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9 Tools To Enhance Inbound Marketing

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Before every company used to keep track of its data on the Microsoft Excel, it became too tedious to have a lot of data. Hence, with the improved technology, they came up with different products that could make any task easier in the best possible way.

1. MOZ


Popularity – MOZ is the marketing analytic software, for basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It allows you to interact with people, keyword search, measuring and tracking success, allows you to rank the content.

Why do people use it – This SEO has helped in promoting websites, increase visitors, to make the site user-friendly, keyword search to generate traffic

2. Google drive

Popularity – It allows to you to access files, sharing all files that are available on your device. As it is a cloud based file storage so it helps to connect and get work done from anywhere in the world.

Why do people use it – Its user-friendly, ease of use, helps to do your work in a smarter way. There are many apps available such as Gmail, cleaner, drive, docs, sheets, slides and it helps in editing and sharing of any device at any time.

3. SEM Rush

Popularity – They have been created for SEO / SEM professionals, to help you take your project at a different level. Marketers use this in their daily routine for researching their product being advertised to find the best advertising text.

Why do people use it – As their software is user friendly and also help in real world solutions for all the situations. It also helps the people for keyword search volume, market prices and search trends.

4. HootSuite

Popularity-It is basically designed for organizations for their need of a marketing team in the organization. It helps to track the campaigns and engage them daily. It also measures the success of any campaigns by using the Google analytics data, Facebook insights etc.

Why do people use it – By measuring the success of campaigns they use these free analytics available to see in-depth where the traffic is coming from. It has a user-friendly interface and with few robust features being free. It can be accessed by a web browser.

5. Google analytics

Popularity – It is a search optimization which allows in advertising and campaign performance, analysis and testing, audience characteristics and behavior, data collection and management and for Google based apps.

Why do people use it-It makes it easier to have full access about the customer through ads, videos, websites, etc. It helps to analyze the complete traffic about each and every app used by the customer.

6. Webflow

Popularity – It is a new responsive web design tool, which is used for creating responsive websites. It helps to optimize and see the different web pages available on your mobile or tablet.

Why do people use it – You can customize your design by your way as they have the control over your designs. The best part is while creating your web page, you don’t have to hire a developer or write the code yourself, it will automatically generate the code.

7. Salesforce

Popularity – It Is a marketing automation software which helps to create campaigns, social marketing tool by building the brand. Use of mobile campaign by using tools like SMS templates, send mobile tickets, coupons etc.

Why do people use it – Many top companies make use of this software such as Philips, videophone, coca-cola etc. Coca-cola has reviewed and stated that with the use of using the mobile app developed on service cloud at Salesforce platform, it makes it easier for for the service technicians to retrieve work schedules and log activity updates at real time.

8. Mail chimp

Popularity – Mainly designed to send email marketing campaigns. It is basically used for having flexible design options which can be sent anytime, anywhere and helps in personalization and automation.

Why do people use it-It helps people to beautifully design their email marketing campaigns and help to track the involvement of the subscribers.

9. Optimizely

Popularity – It helps to do custom tracking of what you require in the business.It helps all types of organizations from big to small. It also helps to control the allocation of visitors.

Why do people use it – There is no code required, users directly drag and drop the elements. It is a fast and reliable tool, it is a  world class resource for training and implementation.

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  • There are 6 comments

    • 5 years ago

      Tarun   /   Reply

      A nice compilation of few most effective qualitative and quantitative tools for inbound marketing. These tools not only lead to effective campaign planning in the pre launch phase and also to effective campaign management during post campaign launch phase for necessary corrective measures and performance monitoring.

    • 5 years ago

      Subramaniam   /   Reply

      Good work Kiran. I appreciate. Can you provide some additional information on how far those tools are effective in terms of statistics (e.g. percentage of use etc.)?

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Good work Kiran. I appreciate. Can you provide some additional information on how far those tools are effective in terms of statistics (e.g. percentage of use etc.)?

    • 5 years ago

      Kiran Lund   /   Reply

      As per my knowledge based on the requirement of any company they use the particular tool. sometimes they use more than two tools for a particular requirement based on the need. as these tools are very much important so the usage is much. but % depends on the company. most widely used is google drive,google analytics and salesforce.. as per my knowledge.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Could you kindly highlight the comparative status of those products in terms of their popularity and usefulness? A kind of performance ranking may help users to select the deserving options.

    • 5 years ago

      Kiran Lund   /   Reply

      it basically depends on the company i cannot rank,as per the companies requirements they use a specific depends on the company as per the industry which they are in.

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