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8 Super Crazy Creative Ads: Which Tickles More

8 Super Crazy Creative Ads: Which Tickles More

Ads, if they don’t catch your attention within seconds they are considered failed. For the Ads to stand out of the crowd, the idea has to be really out of the box. Perhaps, something that makes you laugh, talk about it or at least make you look twice. 

What Are The Different Ads that Tickles Us More?

While there is an issue of a chaotic space for the ad, making the ad super creative works. We tack image the ad onto social feeds or other websites to distract users from their current activity. The goal is to entice them to click through to our website.

Rest assured, despite the odds, you can design an ad that break through the noise and captivate viewers, ultimately scoring clicks for your business. Here are 8 examples of super creative effective image ad ideas to explore using real examples from some marketing campaigns.

1) The Venue Counts

It is critical that you consider the platform on which you are displaying an ad before designing it. When it comes to social ads you are not just competing with other paid content. You will be competing with the users entire social network.

The social content should be contextually relevant and still grab readers attention. Like for example, images and design elements with contrasting colors and negative space. It will be best if it doesn’t look like an advertisement. It works when you use real pictures of real things taken by real people. You can even obtain photos from your audience to use in these ads.

Blend in and stand out!

michael kor

2) Speaking To Your Target Demographic

For display advertising, you have the opportunity to segment your audience based on their demographic details. Take advantage of poor quality ads and build different ones that will be reasonable with different segments for your target audience.

Taking a common approach rarely provides great results for advertisers. For example, let’s imagine a jeweller who specializes in women’s jewellery. He may be inclined to create ads generated towards female audience, thinking that is the target persona. However upon examining his audience segments on a deeper level, he may realise that a good portion of his audience is male and these men order more expensive items. The jeweler should absolutely create another set of ads that reason with a male audience.

3) Get Your Mind In The Gutter

We have all heard it that Sex sells. In fact, invoking sexual hint is one of the strongest and most effective marketing tactics.

But before you start changing all of the models in your image ads for unclothed replacement, remember that most online advertising have strict policies that prohibits erotic images in ads. Marketers must be deliberate and use images or messages that imply sex. From this image from Volkswagen  the image and copy is completely PG, but the implication is clear.


4) Getting EMO

Leveraging emotional triggers in ad copy is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. Basic emotions that can trigger us are happiness, sadness, surprise and anger or disgust. Humans would respond to each of these emotions differently, but they all encourage them to take action.

5) Channelling Your Inner Comedian

There’s no arguing that humour works wonders when it comes to advertising. When the humorous images coincides with the ad objectives, they are more likely to secure audience attention, they become more memorable, overcome sales resistance and further enhance message persuasiveness. 

This however can get tricky. There’s no secret ingredient to building a funny ad copy. It would work better when you brain storm with your team, and turning to local comedians for inspiration. 

6) Implementing A Great Feeling Discount

There are examples of a customer buying a product even though they did not like the style of the product. They bought the item just because they saw an actress wear the same outfit and furthermore, it was on discount.

The bottom line is that humans are more likely to follow through with a purchase when they feel like they are getting a deal on it. Advertisers should take advantage and include special offers or discounts in their ads.

Of course, you’ll need to be mindful of which offers make the most sense for your business, but this tactic is definitely worth exploring!

7) Choosing Your Colour Palette

Every detail matters when you are building your image ads and color choice. Before choosing the main color for your ad, do consider the psychological associations we have with different colours.

Like for example,

  • Red: Action, Passionate, Anger, Energy, Creates Urgency, Mostly seen in clearance sale or a Sale.
  • Blue: Creates the sensation of trust & security, Loyalty, Integrity
  • Black: Powerful, Sleek, Mostly used to market luxury products.

We get the drift. The list goes on.

Once you’ve chosen your primary color, pair it with a contrasting color to see that the text is easy to read. Advertisers should use contrasting colors to make their ads stand out. 

8) Use Unexpected Images

With ads cluttering the internet, it is tough to create ads that stand out from the rest. One highly effective way to cut through the distractions is to use bold images to get a reaction from viewers. This technique would evoke strong feelings for viewers and making them more likely to engage with the ad. 

Normally when unsure of what to do, turn to images of puppies or babies. They always seem to do the trick, regardless of the product you are selling or who your target audience is.

Image Credits: Volkswagen

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