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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Must Be Surely Avoided

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9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Must Be Surely Avoided

Social media marketing is gaining importance in the digital marketing space as more and more business owners start using social media for product promotion, brand building, or any market related activities.

Here are 9 major mistakes that marketers should avoid so as to get the best out of their social media marketing activities.

1.  Fail to plan

This is a common mistake committed by people when they begin using social media channels for business for the first time. Many business owners are found jumping into the social media wagon without any concrete plan to maintain productive engagement within the community of prospects, customers, vendors and employees. Social media marketing activities need constant attention and a plan to get the best results. It is better to opt out from social media marketing activities than participating  passively or ineffectively.

2.  Inconsistent on different social media channels

Prospective customers usually do research on business owners and the company whom they want to do business with so it is important to keep regular updates on all social media channels alike. It means that the information posted on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn need to be consistent and transparent to improve company brands.

3.  Not knowing the audience profile9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Must Be Surely Avoided

Many business owners do not understand their audience when they interact on these channels though the social media give the best clues on how to interact with others. Marketers could understand their customers by going through the profiles and the content these people share on social media channels. This way business owners can implement the best language to use as a response to each customer. Do not use a one type of response to every prospect on social media channels.

4.  Not socializing on social media channels

This is another mistake committed by many traders. People use social media channels to become socially active. However, many brands do auto-tweet or messaging sales and marketing material. These activities are not timely so less likely to become effective. Interact with people rather than sending promotional messages and tweets. Provide useful content based on the business and engage with people to get effective results.

5.  Sharing too many contents

Over sharing on social media channels can create a negative impact on fans and followers. Marketers should not post too much unrelated information about the product or service on a regular basis as it can lower the brand credibility and  engagement level.

6. Fail to respond as human

Social media channels are for interactions. Marketers should stay away from pushing their products and brand on social media channels. Interact with people like a human and engage with them.

7. Fail to build a relationship on social media channels

Too many business people focus on selling their products on social media without realizing the importance of these channels. Social media channels are meant for building relationships and these are not the place for pushing products without knowing the customer’s need. Focus on building beneficial relationships that will bring more sales than direct pitching.

8. Considering social as a short term activity

Random acts on social media channels would not bring great results.  Many traders get into social media marketing without much preparation or spend just a few days or a week before starting out. Take time to plan and make effective strategy to get a consistent social media presence for longer period.

9. Talking too much about self

Social media channels are the places where customers should be allowed to interact with other people. Business owners should not use this space to talk more about their business and products. Let the customers use this place to showcase the applications for the product and this way makes this a valuable addition to the customers at no extra cost from the marketers.

The above mentioned mistakes are most common in the social media marketing.  A careful look at social media analytics can help us to avoid these mistakes before it becomes too late.

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    • 5 years ago

      Michael Morris   /   Reply

      Good points. It’s the basics, but really scary how many companies aren’t getting these right. In my experience on the agency side, I think over-sharing is a big problem. You may not be ‘selling’, but just because it’s free and easy doesn’t mean people want to hear from your company 10 times a day. That kills engagement.

      • 5 years ago

        Ummer   /   Reply

        Rightly said.

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