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8 Steps To Take For Scaling Up The SEO Performance

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download (34)There are several tips being dished out by experts to set your SEO right, but what if you’re Website or Blog is already implementing these SEO strategies? How to take your SEO efforts to the next level? Localized search engine optimization is the key to utilizing the wonders of posting ads relevant to the local needs. It always gives good results for your marketing campaigns especially during the current trend of using smartphones for local searches. Thus, it makes it important for any business, be it local or national to include local SEO strategies for scaling up the performance. Check out the following 8 steps:

1. Local listings pagedownload (35)

Create your local listings page in as many directories as possible or else claim you listings from several search engines like Google+, Bing, Yahoo and other business directories. After claiming the listings immediately verify that you are indeed the owner of the business. Different verification methods are adopted by various directories which include sending verification emails, sending pin codes to emails and even asking for identification documents. Besides the usual biggies, there are several specialty directories which cater to specific business domains like Zomato, Tastykhana etc. Other listings like Yelp, Foursquare and Swarm are some other applications that can be helpful in local searches. It is very important to complete all the details and provide accurate and consistent information across all listings.

download (36)2. Blogging for scaling up SEO performance

Blogging is a good step for scaling up the SEO of your Website and updating it regularly is a good way to improve local visibility. Use the blog to develop content customized to local needs, relevant keywords and content appropriate for the business. Blogging is good for SEO and gives your readers something new to read every time they visit the blog. Writing blogs are also important to extend the time spent by your visitors on the website long enough to get them to buy something. Post 2-3 blogs every week and share them on social media sites for maximum exposure. Blogging can really scale up the SEO performance on a local level too.

3. Small screen friendly website

Develop a mobile and tablet friendly website and optimize it for better SEO performance. With localized searches being done increasingly from smaller screens it is crucial to adapt and optimize for small screens or you can be at a major disadvantage in terms of visibility. If your visitors find the site inaccessible for their small screens they will simply leave and visit other optimized websites and in the worst case it could be your competitor’s website. Invest in optimizing your website for smaller screens as it is well worth the effort.

4. Encourage online reviewsimages (20)

Encourage the customers to write online reviews for your product or service. Positive reviews can help build trust, credibility and increase greater confidence in your business for future customers and reinforce belief in your business for the current customers. It is important that reviews are encouraged and not forced by offering incentives or rewards. Provide a list of review websites to customers and communicate that you would appreciate a feedback from them. It is common knowledge that many customers easily provide reviews and these can be shared on social media and via emails with other potential customers.

5. Consistency in NAP information

Consistency is the key to maintaining your credibility online and improving SEO. Carefully write all your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details accurately and consistently in all the listings, websites and social media accounts. Pay great attention to detail while writing NAP even with abbreviations and short forms like Street, road etc. If the website contains your business address, spelled out with “street” then all listings and social media profile should be consistent with the spelling and not contain abbreviations like “St”. Search engines recognize consistency and if done meticulously can help improve the SEO. So beware of discrepancies; fix them as soon as they are detected.

download (37)6. Choose social media platforms wisely

Social media is mandatory as part of any marketing strategy. Incorporating all platforms in your digital marketing strategy is counter -productive because potential customers are not going to check all platforms. So choose wisely, the platforms which are currently popular with your target customer segment. Once the social media platforms have been identified then plan a schedule for posting updates and engaging with your customers. Be regular, consistent, show interest in their queries and try to give personalized replies rather than automated ones.

7. Enhance user experience

Fancy animation, graphics and other extra ordinary features are good for visual appeal of the website and are not very helpful to scale up SEO. You need to concentrate on user experience such that all visitors who land on a page should be able to navigate easily locate content and respond to the calls to action. Top rankings are of no use if you are not able to keep your visitors on your website for longer periods of time. Design a website with clean, simple and attractive design. Ensure that there are some calls for action like physically visiting location, phone call, contact or request a service form on the website. There could also be an online store where products or services could be bought easily. Make it easier for the visitors to fulfill your business goals.

8. Test and optimize

Last but not the least constantly test and optimize your website for the 7 steps discussed above. To dominate your business domain online you need to constantly improve the SEO and other marketing aspects to stay ahead of competition. Even smaller changes can help bring in a big change to scale up your SEO performance.

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