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Mobile advertising means showing advertising on mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, and any wireless connection. Mobile advertising appears as text ads on SMS, mobile website, mobile apps, and mobile games. Attribution means to measures events of the users because of marketing activity. Events can be in app purchase, app install or level of competition etc.

Advertisements are shown to people based on their web browsing history, geographic location, and with data collected by shopping habits.Attribution

To be a successful digital marketer it is very important to measure the value of a customer. The marketing spent should be determined based on ROI. It is very important to know whether money spent on mobile advertising is providing any return.

While most of the advertising money is spent on mobile advertising. It is very important to determine where the money is spent and what are its result.


Mobile analytics here come in as a superman to save all the mobile advertiser and help save money. How do you ask?

  1. Mobile analytics show who is using their apps and how they’re using it.
  2. It helps builds an effective mobile marketing strategy.
  3. Gives report about who is using the app and who is not
  4. Helps to determine which part of the app is providing valuable conversion.
  5. See if people are liking the app or not
  6. Determine the type of mobile used and how much time is spent by them on mobile phones.


8 Tools for Mobile Advertising Analytics and Attribution:

#1) AdjustAttribution

It is a mobile measurement company which helps to find out how our marketing efforts are that too in real time.

  • Mobile attribution shows from where the users are coming from and which are the most performing sources that give the major advantage.
  • App analytics  it helps to segment the users easily based on their behavior  on the app in real time and help to gather their behavior patterns
  • Store stats it helps to understand the reviews given by users about the app on app store.

FUN FACT – The founders of Adjust are Christian Henschel, Paul H Müller, and Manuel Kniep. 

  • It is an official Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner.

What does adjust do?

With help of Adjust, one can easily monitor ads and campaign in a single place. 

It gets all the marketing insight by:-

1 Find your best performing ads

2 Analyze user activities

Find your best performing ads

Adjust shows what is the performance of media across various multiple advertising channels by tracking and providing proper attribution of the incoming users and the source from where they are coming.

  • Discover where your users come from
    Adjust, like I said aggregates conversion data for in-depth analysis. whether the conversion was by click or impression. One can always know exactly which ads delivered which users, one can also see the campaign creatives that the users are seeing.
  • Comprehensive multi channel attribution
    Adjust tracker URL attribute user to a campaign as soon as they click.  They provide with full device detection, smart fallbacks, and mobile-native store links. Main features of this URLs is that they track all location. And the interesting feature is that these trackers are easily modified to link deeply to users and fall back to the app store or even defer deep link whenever necessary.
  • Customized user experiences
    Adjust provide real time Attribution means real time user experiences. The Adjust has an open-source SDK which notifies the app of the specific creative that user hit the instant it happens. allowing easy customization easily by offering rewards, or link them directly to relevant content.
    It’s not just relevant for new users: instant attribution benefits pre-existing users, too. It’s tracker URLs have built-in re-targeting and re-engagement capabilities, therefore, the user can easily customize Attribution.

Analyze User Activities

Adjust provide end to end analysis of the app. It tells what the users are doing on the app by identifying them, determining the data trends happening since the downloading, purchasing and beyond.

  • Fully customizable Event Tracking- Tracking is the backbone of app analytics setup. Adjust provides valuable insight into user behavior with few clicks by aggregating data in real time and crunching KPIs for every defined event. One can easily tailor events according to app’s conversion goals, whether you’re aiming for sign ups or purchasing etc.
  • Mobile-focused KPIs & cohort analysis-One can find all the data of the engagement done by users over the life time within the dashboard by parsing user data via robust KPIs. Adjust’s cohort analysis can enhance KPIs insight. It segments users by location, device type and installs data etc.
  • Freedom to forward your data to any partner- It can work seamlessly with any other mobile or web analytics also. We can easily share data with other partners.


  • Unlimited data exports and reporting- In Adjust all the analytics report is downloadable and can export it when ever you require.

#2) AppsFlyerAttribution

AppsFlyer is the market leader in mobile advertising attribution and analytics. It helps in targeting, optimizing ad spend and boosting ROI. It has dynamic dashboards and can easily export data when required.It determines ad network or source generated install and easily credits the source.This helps us to understand which media is performing best for us.

What does Appflyer Do?

Calculating ROI For Mobile App Marketing

With help of Appflyer rich in app-event reporting, one can measure the app engagement revenue and mobile ad revenue. It matches the media cost data provided by ad networks with revenue data by app events. It calculates each campaigns eCPI, eCPA, and ROI in real time.

