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8 Tips To Set Your SEO Campaigns Right Through Videos

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Digital Marketers are now focusing on videos to set their SEO campaigns right and to generate interest in their activities. It has become an inseparable part of the digital marketing mix. Videos have several benefits for marketing, and the most important is the visual content which communicates more than traditional articles, pictures and ads. Videos encourage greater engagement, are easier to understand, can be made creative and greatly appeal to the generation which has grown up watching YouTube i.e. the Generation Next. Thus, optimizing videos has become mandatory and a necessary evil for marketers forever looking for new avenues to sell their products or services.

If you are not using SEO techniques for videos to match what people are looking for then you are losing targeted traffic. YouTube has emerged as one of the best search engines behind Google and has a wide reach. To ensure that you are reaching your audience consider their profile, needs, wants and aspirations. If a greater visibility, higher sales and better rankings is what you are looking for then read on further for 8 important SEO tips to set your Video campaigns right.

1. Catchy Title

A catchy title is the first visible portion of your video to catch the attention of your potential customer. Make an effort to compose a catchy title with relevant key phrases, keywords and brand identity material. A thorough keyword research can reveal a lot of information on what the audience wants to watch. However, it’s advisable to not stuff keywords in the title, but at the same time it should be interesting. A catchy title is the most important requirement of video SEO.

2. Quality Content

As they say content is really King, post videos with good content and it’s sure to catch your audience’s interest. Make informative, relevant and content rich videos. Wasting time on making videos not related to your product or service will serve no purpose and increase your costs and have no effect on the audience. Post videos with step by step guidance, inform viewers about latest trends in your Industry and provide valuable suggestions to get more views. Plus, videos need to be engaging, fun, cool, creative and should add to the audience’s knowledge base.

3. Provide transcripts

Provide a transcript for the video, it will help audience to listen and read so that the impact is double. Search engines like Google also require the conventional HTML to help them index and rank the video. Transcriptions also provide the keywords that search engines require, for producing their results. Most importantly transcripts can be used as a starting point for your website that links to the video resource site and vice versa.

4. Provide Sitemaps

Like websites, video accounts also require sitemaps to help search engine spiders to find the videos and linked content if any. The search engines then index and rank the videos accordingly. Google webmaster tools help in creating sitemaps which can be submitted to Google. You can also use keywords in the text that links to the videos in the sitemaps.

5. Embedding Video codesdownload (4)

Allow the viewers to access the video embedding codes so that they could share it on their sites. This will help get backlinks and get the buzz going about the video. The current trend of viral videos can be attributed to this feature. Viral videos boost the rankings on search engines too.

6. Length of Videos

The most important aspect for video SEO is the length of the video which should not exceed 5 minutes. As research suggests, viewers spend an average of 1 minute 30 seconds on each video. Viewers generally do not like to sit through a longer video unless it is interesting enough. Therefore, content should justify the length. If the videos are longer then it is recommended to divide them into smaller segments and post each segment separately with separate tags. Multiple videos are good for optimization and also makes viewing pleasurable.  YouTube is currently analyzing videos for engagement and viewership; therefore, it’s important to improve your videos as per the norms.

7. Description and tags

Provide a description containing all the relevant keywords for optimization and to help search engines to index the videos and site and boost the rankings. It will also help users to know beforehand the likely contents of the video.

8. Social Media Sharingimages (6)

Viral videos achieve a lot of publicity in a shorter time and this has been possible only due to the power of the social media. Therefore, use the social media network to the fullest, share on blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. This will generate a lot of hype and free viral publicity for the blog/website. Social Media sharing is sure-shot way for SEO.

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