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Aamby Valley Generated Social Media In Merely 10 Days

Aamby Valley Generated Social Media In Merely 10 Days

About Aamby Valley City

Aamby Valley City is a township developed by the Sahara India Pariwar in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is about 23 km away from Lonavala, 87 km away from the city of Pune and 120 km away from the city Mumbai. Life at Aamby valley City comes with its fair share of luxuries. Like having breathtaking mountains as neighbours, providing you a top of the world feeling. Here awe-inspiring greenscapes lay out a red carpet welcome for you. And with 10,000 acres of open space, this is how farther your vision can ever get. Key components of the Aamby Valley city is their hospitality – a promise of the highest standards, delivered through a host of well appointed theme hotels. Offering of a variety of authentic and diverse accommodations these will showcase the best that lndia has in terms of hospitality and amenities. Whether Skating and Skiing before retiring to one of the 100 rooms in the Kashmir hotel, or lounging by the shore of 125 rooms of Goa Hotel, visitor can experience the many seasons of India in one place in one day. The project will also house a 100 rooms palatial Rajasthan Hotel and a 125 rooms kerala themed Hotel, with a diverse mix of shops and restaurants. From the inside to the outside, each hotel’s facades, common areas and rooms themselves will be representative of the original that provided the inspiration. Spa treatment rooms, a variety of dining options, pools and gyms will cater to the guest’s comforts.

Aamby Valley City’s Business Objectives

Aamby Valley City – Independent India’s first planned hill city is a creative expression of ingenuity. A fusion of nature and human creation, designed to offer superior living spaces, this gated and secured destination is nestled amidst scenic surroundings of the mighty Sahyadris mountains, and spans over 10,000 acres. A meticulously planned city with world-class infrastructure and facilities, Aamby Valley City offers everything one needs for premium living. AVC is rich in class and most beautifully constructed and designed township in India. As of now their are new to the world, the first objective is to create buzz in India, they want to reach out entire India people. They want more audience or people to visit them and reach them out for their experience in aamby valley city. To reach millions through social campaign and contests on Social media platforms. They want to connect Aamby Valley with Yo Yo Honey Singh’s fan base through campaign, so they started campaign like chance to meet Honey Singh in Aamby Valley City.

Aamby Valley City’s Social Media Account and Page

Aamby Valley City’s Twitter Account

Aamby Valley City’s Facebook Page

Aamby Valley City’s Approach 

They replied each and every comment or a tweet with appreciation, their twitter contest was most popular and trending topic in India. The people who had experienced in Aamby Valley they shared their views and excitement.

Experience’s of Aamby Valley City

Now lets see their Facebook post about Aamby Valley City’s Concert by Honey Singh

Post About Concert by Honey Singh for New Year Eve Bash

Facebook Post’s like this can be popular in no time, they pay for this particular post. Even it can be sponsored ad. It will reach every one through likes and shares.
Now lets see their Twitter contests details: 
  •  Two contest were run and was announced that Honey Singh fans will get a chance to meet him at Gliteratti in Aamby Valley City.
  • Two campaigns were started simultaneously on twitter account.
  • Winners will have free passes for the event in Aamby Valley City.
  • Hashtag for contest was #HoneySinghAtAamby was run @aamby_valley

Contest 1 – To give the most creative compliment they’d like to give to Yo! Yo! Honey Singh and to tweet it if they wanted a chance to meet him in person. Many went gaga for this, fans poured their messages/tweets for aamby valley twitter account with #HoneySinghAtAamby hashtag. This was most popular campaign for them.

Contest 2 – Submit a NON-RESOLUTION for 2014 about anything that users never want to change about themselves. Creative entries were recorded. 5 winners were given Couple Entry passes. Honey Singh fans were strategically located and got them talking giving the campaign a lot of traction and a lot of people talking about it.

Results achieved by Aamby Valley City’s Social Campaign and Social Media 

Stunning figures!

  1. Their followers and fans tweeted endlessly for days about the campaign and the event.
  2. 90% increase in engagement was exhibited
  3. 1800 tweets within just 10 days
  4. 1.09 million timelines on Twitter!
  5. On Facebook, average weekly performance increased greatly.
  6. 190% increased in Page post.
  7. Daily engaged users increased by 200% to 7,667 users a day!
  8. Almost 21,000 stories were created about the event.
  9. 5,50,000 people were reached on Facebook over the duration of the campaign.


Aamby Valley City’s reach was mesmerizing, they gave complete new experience of social media campaigns. Any thing is possible in social media. With hard work and dedication they reached many audience within 10 days. They reached new heights in social media platform merely in 10 days through campaigns and contests.

Image Credits: Aamby Valley City’s Website and Social Media

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