Measuring and Attributing Omni-Channel Engagement In a Mobile 

 A customer does not buy or download an app in one go, therefore they undergo a process  for example,he might have seen the ad on TV, next he would have gone to the retail store to check out the merchandise next he might have compared the price on laptop and then made the purchased on mobile apps. This is Omni channel and marketer needs to connect the dots and properly optimize their cross channels to provide users fully synchronized user experience bridges app and out of app touch points which can be a mobile website, desktop website and physical stores. AppsFlyers help marketers in improving their mobile connections and communication with a customer as marketing can not happen in a silo. 

Connecting Other Channels to Mobile

Engagement that happens on other channels can be sent to AppsFlyers through their In-App Events(API). A server to server Attribution and measurement help to set up Omni channel as and when it occurs. When the user register for the app AppsFlyers registers users unique identity which might email id, loyal card number etc. Therefore, after the connection is made all the activity of the user out-of-app is automatically sent to AppsFlyers and in conclusion marketers can calculate the real LTV.


NativeTrack™ – The World’s Most Accurate Attribution Solution

AppsFlyer has its own system called NativeTrack which measures Attribution accurately and correctly. It measures every mobile app install came from, in real-time, across every marketing channel and ad network, anywhere in the world.

Advantage of AppsFlyer




#3) Ad2CampaignAttribution

Affle’s ad2c business has been redefined and launched as ad2campaign. It is data centric mobile marketing platform for brands and agencies. It has mobile attribution intelligence and therefore, it allows for unified ad delivery and analytics experience.Key Strength Areas of the ad2campaign platform include:

  • Ad2campagin provides all the customer related media and properly integrates them on the basis of the source.
  • Attribution analytics help measures the relation between the spending and the business objectives.
  • It unifies ad can run across various channels thus providing  Display & Rich Media.
  • The main aim is to drive, measure, quantify, analyze last but not least, is to improve the efficiency of campaigns on the mobile medium.

#4) Localytics

Localytics was formed in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts build as an analytics and marketing platform to provide strong relationships with their mobile and web app users. The app is made to provide better app experience to the users and drive more engagements because of the app and also increase consumer loyalty and revenue. Many brands have used this tool for analytics they are eBay, Salesforce.com, Microsoft, and The New York Times. It helps to provide the more personalized user experience.

Powerful Reporting

With Localytics, one can easily know what their app is doing anytime. We can easily measure the impact of engagement strategy on app usage and study all trends and correlations related to it.  Raw data access real-time reporting, and unsampled data collection,  are the main feature of localytics. Summary stats, industry benchmarking, and flexible filtering make it actionable. Engagement strategy  can be put in right direction by the available insights

Comprehensive Session and Usage Analytics

With usage metrics including sessions, one can understand when, how long, and how frequently users visit app, session length, and average sessions per user. One can find out easily whether users who have watched a video tend to visit more frequently? Or are people spending more time in the app since my last update? Or how many users visited my app last weekend? also How many new users visited the app this week vs. returning users?


Detailed Event and Attribute Tracking

 Create a more engaging experience for users by understanding how they are reacting with the app. Custom attributes provide easy understanding about which content or activity types users engage with most because of this we can create a personalized marketing campaign to get more conversions.


Custom Dashboards for Quick Insights

 We can save most-viewed reports easily on the dashboard for easy access to key metrics. Custom dashboards make it possible to view key reports side by side so that we can easily compare activity or conversion for different user segments. We can even share our dashboards with other users also.


#5) App AnnieAttribution

App Annie is a company which deals in mobile market intelligence and app analytics.If you’re serious about promoting your app, the products they offer are so useful and the data they provide so complete you can’t really go without, so you’ll want to know what it is exactly that they offer, their costs and pricing plan and, if that’s not for you, what are the alternatives and competitors.

 All the key metrics generated from app’s store page such as revenue and which keywords return your app, downloads by store etc  App Annie Analytics covers it.  This data is then be used to optimize store’s page through App Store Optimization, also known as ASO.

The iOS Top App Charts Dashboard


#6) Branch

Branch provides the leading cross-platform linking and attribution platform, offering solutions that unify user experience and measurement across devices and channels. Branch powers mobile links and cross-platform measurement to more than 3 billion monthly users across the globe, and is trusted cross-platform marketing, engagement, and measurement solution for over 50,000 apps — including Reddit, Buzzfeed, Twitch, Groupon, and many more.
With Branch, users can seamlessly convert customers from mobile web to app, increase conversions, encourage sharing and growth, empower customers to share app content over any channel, and acquire new clients. Branch provides the following portfolio of solutions:

(i) Deep Linking

Branch pioneered mobile deep linking helping companies build seamless app user experience across multiple platforms. This deep linking infrastructure sits at the core of the branch platform and powers their cross-platform attribution and analytics.

