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Digital Entrepreneurs’ Journey – From Whizlabs to Sochla

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Recently Pradeep Chopra, one of the co-founders of Digital Vidya got interviewed by The Tribune on his entrepreneurial journey. This interview was published in their Jobs & Career column to inspire young & budding entrepreneurs. Here’s the summary of his interview.

1. Starting Entrepreneurial Journey: Pradeep along with his IITian friend Kapil Nakra co-founded Whizlabs Software, an IT Certification Preparation Company with the initial investment of only 1,00,000 Rs in the year 2000. They created a product about Java certification preparation which was their first big success.

2. Challenges faced: Both of them faced stiff opposition from their middle class families as their parents being job oriented couldn’t conceive of them being entrepreneurs. Also the Dot Com bust happened during the time they started their company. Not to forget the lack of sales & marketing and fund management skills in these young engineers.

3. Current Playground: After Whizlabs they ventured into Digital Vidya and now Digital Vidya is another success story while is a new social networking platform based upon cricket & growing steadily.

4. Advice for budding entrepreneur: According to Pradeep, ‘Passion’ is the most important ingredient for being an entrepreneur. Rest all is secondary. If you want to be an entrepreneur take a plunge, don’t wait to acquire all the necessary skills as the learning will take place along your entrepreneurial journey & you will pick up the skills too with the time. But if you keep on waiting & delaying then forget about being an entrepreneur.

What do you think young or budding entrepreneurs should have in them to be successful?

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