90% Of Traffic Of Live2Support Generated Through Google Adwords

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live2support logoAbout Live2Support

Live2Support is a leading real-time visitor monitoring and live-chat service provider, which was founded in 2003 by a small group of professionals. It has offices in Noida, India and New York City, USA. The company aims at providing its services at much cheaper and affordable rates than that of its competitors. It is because of the company’s founder and chief executive officer, Kumar Jeswals’ belief that a good technology does not have to be expensive, led Live2Support establish its hold firmly in the market. Most of the companies in live-chat solutions segment offered live chat solutions at an average price of USD 60-70 per month, whereas Live2Support offered it at highly competitive rate of only USD 8.99 per month.

Live2Support live chat software can be easily integrated in the website. Its services include unique features like 15-day free trial, dual interface with no mandatory downloads or software installation, multiple language chat window profiles, fully customizable customer interface, integrated hits analysis reporting and many others. Also, it does not eat up a large amount of system’s resources on the user’s computer, which boosts operability and deliverability. It runs on multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix. A single operator can handle multiple requests at a time and when he is not available the customers can still leave their messages so that their queries do not remain unanswered. In the future, company also plans to roll out live voice and telephone call back features. The customers are also being offered free web hosting as an added offering. Apart from the above mentioned features, the users receive customer support from the company 24×7.

Most of its customers are from automobile, banking, finance, travel, consultancy and Fortune 500 companies. The company’s services has led its customers to increase sales, website revenue, attract new customers daily, to conduct follow-up with customers via emails.

Business Objectives of Live2Support

A business which is focused on a niche market often faces a chance of early extinction as the targeted audience having the demand for the product or service is limited. It thus, becomes vital for a niche market oriented company to find and reach out to as many as potential and interested customers by spending the advertising budget wisely and serve these customers with the competitive offerings at the most affordable prices and keep a long-term vision for the sustenance.

Offerings of Live2Support targeted a niche market and in the early stage of starting its business, the major challenge for it was to scale up the business and make the company and its services known to a relevant set of audience who were interested in the live-chat services. After monitoring the demands of its products, they could identify the major industries and functional areas where the need for such live chat services existed. Most of the demands were observed from companies which were solely online in nature or had their presence on web. The functional areas included sales and consultancy, where the need for live interaction with the customer visiting the website is more. However, reaching these niche audiences extensively remained challenging for the company.

Having identified the target audience for its business, the company started its efforts in marketing and advertising its products. Though, the budget was not getting utilized completely in these advertising media. The demand for the live chat solutions arose significantly from some specific geographical areas where the growth of online companies was more. The need to look out for a solution which could target and mobilize the advertising spends only in those locations was also felt.

Strategy Adopted by Live2Support

After failing to achieve anticipated results from his earlier advertising strategies which he employed to reach out to new customers and drive the sales of his product, Kumar Jeswal decided to give a shot to AdWords which is an online advertising platform offered by Google. This auction based platform enables advertisers to identify and reach their potential customers across the web, engage with them and eventually convert them into a customer. The advertisers can showcase their ads on the entire Google search and display network which is said to have coverage of around ninety percent of internet users. The flexible pricing model and several free and inbuilt tools of AdWords let advertisers measure and subsequently optimize the performance as the need be. He was quite sanguine about the platform as the track record suggested improved sales result for the companies which had already deployed AdWords.

Using this cost-effective and data driven platform, Live2Support could reach its most targeted audience present on web. As it wanted a qualified traffic, a traffic which was interested in live chat solutions, the team at Live2Support made sure that they used such words and phrases, also called the keyword, in the ad and ad group which their potential customer might use in the search query while searching anything pertaining to live chat solution. The Keyword Planner tool, a free AdWords tool, enabled them to get ideas of new keywords which had high possibility of being used by a potential customer and which may trigger the ads of Live2Support. Using these keywords, it could create ads which seemed relevant to the searcher while he was in his search stage.

As the demand for live chat solutions from countries like USA, UK and Canada was high, Live2Support wanted to concentrate its ad spend more on these areas. The Geo-targeting feature of AdWords enabled it to target those areas in more effective way by increasing the ad exposure in those geographies and thus better allocating the ad budget to areas of high return on investment and restricting the budget where there is low or no demand.

Result Achieved by Live2Support

Live2Support has been doing advertising with AdWords since 2003 and since then it has witnessed positive results in gaining qualified traffic to its website. In the year 2009, when this study was conducted, it achieved 90 percent of its targeted traffic from efforts in AdWords. Unlike its previous advertising efforts where the company faced problems with utilizing the entire budget, with AdWords it utilized the entire allocated budget. Good keyword research and targeting of specific geographical regions with more ads resulted in attracting potential customers who were looking for the products of Live2Support or products similar to its offerings. The company has been able to scale up its business and now enjoys a strong customer base from various industries. Encouraged by good results, it now allocates 70 percent its advertising for AdWords.

“All advertisers in this industry should start using Google AdWords, and experiment with both the Google Search and the Google Content Network. Gradually, they will know which network or combination of them, suits their business,” says Kumar Jeswal.


Businesses which are targeting a niche market may expand their business at a higher pace if they choose to advertise on AdWords rather than on other advertising media as the extensive reach of the AdWords provides the business to connect with more and more potential customers. The tools like Keyword planner and Geo-targeting tool may help the businesses to expose themselves only to those searchers who are relevant for their business, thereby, increasing the overall return on investment.

Image Credit: Live2Support

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    Google Adwords is an effective to reach to the potential customers across the world. If the company has a quality product / service with the correct marketing campaign, then customers automatically attracted towards the company. Location, language are not barriers for such companies.


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