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A To Z Of A/B Testing 

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A/B Testing is an experiment between two landing pages, to see which page converts more or gives better results. A/B Testing will actually split a page into two. Then apply some changes to the page with some tools and see the effect of the change that you have made. Then what about the visits? To whom the page will be shown? The tool shows the default page to some people and testing page to another set of people. Depending upon the conversion rate or the clicks that got in the call to action, you can change the page.

As the topic is A to Z of A/B testing there are lot of questions to be answered like, why it is called A/B Testing? How it works? What can be tested? Tools for testing, Integration of tools. All the questions will be answered. At the end of the article, you will be an expert in A/B Testing.

Why it is called as A/B Testing?

Simple you are testing A for an alternative B. Understood. The root of the name is still not known. You can name it as anything. The first letter in English Alphabet is A and second is B, the first number in number system is 1 and the second is 2. 1/2 Testing sounds bad. Therefore, they would have gone for A/B Testing. Okay, keep clam and test.

How A/B Testing works?

Assume this example, you are having a landing page, which gets fewer clicks in the call-to-action button, which has text as “download”. You can change the text to “download for free” and see the result. If the second one performs better you can change the text to download for free. By default, the first is called control and the later is called technique. You can name it as anything as far a you remember what is the default and change.

What can be tested?

Many things can be tested in a page. Take a landing page which has a call-to-action, a navigation menu, header logo, headings, sub headings, forms, labels, images, offers, prices, page layout, page flow and many more can be tested. Also Email campaign and push notifications can be tested to see a perfect result.

A/B Testing can be done in Content Management System (CMS) with plugins and no coding is required to perform the test. You can do an A/B Testing with responsive designs and Mobile apps also. A/B Testing is not limited to a single page, you can test multiple pages.

Tools for testing:

There are many tools for A/B Testing, some are free, some tools have a trial version, but is there any A/B Testing tool available for free? Can’t say no, but you should really try Google Analytics. This is not an A/B Testing tool, but a worthy tool to figure out what is happening on your website. The best tools for A/B Testing are,

  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • Optimizely
  • Crazy Egg
  • KISSmetrics
  • Unbounce

Let us see every tool in detail.

1) Visual Website Optimizer:-

A/B Test, Multivariate Test, Split URL Test, Targeting, Usability Test, Conversion Tracking, Heatmap and Clicks are the tools available in Visual Website Optimizer(VWO), what else you need? Starting from $9 per month VMO’s real time support is not the best when compared with its competitors. Multi page testing is what VMO lacks, but the idea generation tools are the best till date. Easy to install and it works across all devices.

 Use VWO and you will thank me later.

2) Optimizely:-

If you want to test a mobile app, then optimizely is the best tool that you should use. It lacks third party integration, but its WYSIWYG interface is good. Optimizely’s-plans start from $17, easy to use for first time users, but optimizely’s Multivariate testing requires expensive Gold membership, which is $359 per month. The only good thing in optimizely is, it is easy to install and use.

 3) Crazy Egg:-

CrazyEgg tool gives you an insight of what a user does after reaching your website. Price starting from $9 CrazyEgg gives you a good visual data for analyzing and keeps track your visitor’s activity on your website. A/B Testing is all about building a perfect landing page, CrazyEgg is the best option you should look at.  At the end of the day, CrazyEgg helps you in tracking user behavior and clicks on your A/B page.

4) KISSmetrics:-

If you are serious about customer data and want to know where a user leaves in a customer funnel, then KISSmetrics is what you should try. Need more data then use KISSmetrics. It mainly concentrates on funnel data. If you are running a small business sorry this not for you, reason is the price that is starting from $150 per month. People with good marketing knowledge and who love numbers will be benefited from KISSmetrics.

 5) Unbounce:-

Landing pages is what your organization is concentrating on? Then use the 85 plus templates available in Unbounce. It gives only few data, but good templates that have been created by Unbounce team can be customized by you for your business.  A/B Split testing interface is good when compared with all other tool available online.

 Need faster results? Use Unbounce.

There are many tools that are available, to see the list of tools, features and comparison click here.

The above tools are the best in the market today. There is something that is apart from the tool that every online marketer should know. Marketing is always number. Use test and duration calculator to get accurate results.

Decide what to test, analysis the problem, prioritize the test problem areas, create a hypothesis and be specific about it, for example “what will it happen if I change the download text to download for free“. Use duration calculator and test calculator to get correct results. Implement the changes and keep an eye on the analytics.

At last, it’s your business and you know what you need to test to get better results. Now you know A to Z of A/B Testing, its your time to leverage your online presence and increase more revenue to your business.

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      Many times I read the word A/B testing. But haven’t understand what exactly it means. I must say, this article is really informative and well written.

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