(ii) Attribution

Branch’s Cross-Platform People Based Attribution gives you deeper visibility into the customer journey and presents a precise picture of your cross-channel marketing efforts.

Branch’s People-Based Attribution gives you the power to connect touchpoints from every channel with conversions on any platform. It frees you from the frustration of debugging discrepancies caused by the legacy attribution tools that can’t tell you when one user shows up in multiple places. Branch’s Attribution solution not only helps you count conversions but also gives you the ability to identify customers everywhere.

People Based Attribution is based on the vast, global identity network known as Branch Persona which merges cookies on the web with IDFAs and GAIDs inside apps for accurate user identification.

(iii) Influencer Analytics

Using Branch deep links, you can easily build and measure referrals – without any promo codes! Deep links enable link generation, referral tracking, reward attribution, credit balance, and more. And you can build the referral reward rules directly on the Branch dashboard.

With Branch’s deep linked referrals, rewards are automatically applied and new and existing users see personalized experiences without the need for promo codes.

Branch’s referral analytics also allows you to see which users are driving the most installs so you can target them with special offers. You can also compare these referral installs with other organic and paid campaigns with Branch’s Cross-platform Attribution dashboard.

(iv) Content Analytics

Content analytics help you get entirely new insights into your content’s performance.(v) Data Feeds

Branch platform is a rich data source and you can use this attribution data to derive more insights from other analytics tools that you might be using.

Using Branch’s pre-built data integrations, webhooks, data export API, and Query API, you can answer questions like:

  • “If users came from a social post, how many pages did they view in their first visit?”
  • “Which organic user cohort performed best across my email campaigns?”
  • “What is the 30 day retention rate for users who were acquired through Journeys?”

#7) Kochava


Kochava is a mobile app marketing tracker.It provides effective analysis and reporting to advertisers with a unique approach.  It Matches the identifiers of different publishers and looks at all device identifiers as equal. Kochava supports server-to-server integration as well as an SDK for Android and iOS.





#8) Upsight

 Upsight helps to understand user behavior and take immediate action to achieve goals. Attribution Integrated toolset empowers partners to maximize LTV on a per-user basis using a single SDK.
Manage all your data, generate insights and market to your users – all with an easy-to-integrate platform with one SDK, and one dashboard.An expert team of data scientists and customer success managers that are passionate about our customers’ businesses – partnering to learn core business problems and generate data-based insights that your team can act on.

The Upsight Partnership

We value our relationships with our partners above all else. That’s why we like to start every partnership on the right foot, from a place of knowledge. If you’re considering a partnership with Upsight, here’s what you can expect within the first few weeks:

1. Meet Your Dedicated Success Manager

Firstly, Your success manager is a personal point-of-contact for all things Upsight. Whether you need an extra set of eyes on the latest build or have a question about your dashboard, their job is to facilitate your success and satisfaction.

2. Custom Metrics Evaluation

A custom measurement metrics is prepared according to the business and added to the dashboard for strategic initiatives that ultimately produce scalable, measured growth across the portfolio.

3. Strategy & Forecasting

With proper goals set Upshight solution stack to ensure that the goals are achieved. Provides monetization, marketing, and personalization recommendations as well as revenue prediction.

4. On-Site Integration Support

Provide on-site integration support, anywhere in the world. It’s our way of making sure we get off to a good start.We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest possible value.

5. Personalized Dashboard Development

A dashboard is made according to the different departments of the business and different team members empowering them to surface insights, take immediate action and collaborate effectively from a single record of truth.

6. Go Live

Next, With everything in place, it’s time to launch! Our support teams are on-hand the second your app goes live to provide emergency resources should the need arise.

7. Ongoing Support

Our engineers are always available to support integrations of new SDK versions and resolve any technical issues you might encounter.They provide with all the resources that are required to past the blocker and achieve the required goal on time. So that to achieve success in your business.

8. Review & Iteration

As your app continues its life cycle, your success manager makes regular check-ins to ensure everything is going smoothly. We’re always looking for new ways to add value to your portfolio through new and existing features.

9. Ad Hoc Data Services

Need extra help with a special project? Trust the experts that helped build your system. Our team of Ph.D. data scientists will take a deep-dive into your data to surface any information you need to get the job done.


 In the end, I reached to this conclusion that At least one of these platforms will suit your needs and budget, but it is nice to have options. Take some time to examine each one and find out which one works best for you.

Image Credits: Tune, Upsight, AppsFlyer, Adjust, Kochava, App Annie, Localytics, Ad2campagin

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