply

      Very good post ummer, points are declared very precisely.

      • 5 years ago

        Ummer   /   Reply

        Thanks for your comment Rahul.

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