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A Quick Guide To Create Facebook Posts For Marketing

A Quick Guide To Create Facebook Posts For Marketing

Facebook is a popular social networking website. People connect to their friends, family and loved ones through it; follow what’s happening in their world, share photos and posts, talk about their lives, movies they are watching, games they are playing and the interests they are engaged in. To sum it up, it’s their online personal space.

The Marketer’s View

Brands and marketers create their presence online with Facebook and it is a direct way to interact with their customers and audience, a way to advertise, promote, share and keep connected.

Facebook For Marketing

Facebook For Marketing

Understanding The Paradox

Marketing your brand and products in people’s personal space is not a very good idea. It’s like pushing down food through the gut when the person is not hungry for it. There’s the entire world of internet out there. From emails to Google search and display advertising where people expect marketing activities. Furthermore, through creating websites for information marketing through various ads, reaching on mobiles and apps. The idea is that it is good to reach out to people when they are looking for and expecting a product or brand information related to marketing rather than forcing it onto their platter. Considering this, Facebook decided to curb the reach and pushing of such marketing posts in the news feed of its audience by putting various restrictions on business pages. So now, if companies and brands want their posts to be shown in people’s news feed, Facebook will charge money, i.e. it has made it a mandate to opt for a marketing plan to achieve this.

Because, We Still Want To Do Marketing.

People don’t like brands hindrance in their personal space. And brands can’t do without it. There are things they should consider:

Keeping It Consistent With Brand Personality.

When companies and brands want to market themselves and their products on Facebook, maintaining a consistent brand personality with good quality posts is important. Creating a consistent image in the minds of the audience helps build up customer base as the audience starts viewing posts regularly and engages with them to finally relate to the brand.

Consistency In Brand Personality

Consistency In Brand Personality

Grabbing Attention.

Getting audience attention is an important point of any Facebook marketing campaign. However, getting audience focus is simply another scenario. They are on Facebook for lighter moments, after work and a busy day. They’re relaxing. You may create bright posts with great advertising lines that catches attention. But it can be annoying for them. No matter how well you want to grab their attention, they may simply be reciprocating to your brand with aversion. The simple reason here is that you are not creating any value for them. Unless they want to buy a car and your post is related to it with the kind of information they are looking for, you won’t make sense to them. Creating your posts with a basic understanding that it is their privacy and priority time you are intruding in to get their focus should be the driving force of your marketing content.

Grabbing Attention

Grabbing Attention

Getting To Work:

Before creating posts, sorting down a list of goals and setting priorities of which ones to achieve first is very important. This helps us focus on the content the posts should have.

Let’s see how Facebook works with the posts:

Facebook Loves Story Bumping:

Facebook shows posts with high engagement in the news feeds. It monitors the engagement of a post and page based on how others are engaging with it. If there is more engagement, Facebook pushes the page posts in news feed. Simple clicks on the posts by the audience can also take the reach of the post far. If the engagement is good within a certain time, it promotes it even more.



Facebook Penalizes Promotional Posts:

Facebook does not appreciate advertising on your page. It wants you to create posts that the audience likes to see, not forcing your marketing objectives on them. Therefore, it does not like advertising content that offers discounts and makes loud announcements. If you do so, you won’t get a wider reach.

Some Simple Rules

Why make advertising come into the part of community: Mostly companies and brands are in a desperate need to market their products, anywhere and everywhere they can. People do want to hear from their favorite brands, also from new ones alike and there’s a way to do this. They should create interesting posts that have:

Relevant Content:

Only if people find your content relevant to them, they will continue to see it else Facebook won’t show them in the news feed.

High Quality Images That Speak:

Facebook loves high quality images like all people do. So keep it like that. Simple things can speak volumes and Facebook loves it. It wants you to be creative and impactful in reaching your audience so that they engage.

Text That Arouses Interest:

You can ask questions, crack a joke, offer a riddle to solve with your text. Or simply write a line that resonates with them. This will do the job as it makes their brain work, activate a few cells, trigger a slight emotion. The idea is that they should enjoy your posts.


Informative, Interesting, Relevant Content

Informative, Interesting, Relevant Content

Less Than 20% Text:

The percentage that works well to get a good reach is less than 20%. Facebook does not want the brands to shout their offers out loud for two basic reasons which are more engagement and avoiding uninteresting content. If brands want, they should opt for creating Facebook ads.

5 Seconds Or Less:

The important consideration while creating posts should be the attention span of the audience that is usually very low. They don’t want to read, they scan and see if they like it. Make your content such that takes less than 5 seconds to read and understand and you’re sure to do well.

Less Is More

Less Is More

What Is It That Will Really Work?

Companies and brands must understand that it is sensitive to approach audience during their priority time with friends and family. If campaigns are targeted based on respecting audience sentiments and creating value in their time they are willing to give you is what will work.

Your campaigns must be headed towards occupying a space in the audiences’ lives. That’s what successful companies are trying to do. This helps in spreading the word from happy customers to many more with the likes, shares and engagement. Interesting content, food for thought, motivation, laughter, creating something that people can identify with, their lifestyle or their own stories are things that work.

Quality Time For Audience

Quality Time For Audience

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