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9 Useful Tips To Gain 100% From A LinkedIn Company Profile

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LinkedIn is one of the most widely used social media platform that enables the individuals to share their work profile and build meaningful connections with the known faces in the field. Since it has a professional aspect attached to it, there is a need to be extra careful about the presentation of one’s profile on LinkedIn. The blog discusses 9 useful tips regarding each and every important aspect of the platform to get the maximum from your LinkedIn account in the future.

1) Personal brand

Though social media in general is not all about building a personal brand but this statement holds true for a platform such as LinkedIn. There is no point to be simply present on LinkedIn without being getting noticed by the top professionals in the field. A profile must be presentable enough and properly formatted so as to make complete sense. Build a personal brand by highlighting the achievements in a normal tone without undue exaggeration of the same. An organisation can take help from the professionals to get a LinkedIn profile created for itself. An interactive profile must be given a chance to communicate with the target customers before expecting the people to simply get converted into loyal customers.

2) Photos Have Relevance

Do not ignore the importance of professional photos in a LinkedIn profile. It is quite relevant to include a good quality and impressive photograph of the most important face of the organisation or the one who represents it such as the CEO of the company in the LinkedIn profile of the organisation. The visitors judge a lot from the pictures that are posted online even before they get serious about cracking a deal with the company. This implies that the visitors are never taking the pictures casually when they are visiting the profile. Try to be as real as possible while having a photograph clicked for the company’s profile.

3) Be Concise

Do not experiment to greater lengths when designing your LinkedIn profile. Be as concise as possible while presenting your brand’s story on the internet as people do not like to read thesis on the same. What they are looking for is a brand that is trustworthy and can be understood quickly. So get a short LinkedIn profile designed for the brand that can convey the message to the readers in few seconds i.e. within 12-18 seconds which is the average attention span of the online visitors as they come with a mindset of quick browsing and faster learning. Hence, it is better to respect their time and strengthen your chances of making a good impression on them.

4) Interact – Be Social

It is good to have a LinkedIn profile but it will not serve any purpose if it is not used as a medium to interact with the potential customers online. Hit the like button whenever it appeals you, participate in group interactions or updating the status regularly are some of the activities that help you connect with the audience in a better way. The professional links cannot be built up overnight and it is better to expect the results to appear at a slower pace once the organisation is otherwise on the right track.

5) Personalise The Links

Personalising the links is an essential step in ensuring that the profile will bring in the desired results. Whether it is profile links or the links that you post on any other online platform, it is always good to personalise them so that the readers understand where they are going to land after they click on the link.

6) Be Honest

There are many brands that have online profiles just to attract the customers without caring about the facts and the figures presented by them. This trick may work for some time but it is certainly against the business ethics and one must surely refrain from such tricks. This is an information age and therefore it is easier for everyone to know the right facts and figures as and when they want to. An honest brand image must be focused on instead of looking forward for cheaper tactics which are short lived and greatly harmful for the brand. Be factual, be safe!

7) Be 100% Complete

A social media profile needs to be 100% complete if it is expected to bring in the desired results. The relevant and important information must be shared with the potential customers with complete honesty. The profile will serve no good purpose if it just 60 or 70% complete. So, take out the time now and complete the profile now itself without any further delay.

8) Recommendations Are Welcome

A brand must invite its client(s) to recommend it openly and share the experience they had with it. The recommendations will be regarding the services or a commercial activity to name a few. Such recommendations are a good way to let the visitors know about the brand in a way that makes it easy for them to trust the brand. Do not overdo it but as it will ruin all the good experience it had made. The practice of recommending and then receiving a recommendation in return actually ruins the whole process making it look very planned as in the case of a deal. This actually gives the impression that the recommendations have been bought rather than earned through a quality service.

9) Skills Endorsements

It is desired to endorse the skills of people who actually deserve it. There is nothing wrong in that and an organisation personality must make it a point to be friendly online in a sophisticated way so as to earn positive reputation for the brand. The people whose skills are endorsed are in a way motivated to do the same for the brand which in turn helps in popularising the brand and build up an image that is sustainable as people have started recognising it.

LinkedIn is good as far as it is used wisely by the users. Hope the above mentioned 9 tips to leverage LinkedIn will go a long way in securing the brand’s position online.


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