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8 Tips for a Successful Twitter Campaign

8 Tips for a Successful Twitter Campaign

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to develop a two-way communication with your followers and increase awareness of your brand significantly. Twitter enables you to communicate with your target audience and keeps you updated on the latest trends and issues that are currently happening across the world in just 140 characters.  After Facebook, Twitter is the 2nd most active social media platform as far as users are concerned. In a day, around 7000 tweets on an average are tweeted every second talking about different issues happening in the world. As a result, many companies today consider Twitter as a serious channel and spend a significant amount of effort to get optimal results.

Here are 8 Tips For Developing a Successful Twitter Campaign

1.) Define your Goal for your Twitter Campaign:

First and foremost, you will have to define a clear roadmap of what you want to achieve from your Twitter campaign. Without a goal, your campaign will be a failure which will be a waste of time and money. Normally there are 5 types of goals that a company aims to achieve from their Twitter campaign:

a.) Followers: The more followers you have the more visibility and awareness your page will get. People will be attracted towards your handle depending on what copy you post. If you post something that is of any interest or a benefit to the user, there is likely chance he will follow you.

b.) Transferring traffic to your website: Many companies use twitter to direct their customers to their website. Twitter’s website tool can help you in achieving that goal. It enables Twitter users to off-Twitter content, by seeing a small preview of the content, which is accommodated with a Call to Action Button. Also you can track whether your customers are visiting your website and, as a result, get an idea of what is working and what is not.

c.) Tweet Engagements: If your goal is engagement, then one can opt for a tweet engagement campaign. You can start a tweet engagement campaign by talking about a specific topic which will get people interested and make them start retweeting and talking about it.

d.) Mobile App: Twitter is a good means to direct your followers to install your app. In your content, you can explain to your customers the features and benefits of using your mobile app.

e.) Leads: You can generate leads through Twitter with the help of Lead Generation Card. Through this tool, you can track items like sign up, offer redemption etc.

2.) Targeting the Right Audience:

This is one of the crucial aspects of your Twitter campaign. You have to find out what kind of target audience you are aiming at. There are many ways of targeting your audience like, based on interests, demographics etc. so that you can create a niche segment, or through certain keywords where you can find out what people are interested at the moment and accordingly you can approach them. For bigger companies they can refer to their CRM and accordingly target based on certain criteria’s.


3.) Good Content:

Based on your target audience and the products/services, provide content on the latest happenings and initiatives your company is undertaking like the launching of new products or any upcoming offers which will grab the attention of you followers.


4.) Be Responsive and answer questions:

Always ensure to respond to your followers or users who have asked you a question regarding your product/service or even if they want to know about any upcoming offer. In case the user has tweeted a complaint, make sure to address it. On the other hand, if customers appreciate you, thank them for their support. By answering questions asked by your customers, it enhances your brand’s credibility.


5.) Build Affiliations with influential users:

In case, you find something interesting and influential you can retweet it and give credit to the author. You can connect with people with similar interests by exchanging views, providing feedback to them, supporting their projects or spread the word and build affiliations. The secret is to invest in a long-term relationship.

6.) Reward your Supporters:

People tend to follow you when you post interesting tweets. This won’t happen just in one day. The longer you stay, the more chances you will get to attract loyal fans. Remember to appreciate your top contributors and the people that supported and helped to spread the word about your business.


7.) Create special offers:

If you have a big target audience, create and promote exciting offers on your page. This can help you to create excitement, as this will lead to a lot of engagement in terms of retweets and more people will start following your page so that they can be aware of the offers that you will be coming up from time to time.


8.) Create a landing page for your followers:

You can create a landing page in case you want to promote a special offer to your twitter followers. This can help you reduce the normal time that individuals spend on your website, enhance your viability and expand your income.


At the end of the day, Twitter is used by many companies to enhance their brand awareness. In order to be successful on Twitter, you have to find unique ways of attracting engagement and new followers. The success of twitter all depends on what content you tweet, be it a response to a complaint or an opinion. People will only read if your tweet is interesting and relevant. Therefore always ensure that whenever a customer comes across your tweet he is entertained.

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