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8 Tactics to Drive Online Sales

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Do you desire more traffic and greater sales figures for your online store? Why of course! It has become wholly natural for consumers to purchase goods online, there is a greater level of trust than ever before in digital shopping platforms and processes. Online customers are nowadays more strongly influenced by intelligent, digital marketing

Here are 8 key tactics on how to increase your e-commerce sales.

1) Quality Content

It goes without saying that you need quality content that is effectively utilized throughout the shopping process.

Immediate impressions are key with quality visuals and well-written descriptions really selling your products.  The overall aesthetic of your website needs to be clear and highlight (against a more simplified background) the quality images, video’s and written text that you are featuring.

Content with high added value is most appreciated when providing the bulk of necessary information to your website visitors and when prices are being displayed at first. Content must be written and presented in the most clear and concise way, people don’t waste their time reading difficult descriptions of your products. Once consumers have decided and seek to complete their transaction simplify the whole process, quality content is required for the consumer’s immediate impression.

A user-friendly, intuitively designed website is also the bedrock of an effective e-commerce site.  A quick page load for consumers is essential. Is the experience intuitive? smooth? or is it fragmented or disjointed? The step by step process needs to be as natural and hassle-free as possible for users in order to emphasize quality content and reduce the phenomenon of abandoned shopping carts.

2) Upselling

Upselling is cliche but it really works. ‘May I interest you in this upgrade’, it’s an effort to sell the consumer a more expensive product than their intitial choice. The logic is evident, the consumer is interested in this type or range of product and for a slightly higher price they can purchase something of a higher quality. According to e-consultancy upselling is 20 times more effective than cross promotion.

There are two aspects to consider when it comes to upselling. Firstly ensure your upsells are closely related to the original product, it has to logical step for the consumer. Secondly, it is vital to bear in mind the initial price range of your customers. The upsold product must fit the original needs of the shopper, a gigantic leap in price will likely be ineffective. The new product should be significantly better than the initial choice but within a feasible price range.

3) Improve and tailor your email campaigns

Improving your email campaigns is important, often email is sidelined in this day and age but with consumers being over exposed to marketing content on social media, a well-crafted email with tailored product recommendations and interesting content featured alongside products can prove effective. Consumers expect added value with suggestions based upon their interests or previous purchases.

Build subscribing for your newsletter into your home page and be creative when curating content to be sent out, content really is king. Consumers want to feel exclusive; special promotions, competitions, interesting features and unique content can be an incentive for users to remain engaged with your e-store and visit more frequently.

Seize the chance to send emails to customers frequently but on useful and relevant occasions, sign up / welcome emails, order processing emails, order confirmations, regular newsletters and tailored recommended for you messages can all be utilized.

4) E-reputation and SEO

Driving traffic to your site initially is achieved through SEO, a good e-store should be blogging frequently for SEO purposes and to stay connected with users.  The key is to be included higher up the rankings as part of the natural search results, paid adverts or results are mostly ignored by consumers on search engines.

E-reputation can be developed in forums and on social media most effectively by disseminating content from user to user. Targeted groups based on specific interests is often the most effective place to start, or even start a group based on a particular interest which your e-store can tap into. Focus on shareable content by understanding your consumer demographic, preferences and interests.

5)  Directly engage with your visitors

There are a variety of ways to engage and retain visitors. Direct consumers to your social media profiles which should be actively managed.  Ensure that the ‘follow’ buttons and links are clearly displayed on your storefront or homepage too.

Do you organize or run events? O2O (online to offline and vice versa) can be very effective. QR codes placed in public spaces can link people directly to your store-front, incentivize people to scan them with competitions and special promotions.

Well-organized events can create a ‘buzz’, encourage people to talk about your brand. Move out of the digital marketing sphere and engage directly with your market.

6) Vary your product range

Variety is vital, to keep consumers returning to browse online switch up what is on sale and offer. This also provides an opportunity to produce new content regarding new product ranges and offers.

Traffic can be driven effectively to your site but it goes without saying that if the products are not right then this effort will be wasted. Analyse your online sales, what areas are the most lucrative for you? Can you hook consumers in with flash sales and cross promotions? Vary what is presented to the consumer so that returning customers will still be interested.

7) PPC (Pay per click)

Pay Per Click has become a very general term. Your company can place an ad and pay a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on the ad. PPC is an effective method to advertise your ecommerce site in a sustainable way. The key is to be flexible and constantly check your campaigns progress, remain open to bettering and changing your ads when necessary. Respond to the click through rates but remain aware that PPC often produces long-term results rather than short term gains.

8) Partner with other e-commerce stores

If you provide a certain product which is complemented by different brand you can direct and drive traffic to one another. Partnering with other platforms can be effective to share and bounce potential consumers across to each other, it is also effective to share industry knowledge and technological insight. It is better initially to specialize in one particular product area and find other e-commerce platforms which complement what you are doing.

About the Author 

Benji is digital marketing specialist based in Shanghai, China. He specialized in e-commerce and digital strategy in the mysterious orient. For more information see his website and blog.

Benji Lamb has lived in Shanghai for five years and specializes in e-commerce, digital marketing, and social networking in China. He is passionate about finding solutions for western firms in the aptly named mysterious orient. For more information see his marketing website and blog.

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